Are you on the search for the best Wax Melts out there?  I believe I have found the best ever in Scentsy wax bars.  Let’s break it down and find out why.

A Scentsy wax bar is a 3.2 oz container (also available in full pounds called bricks) that has 8 cubes of wax melts in it.  The cubes break apart like an old fashioned ice cube tray and the wax is used in Scentsy warmers.

Scentsy has chosen to use a high-quality paraffin wax blend for their wax melts.  They chose this paraffin blend for three reasons: scent loading ability, melting point, and firmness.
Scent loading ability, also called fragrance load, refers to how much fragrance oil can be added to the wax and it still remains mixed together without the oils separating from the wax.

Melting point refers to the temperature of heat needed to melt the wax in order to release the fragrance.  Paraffin wax has a lower melting point which allows the wax to melt at a lower temperature therefore reducing the ability for it to burn the skin should a “waxident” happen.   Scentsy uses either low-wattage light bulbs or a heating element to warm its wax rather than a dangerous flame.  That lower melting point is also beneficial because it allows the fragrance to release at a slower pace giving you more time to enjoy your favorite fragrance. The rate of evaporation is also great affected by the low melting point.  The paraffin wax melting at a lower rate reduces the evaporation of the wax into the air.

Scentsy uses a combination of synthetic and natural oils in their wax bars.  This gives the highest quality and the longest-lasting fragrance.

Synthetic oils are used because many of Scentsy’s fragrances aren’t even found in nature.  For example, there is no natural fragrance oil for “sugar cookies.”  Also, it is often not possible to extract natural oils from certain flowers or plant from typical extraction methods.  Many fragrances can be quite expensive and the cost of those oils make it impossible to maintain the affordability of Scentsy wax bars.

Many people ask how many cubes of wax they should use in their Scentsy warmers.  All warmers produced after Fall/Winter 2017, have an indication of the recommended number of cubes in the dish itself.  But this number is just a suggestion.  You are always welcome and encouraged to alter the amount of wax in your warmer to have the best scent experience for your liking.

Scentsy bars are so much safer than a traditional candle with a wick.  Since we use a light bulb or heating element to melt out wax, we do not require open flame to enjoy fragrance.  And since the wax melts at such a low temperature and is not evaporating into the air unlike traditional candles, no pollutants or harmful chemicals are put into the air.  When  you choose to use Scentsy for your wax fragrance, there is no fire, no soot, no smoke, no flame, and no lead!

Scentsy bars also do not contain phthalates which can be extremely harmful.  Scentsy sticks to the guidelines provided by the International Fragrance Association and also the Research Institute  for Fragrance Materials.  These organizations research fragrance ingredients.  They also set and maintain the standards for fragrance.

Scentsy bars are also conscious of allergies of different kinds.  For this reason, Scentsy bars are free of nut and mineral oils.  Scentsy bars are BPA- free, gluten free, lead free, egg free, and formaldehyde-free.

Scentsy bars should always be stored in a specific way.  They should be stored in a cool area that is also dry and away from direct sunlight.  Since fragrance is released with heat, remember that heat is the enemy in storing bars so that the fragrance maintains over time.  The bars should be stored laying flat with the sectioned-off side of the bar down.  Since we load our bars with the most fragrance oil possible, if the wax bars are stored up-right or even upside-down, you might end up with quite a mess of oil seeping out of the bar.  For that reason, you should store them flat with the cube side down.  The oils will then settle at the bottom of the bar.

If you are no longer able to smell a bar that you have always enjoyed before, you may be experiencing anosmia.  Sometimes called “nose blind”, it is basically when your nose gets fatigued from smelling the same scents over time and it will, in a sense, filter out that scent.  The best way to combat anosmia is to change out your fragrance bars from time to time.

Different fragrances in Scentsy, and any brand of wax melt, have different scent throws (the area where fragrance can be smelled or the strength of that fragrance).  Many things can affect these.  The size of the room can play a huge factor in the strength of scent-noticeability.  Whether the room has A/C or ceiling fans along with the flooring of the room all factor into scent throw.  Believe it or not, the weather and humidity, and even elevation all play into this as well.  In areas with lower humidity, the scent will seem to be much stronger than in high humidity areas.

I have been using Scentsy since 2008 in both work spaces and in my home.  I have never doubted the safety of the products.  I have, from time to time, purchased competitors’ products and it has been proven time and time again that Scentsy products are superior to the others I have tried.
If you have other questions about Scentsy or the specifics mentioned in this blog, here are a few great resources for you:,,, and

If you are interested in purchasing Scentsy or considering a partnership with Scentsy yourself, I would love to answer any questions you have or help you in any way possible.  You can reach out through this website or text me at 918-888-9690.