If you are reading this, chances are you are looking into adding a side hustle or a side gig to your life. Bravo! It’s a great decision for sure. But now it is time to choose what type of product and which company you want to partner with. There are so many companies out there that it can definitely be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. So here is a little bit of guidance on what to look for in a direct sales company.

Do the Products Make Sense for you?

With so many product lines out there, this is the easiest way to toss several out of the equation all at once. The products or services that you would use yourself are always going to be the most logical ones for you to consider. For example, if you do not wear make-up, you can very quickly toss out ALL make-up companies. How would you be able to sell a product that you don’t use or don’t enjoy yourself. On the flip side, if you have always loved fragrance and creating a welcoming atmosphere in your space through fragrance or interior design and decorating, Scentsy might be the perfect and logical choice for you. Basically, you want to make sure that the products that you choose bring you joy, are products that you will use daily which makes it easier to market, and are products that make sense for your Best Scentsy Scents lifestyle.


Consumable Products

I think that this is a HUGE and important factor that often gets overlooked when thinking what to look for in a direct sales company. Let’s face it here, direct “sales” means that you will be selling a product. When you are selling a product that a customer will consume, or use up, you are creating a consistent and recurring stream of income through future sales. While many people do have clothing Best Scentsy Scents addictions and continue to purchase clothing even when they don’t need it, once somebody has a white button-up shirt, they essentially won’t need another for quite some time. Likewise, when someone purchases a purse or a bag, the necessity for another one won’t roll around for quite a while. Now lets look at the other side of the spectrum. With Scentsy, once someone buys a larger item like a warmer or diffuser, there is the need to consistently purchase wax melts and oils for those items. Whether the customer is just purchasing consumable items, like laundry products or Best Scentsy Scents room spray, or if the choose to purchase a larger item, there is always a need for the customer to come back time and again to replenish the products that are used up or consumed.


Affordability of Products

When considering what to look for in a direct sales company, it is important to look at the affordability of the products and consider the financial bracket of the people that you surround yourself with daily. There are some amazing skin care regimes out there that I fully believe in, however, I am in a middle class city and neighborhood and my peers are middle class families that are often struggling to just pay their bills and treat themselves to a few extras. Therefore, me selling an expensive skin care line just didn’t make sense. Scentsy was a perfect fit for me because all of my friends could actually afford to treat themselves to the Best Scentsy Scents products that the company markets and sells.


Requirements of a Partnership

When considering how much time and energy you plan to put into this side hustle will be good information to know when looking at the requirements of a partnership with the company. If you are looking to just have a hobby or sell the product just so you can get a discount, it wouldn’t be smart to join in with a company with high requirements of sales or recruiting in order to maintain a business. In this case, what you should look for in a direct sales company, is the fact that they have lower sales standards and little to no requirement about recruiting or offering the opportunity to others. While I do work my Scentsy business full-time, their company requirements are that that makes it easy to stay a Best Scentsy Scents consultant even as a hobbyist or part-timer. I love the fact that there are not super strict sales rules within Scentsy.


How Long has the Company Been Around?

It is often expressed to be an amazing thing to get in on a “ground floor opportunity” with a direct sales company. And while that opportunity might have some perks, I believe it is even more important to look for a company that has been around a while and has a great reputation in the direct sales community. Scentsy has been a direct sales company since 2004 and the products have been around in a retail setting even long before that. Scentsy has received numerous awards from the Direct Selling Association and has a great and positive reputation within the direct sales world.


Pay Structure and How Often you will be PAID

Pay Structure is super important to consider when looking at direct sales companies. While compensation plans vary greatly, I really don’t think the plan of the payment is as important as how often you will be paid. Some companies actually pay daily when sales are made and while that may be great for struggling families that are scraping by, for me, I want a large lump commission check to make it easier for me to treat my side hustle as a real job and a real business. This element of what to look for in a direct sales company is completely personal and differs as to what is best for the individual.


Company Perks

This is my favorite thing to look at when deciding what direct sales company is best for you. I believe that all direct sales companies offer incentives. They would be crazy not to. It is the fact that people work harder when there is a goal placed before them with HUGE pay off. Some companies reward hard work with Cadillacs or Mercedes. I have seen other companies gift Tiffany jewelry or even designer bags. But one of the main reasons I stick with Best Scentsy Scents is because they rewards hard work with FREE TRAVEL and that is my legit love language. Give me a free vacation and you will have my heart.

As I stated earlier, there are so many direct sales companies out there, that it can be difficult to choose the perfect one for you. But hopefully this information on what to look for in a direct sales company was helpful to you.What to Look for in a Direct Sales Company?