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Phone: 918-888-9690

I have made it very simple to reach out to me by providing many options for my customers. Whether you prefer phone, email, a website, or in person, I’ve got you covered!



You are welcome to text me at anytime at my business phone number of 918-888-9690. When you text me at that number, I will get back to you at my earliest convenience, which will be within 24-hours of you texting me. This phone number is used for texting only and will not allow calls to be received. If you would like to talk to me via a telephone call, simply send a text to that number and let me know. I will then call you back to have a chat with you.



You can always send me an email to Emails are a bit less personable, but effective nonetheless. You can send me an email and let me know what questions you have or what I can help you with. I will get back to you with suggestions, help and current offers and specials that we have. Let me be honest with you and let you know that I am not as prompt at viewing emails. I kind of forget they are a thing actually. If you really want me to get back with you, you should text me or reach out to me on social media.



My website, is open all the time, 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. You can just click the highlighted address listed here or type that website into your browser at anytime you are ready to shop. My Website is very user friendly and will allow you to find any of the Scentsy products that you are wanting to order. You can do a one-time order or set up a recurring auto-shipment subscription which is called a Scentsy Club order. When you open a Scentsy Club Subscription, you can choose whether you want your shipments to be delivered every single month, every other month, or every third month (quarterly). Scentsy Club orders can include anything that is consumable-anything that is used up and more will be needed.
Anytime that you place an order on my website, please choose a host or party link even if you don’t know anyone on the list. Someone will get credit for your order and that will help them work towards their goal of earning free and discounted Scentsy products.



I have an awesome youtube channel over at I have had this channel for forever and even a day more but have really started focusing on it more recently. Please don’t judge me by the janky embarrassing videos from years past. We have all done cringe-worthy things and some of you might even have those cringetastic videos too so don’t come at me. I am just over here trying to get my hustle on and make some big bucks by hustling my wax business. Show love or mind ya own! Okay?


Social Media

You can find me on Facebook in several different places.

My business page on Facebook is This is my very formal business page which is effective for Facebook ads and plays nicely with their algorithms. You are welcome to send me a message here.

My Customer VIP page on Facebook is This is a super fun and interactive group for my customers and hosts. I interact on this page daily. This is the place where I share specials and deals. We have fun here. We play games and interact with silly posts daily. This isn’t a place just for me to blast out advertisements and try to sell you things. This is where we really get to know each other and become friends. If you love Scentsy and if you are thinking of becoming a customer of mine, I would encourage you to be a part of this group. You won’t regret it.

You can also find me on Instagram under the username of JamiJoSellsWax. I have recently started playing with IG Reels and I am having fun making those silly short videos for all of my social media friends to watch and interact with.


In Person

I absolutely love to be surrounded by people. I am the epitome of extrovert (much to the chagrin of my introverted husband.) Since I adore peopling so much, I love to share my love of Scentsy at local craft fairs, festivals, and vendor events. You may see me around the Tulsa metro area in my vintage 1960 Yellowstone camper trailer affectionately named Alice. My hubby and I purchased the trailer in the middle of the covid madness and enjoyed spending time together working on renovating it to become my mobile Scentsy store. She is a gorgeous matte 13 foot aluminum trailer with a fun retro black and white striped awning. When she is out in the wild, I usually adorn her with a few metal vintage lawn chairs out front for the non-shoppers can comfortably wait for their friends and family while they sniff all the things.

Some of my favorite places to set up with Alice are the following: 181 Ranch out in Bixby (All You Need is Love event, Rummage at the Ranch, and Christmas at the Ranch), Black Gold festival in Glenpool, and several events in the Rose District of Broken Arrow (Chalk It Up, Rooster Days, Shamrock the Rose, and others) along with a few events in the New Orleans Square area of Broken Arrow.

If you see me out and about, please come by and say Hi. Let me know that you have read this super duper long amount of text and I just might have a fun little gift for you because let’s be honest, nobody is going to read all of this text. If you do, you deserve a prize!