So, you have decided to join Scentsy as your side hustle or side gig.  Now what?

Perhaps even more important than deciding what company to join, is deciding who your sponsor will be.  Choosing a Scentsy sponsor is a big choice and an important choice at that!

The first thing you need to think about is why are you starting a Scentsy journey.  While there are many reasons to have a side hustle and many benefits of a side gig, most can be boiled down into two categories: Making Money or a Social Outlet.


Scentsy as a Social Outlet:

Chances are if  you are considering joining Scentsy, or any direct sales company, as a social outlet, you already know people who sell Scentsy.  I would guess  you have a friend of a family member that sells and has chatted with you about the opportunity.  If social connections are your only reason for joining, go ahead and jump on board with whoever chatted with you.


Making Money with Scentsy:

If you are really wanting to make money with Scentsy, whether as a hobby, part-time income or even a full-time income opportunity, it is much more important that serious thought and consideration go into the choice of your sponsor.  This consideration needs to happen before you click that join button because Scentsy, as with most companies, does not let you change sponsors once  you begin your journey.


Here are the most important things to look at when choosing a Scentsy sponsor:

  1. Longevity-It is important to choose a sponsor that has been with the same company for an extended period of time.  There is no magic number of years, but consistency and tenacity are important factors to look at. 

I have been with Scentsy since 2008.  I have spent over 14 years (at the time of this writing) selling products I love and believe in while growing a successful team of entrepreneurs doing the same thing.

  1. Experience-It is important to look at all kinds of factors that your sponsor brings to their business.

I was a teacher before I started my Scentsy business.  While my background is in early childhood education, I am an educator at heart!  I love to teach and educate others in the Scentsy business on best practices for success and growing a Scentsy business.

Also, before Scentsy, I had attempted to grow businesses with 4 other direct sales/ MLM companies with zero success.  Those failures were significant lessons in choosing a great company and also choosing a good sponsor to help me reach my personal goals.

  1. Training Opportunities-People learn in different ways so it is important to know how your sponsor trains their team.

When you first join Scentsy, corporate will be reaching out to you via email with training ideas and guidance.  Beyond that, I also offer individual training to new consultants via text training systems, and training videos.  I am also available for one-on-one phone conversations if that is preferred.

Team training has changed a great deal since I first began with Scentsy.  Back in 2008, training mainly consisted of phone calls and large in person events.  Times have definitely changed!  I do most of my training online now because team members are spread out all of the United States and even the world.  I work with a few other leaders in the company to offer a weekly training via Zoom meeting each Monday.  The topic changes weekly so we are sure to cover several aspects of business in any given month.  I also offer a team Facebook Group where anyone on the team can ask questions, share ideas, or even cheer each other on.

  1. Business Style-There are countless ways to run a successful Scentsy business.  It is not required at all that you run your business like your sponsor, but it can be helpful if you plan to run your business in the same way so they can guide you in best practices.

Since I have been in this business for such a long time, and grown my business throughout different phases of my life, I have worked my business in several different ways.  When I first started out with Scentsy, I grew my business through my personal contacts of friends, family and acquaintances.  The beginnings of my business mainly consisted of home parties, now called Scent Events, and basket parties, now called Tester Parties.  I also expanded my circle of contacts with Fairs and Events.  I traveled to several different states setting up at local festivals and craft fairs to not only share product, but also work on growing my network with new team members.  As society and social norms changed through 2020 and beyond, I began to focus more on digital methods of business building.  It was during this time that I perfected the art of Facebook Events and other Digital ways of expanding my network through Zoom and Text.  Now here we are, I am now an empty nester, running my Scentsy business full-time which allows me more time to work on my business than in the past.  I am currently focusing on growing my business through social media platforms and digital media.  I feel like I have tried it all over my Scentsy career.  I know what works for me and what doesn’t.

  1. Expected Investment-While this is YOUR business and you get to make all the decisions for your own business, the expected investment in the opinion of your sponsor is something to look at.  

I personally started my Scentsy journey to make money.  I am also a shopper, like big time shopper.  I love shopping and I love spending money.  But listen to me when I say-”Do NOT spend money until you are making money!”  Your starter kit has everything you need to get started making money.  Don’t believe the narrative that you “need” an endless supply of things to be successful.  That just isn’t true!

  1. Location-I hesitated even putting this on the list because with the increased use of the internet and social media, I really don’t feel like location is a factor that comes into play much more, but perhaps you want to consider it.


Since I have been with Scentsy for quite some time, I have experienced times of steady growth, dips, and hyper-growth within the company.  Each requires changes in how to work the business.  I have experienced new product launches and products being discontinued.  I have been through country expansions, changes in leadership, and changes in my personal life too.  I have been able to utilize this business to better myself and my family.  It could do the same thing for you too!

Hopefully I have answered several questions you might have had about choosing a Scentsy sponsor.  If you have more questions or would like to pick my brain about anything else Scentsy, please reach out.  You can reach me by text at 918-888-9690 or email me at