About Us

The Short Story:

August 2008 – Purchased my first Scentsy warmer
October 2008 – Joined Scentsy by becoming a consultant
November 2009 – Promoted to Director (Third Level from the top of the company)
January 2010 – Turned in my resignation from teaching
May 2010 – Last Day in the Classroom as a teacher
October 2010 – Was invited to Corporate Headquarters
November 2010 – Promoted to Star Director (Next to the top level of the company)
January 2011 – First Scentsy-sponsored trip-Leadership Cruise
June 2011 – All Expense Paid Trip to Disney World for my family
July 2011 – Spoke on Stage at Convention to 10,000 consultants
January 2012 – Scentsy-sponsored Leadership trip to Riviera Maya
June 2012 – All Expense Paid Trip to Punta Cana
July2012 – Attended Scentsy Convention in Las Vegas
January 2013 – Scentsy-sponsored Leadership trip to Cancun
May 2013 – All Expense Paid Trip to Costa Rica
July 2013 – Attended Scentsy Convention in Indianapolis
January 2014 – Scentsy-sponsored Leadership trip to Cancun
June 2014 – All-Expense Paid Trip to Atlantis in Bahamas
July 2014 – Attended Scentsy Convention in St. Louis
July 2015 – All-Expense Paid trip to Scentsy Convention in Las Vegas
January 2016 – All-Expense Paid Leadership trip Cruise
July 2016 – All-Expense Paid trip to Scentsy Convention in Nashville
January 2017 – Scentsy-sponsored Leadership trip to New York City
July 2017 – Attended Scentsy Convention in Kansas City
September 2017 – Advanced Leadership Training at Corporate
June 2018 – All-Expense Paid Trip Mediterranean Cruise to Spain, Italy and France
July 2018 – Attended Scentsy Convention in Anaheim
January 2019 – All-Expense Paid Leadership trip to Cancun
April 2019 – Advanced Leadership Training at Corporate
July 2019 – All-Expense Paid trip to Scentsy Convention in Austin
April 2020 – Promoted to SuperStar Director (Top level of the Company)
July 2020 – Hosted Team Event for Scentsy Convention (virtual)
September 2020 – Advanced Leadership training (virtual)
April 2021 – Advanced Leadership training (virtual)
July 2021 – Hosted Team Event for Scentsy Convention (virtual)
September 2021 – Advanced Leadership Training at Corporate
January 2022 – Scentsy-sponsored Leadership trip to Cabo
April 2022 – Attended Disney’s Leadership Institute sponsored by Scentsy Corporate

The Long Story:

I discovered Scentsy all the way back in the Fall of 2008. I was wandering the aisles of a local church craft show when I came across the most amazing product-Scentsy. I knew this would be perfect for my public school kindergarten classroom because we could not have candles and quite frankly, kids stink!

I purchased my first warmer all that time ago and have never regretted it.

After using my very first Scentsy warmer in my classroom for a few months, I found myself in need of more wax, so I reached out to the consultant to get more. Since I am a frugal queen, and I knew how party plan businesses worked, I asked if I could hostess a party. However, I did not have time to clean my house or the money to go out and buy refreshments. (Remember-I was a public school teacher. I was also a mom of two kids at the time and pinching pennies to make ends meet.) That consultant loaned me her scent testers and gave me some catalogs. I placed those items in the school teachers’ break room and sent out an email to the entire school staff. Within a week’s time, I had acquired a large amount of orders from the teachers and staff. Now, I had taken the time to read through all the details in the catalog including the part about becoming a Scentsy consultant myself. I had studied the amount of money it cost to join ($99 at that time), and I had figured up what my commissions would be on the amount of orders I had collected. I knew I would be money ahead and have the opportunity to make more money where that was coming from. It sounded like a win-win situation, so I called the consultant and let her know I would be signing up and keeping all those orders for myself!

Now, let me be honest with you. I really didn’t expect a real business out of this. Honestly I really never even thought that I would make another dime off Scentsy. I had joined several companies in the past and spent lots of money trying to make money with those companies. I was not going to fall into that trap again. But this Scentsy thing was different! I made enough money with that first commission check to cover my start-up costs on top of paying for everything that I wanted to purchase for myself. Then, month after month, my friends would reach out to me wanting to buy more of that great smelling stuff. I have made money every single month since signing up.

The real magic happened when my friends started seeing me in super cute new shoes and a few new outfits. Since they were teachers like me, they were also on tight budgets and asked how I was affording new things. I let them in on the little secret that I was actually making real money with this side hustle business. A few of them decided to give it a go to, and what do you know, they experienced success as well.

I taught for the rest of that year and one year more, and then I was able to take a leap into freedom and quit that job that had me tied down. You see, I loved teaching, and I know I was a good teacher. But I was exhausted at the end of the day because I had given all of my energy to those kids in my classroom leaving little leftover for my kids and my husband. I never really knew just how stressed out I was until I walked away from the classroom. Then it became clear.
I have now been working my Scentsy business full-time since May 2010 and never regretted the decision to walk away from teaching.

Scentsy has given me a life of freedom!

I spent several years after that being a fully involved parent. I was a homeroom mom. I volunteered at the school and also at a few local non-profits. I was present for school parties and field trips. I attended rehearsals, recitals, practices, games and regattas. But perhaps the best freedom came when I was able to really pursue my love of travel and mission work. Not only was I able to just pick up and go whenever I desired, but Scentsy even paid for many trips that I earned through their incentives. On top of the benefits of expense-paid travel, Scentsy allowed me to fundraise for the many mission trips I have been blessed to go on. Through missions, I have traveled to Haiti (9 times), Honduras, Peru, and India as well as leading a few in-state humanitarian aid trips to Baton Rouge and Houston.

Now that my kids are all grown and out on their own, I spend my time hitting local estate sale, junking, and antiquing. I love decorating and exploring fashion. Of course I am still traveling TONS and anticipate doing that until the day I die.

Of course that is all possible because I am happily working my Scentsy business. I love meeting new customers and mentoring new team members on their own path to success. I would love to do the same for you!

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