Scentsy Club is a customer loyalty program which has numerous benefits for you and still allows you to support your favorite Scentsy consultant.  With Scentsy Club, you, the customer, will log-in and set up a customer account.  Then you will be guided through making your selection of how often you want to receive products and what products you want to receive.  Scentsy Club allows for scheduled shipments of any consumable Scentsy product and you can choose whether to receive shipments monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.  


Now, let’s discuss the Benefits of having Scentsy Club:

  1. Discounts on all orders over $30-When you start a Scentsy Club that totals over $30 pre-tax and pre-shipping, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on all items in that order.  There is no cap on the discounted amount.
  2. Half-Priced item on orders over $60-One of my favorite benefits of Scentsy Club is the opportunity to choose any consumable item (including Whiff Box) at half-price when your Club order reaches $60 or more pre-tax and pre-shipping.  Remember  you are already getting 10% off everything in addition to this half-priced opportunity!
  3. Discounted Shipping- A great benefit of Scentsy Club is discounted flat rate shipping of just $8 on all orders regardless of order size.  
  4. Access to Bricks-If you aren’t aware, Scentsy offers two different sizes of wax melts.  The normal size, called a bar,  is 3.2 ounces.  We also offer a “brick” of wax which is a full pound of wax.  These are great for those that use several warmers in their home or have a scent that they truly love.  While not every scent is offered in this size, there are a few fragrances that are ONLY available through Club and in a brick.  These scents are Perfectly Pomegranate, Sea Salt & Avocado, and Sugar Cookie.  If you love these scents, you really could score with this benefit of Scentsy Club.
  5. Sign Up and Cancellation- It is completely free to sign up for Scentsy Club.  There are not any contractual obligations which means that you can cancel your Scentsy Club at any time, no questions and no hassle at all.
  6. Stay Stocked Up- One of the fun benefits of Scentsy Club is the fact that you don’t have to remember to place those restock orders.  Several companies are offering recurring orders and subscription orders and Scentsy is no different.  There is great pleasure in the fact that you won’t have to remember to contact me about your restock order of wax, cotton cleanups, cleaning products, or any consumable Scentsy products.
  7. Delivery Schedule- I love the fact that with Scentsy Club, you get to decide how often you want to receive your Club shipments.  YOu have the option of every month, every other month, or every third month.  You also can pause your Club once a year without affecting the benefits of Always Get My Bar (see next point).
  8. Always Get My Bar- This is the most popular benefit of Scentsy Club.  Continually through the year, Scentsy will discontinue different fragrances because they were released as Limited Time Offers or just through the transition of catalog seasons.  With Scentsy Club and Always Get my Bar, you don’t have to worry about your favorite scent being discontinued.  If a scent is discontinued, but it is in your Scentsy Club, you don’t have to stress because Scentsy will always make it for you as long as you keep it in your Club.  This applies to ALL fragrances including: Licensed scents, Bring Back My Bar scents, Collections, Limited Time Offers or seasonal scents.
    It is important that you know the rules of this though:

    1. The scent will only be made for you in wax form and no other products.
    2. You must add the scent to your Scentsy Club BEFORE it is discontinued.
    3. If a bar sells out crazy fast, you will have at least 30 days to add it to your Scentsy Club.
    4. If you have a licensed wax in your Club and Scentsy discontinues the license, that wax will no longer be available.
    5. You can decrease the quantity but not increase it.
    6. You can only skip your shipment one time within a 12-month period.
  9. Scentsy Club Rewards-Another fun benefit of Scentsy Club is the  rewards point aspect.  You earn points every time you place a Scentsy Club order.  You will get one point for each dollar spent on your Scentsy Club.  You will also have a referral code that you can share with your friends and family.  When Scentsy Club orders are started using that referral code, you will receive 2 points for each dollar those customers spend in Scentsy Club.  These points can then be used for discounts on future purchases either through Scentsy Club or even through a regular Scentsy purchase made online.  These points have a 25:1 ration which means for every 25 points, you will receive $1 off your order (capped at 50% off the retail price of the item.)  Remember, this is in addition to the 10% off and half-priced items you have already earned!  These points do expire, so don’t hang on to them for too long.  You can even set it up to automatically use your points on future Scentsy Club orders.
  10. Discounted Whiff Box-The final benefit to Scentsy Club is the opportunity to get the Scentsy Whiff Box discounted 10% off or even at half-price.  Whiff Box is our surprise box that changes every month and allows our customers to try several different Scentsy products and scents.  Normally, Whiff Box is not allowed to be discounted through host rewards or other discounts, but with Scentsy Club, you can get it at the 10% off listed above or even as your half-priced item.

As listed out here, there are numerous benefits for having a Scentsy Club.  Whether you are looking to always stay stocked up on your favorite Scentsy goodies, or you are looking for the best deals on your Scentsy products, Scentsy Club is where it’s at!

I would love to help you get started with Scentsy Club at