On this page, you will see several videos and reviews from many of my happy customers, but let me first tell you why I love Scentsy and their products.

I found Scentsy while wandering the aisles at a local church craft fair. I was instantly intrigued with the warmers and wax, which were their main product offering all the way back in 2008. Upon talking to the consultant, I decided to purchase a warmer and a few bars of wax, namely Clean Breeze and Cucumber Lime, for my kindergarten classroom where I spent the majority of my time. When I plugged it in, I instantly fell in love. The fragrance was strong enough to enjoy but not so strong as to give a headache or make my eyes water like some fragrance products had in the past. Not only did it smell great, I knew that it was safe enough for me to have in my classroom for the following reasons: the wax is non-toxic even if ingested and the was never gets hot enough to burn even if spilled or played in. For these reasons, I was an instant fan!

As I continued to use the Scentsy warmer and wax in my classroom, my fellow teachers became intrigued as to why my classroom smelled so much better than theirs. It was at that point that I decided to borrow some testers and host a catalog party with my teacher friends. I borrowed the full set of testers and a few catalogs and just left them in the teachers’ lounge. Within a week’s time, I had collected a little over $600 in orders. I had looked at the catalog and knew that the starter kit was just $99 at the time and that I also would make 20%-25% in commissions if I were to join. After talking to the hubs about it, we decided it was a no-brainer decision. Even if I never did anything else with it, the kit purchase just made scents (see what I did there?)

So there I was with yet another Direct Sales business! I had tried several in the past with zero luck. In fact, I had lost money with a few before. Because of that, I had told myself I was not “really” going to work the business but just buy stuff for myself and my friends and reap the rewards of hosting over and over again–and I did. But then I did start to make a little bit of money. Nothing huge, but enough to buy a cute new outfit or some new shoes. My public school teacher friends began to take notice and jumped on board with me. About a year and a half after joining Scentsy, I was promoted to the director level, what is considered leadership level and the 3rd from the top rung of the ladder in Scentsy. I started to see some substantial income and the possibility of actually working Scentsy as a business. It was at that time that I decided to turn in my resignation at the school and work on my business full-time. Well, actually I wanted to be a present momma full-time and work my business in between parenting commitments. When I stepped away from the classroom and focused more time and energy on Scentsy, my income did grow. I am now happy to say that I make way more money hustling both fragrance and freedom than I ever did teaching.

Because results are not typical, I have to show you this:

But also, if you are willing to take a chance, willing to hustle, and willing to work with heart, there are endless possibilities with this business!

Okay-off my soap box of how this company has afforded me an opportunity to live a life of freedom (and travel-I didn’t even touch on that). Let’s chat a bit more about the awesome products that Scentsy offers:

Wax and Warmers:

I chatted a bit about the safety features of the wax and warmers earlier but they are so much more awesome than just that. I love that at any given moment, we offer 80+ different fragrances for our customers to choose from. We all know that not everyone likes the same scents and Scentsy knows that too. They have scents to accommodate all different noses. In addition, we have a huge array of warmers from contemporary to classic and farmhouse to hippy with all things in between. Some have a bright light, some are more mood lighting with others that emit no light at all. It doesn’t matter what look you are going for, we have a warmer for you.


Fans and Purifiers with Pods:

We had been begging Scentsy for no mess scent options for quite some time and they have listened. In the past few years, Scentsy launched a line of wall fans, mini fans, Scentsy Go and more recently, air purifiers. These products use a fan blowing air past Scent pods (plastic beads) to fragrance in a non-mess option. These are great for around kids, pets, or even just all-around clumsy people.


Diffusers and Oils:

Scentsy is aware that some of our customers prefer a more natural option of scent. That is why they launched a line of diffusers with natural and essential oils for our fans. These diffusers are absolutely gorgeous and our fragranced oils are the best smelling oils you will find. We aren’t concerned with any medicinal claims. We just want your space to smell the best it has ever smelled before. Scentsy travels the world to find the best of the best in fragrance for these natural and essential oils.


Scentsy Kids:

Scentsy launched a product line for kids quite a few years ago and it quickly became a favorite of my kiddos. The Scentsy buddies are adorable and smell great. I often hear from my customers that are astounded at how long the scent lasts in the buddies. But my favorite kids item is the bitty buddies. These are normally released around different holidays as limited time offered products. They are super small, adorable, and squishy. They have a memory foam core that smells amazing and they are so fun to squeeze and squish to relieve stress.


Scentsy Body:

We have several Body products but my favorite by far is the Scentsy Soak. I have steered away from bathtub products for years because of Scentsytivities. I was honestly afraid to try the soak but fell in love with how awesome it made my skin feel. Also-not a single problem with the Scentsytivities I had experienced with other products. Best of all–Scentsy soak does not leave a residue or oil in the tub. I hated it with other product lines if I had to wash the tub right after relaxing. Nobody wants to mess with that. I also love our sugar scrubs, body wash, and body cream.


Scentsy Laundry:

Washer Whiffs are known as our “gateway drug” and once you use them, you will find out why! They smell amazing and the scent lingers for a long time. I also love our Scentsy Fresh because I can spray it on any surface that needs a refresh.

We have so many amazing products. I hope you will give some a try!