So you have decided to start selling Scentsy, or *gasp* another Direct Sales product and now so many questions are probably running through your head.  Of course the first thing you need to do is to start telling everyone you know that you are now a Scentsy consultant.  So often, I hear these words, “but I don’t know anybody.”  While it can sometimes feel that way, I promise you know more people than you think you know.  Researchers say the average American knos about 600 people.  Let me help you to brainstorm just how many people you know so you can start making your “List of 100”, a common suggestion when starting a new business.

When making your “List of 100”, it is important to remember that we are not just talking about your besties, but simply people you have a connection with, or your warm market list.

Start with F.R.A.N.K.

The best place to start Starting Your Customer Base is with our old pal FRANK: Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, and Kid Connections.  And with Scentsy, it is important to realize that these products are not just for women.  Men love Scentsy as well.  Also, Scentsy is loved by people of all ages.

Friends:  This one is probably the easiest.  Most people can whip out a handful of names when asked who their friends are, but I want you to also think of friends within different circles of people that you often connect with.  Think of your friends from the following places: work,  church or place of worship, school, gym, or any other place you go on a regular basis.

Relatives: Of course you will start with your immediate family, but branch out beyond that, Aunt and Uncles, Cousins, all the way to 2nd Cousin twice removed.  Remember, we are just making a list of connections here, not asking for a sample of blood!

Acquaintances:  This will quite possibly be the largest section of names.  This Starting Your Customer Base section is for those people that you kind of know but don’t really know.  Think of people that you interact with on occasion with a polite “Hello” and maybe some small talk.  Think of the places that you go daily, weekly or monthly.  Here are a few things to get those brain cells active:

Do you go to the same gas station?  Do you see the same attendant each time?

I have a favorite cashier at Target and I always go to her line.  She would fit in this category.

Now think of those doctor’s offices that you go to.  Everything from General Doctor to Specialists, Chiropractor, Dentist, Eye Doc.  You get the idea.  Then in each of those places, you have interactions with the receptionist, the nurse, and the Doctor themself.  All Starting Your Customer Base acquaintances!

Now I think about restaurants.  If you are anything like my hubby and I, we tend to go to the same handful of restaurants over and over.  We have our favorite waitstaff and bartenders.  These also fall into this category.

Do you have a hobby that requires you to buy specialty materials at a certain store?  If so, you are likely interacting with the same people there on a regular basis.

Now here’s the thing about Starting Your Customer Base acquaintances, sometimes I don’t even know the person’s name.  So on my List of 100, you might see something like “Nice Cashier at Target with Blue Eyes” or “Early Morning QuickTrip guy”.  This is perfectly fine because this list is just for you.  (Now make an effort the next time you see this person to learn their name.)

Neighbors:  The definition of neighbor is quite loose here.  If you live in town or in the city, it might mean a literal neighbor living next door,  the floor above, or floor below.  But I like in rural Oklahoma and can’t see another house from my yard, so my definition of neighbor would be anyone that lives in my same town that I interact with on a regular basis.  So for me, acquaintance and neighbor might be a blurred line.  On my List of 100, I do have people that live on my street, but I also have people like my mail carrier which could also be considered an acquaintance.  There is no right or wrong here-we are just making a list of all those people we know.

Starting Your Customer Base Kids Connections:  I realize that not everyone has kids so feel free to insert pets here too.  But first let’s talk about those people that do have the two-legged kind of kids.  If you have children, this part of your list would include people that you have met at your kids’ daycare or school.  Think of everyone from teachers to secretary, school nurse to aides and duty workers.  You also need to consider the parents of your kids’ friends.  If your child is in sports, you could have an endless number of names here.  All those teammates have parents, not to mention coaches and trainers!  Now let’s move on to the four-legged kinds of kids.  You have plenty of connections too.  Think about your interactions at the vet.  Just like the doctor mentioned above, you will have the receptionist, the tech, and the doctor.  What about your favorite clerk at the pet-food store?  Do you go to the dog park on a regular schedule?  If so, maybe you have some Starting Your Customer Base connections there.

Remember that we are not going to contact ALL of these people immediately and I NEVER want you to reach out with the stereotypical “Hey Girl Hey”.  Direct sales and social selling should NOT be icky or intrusive.  All this is is a list of connections that you have.  For your Launch Party at the start of your business, I suggest you focus on mainly Friends and Relatives.  But I have been in this business long enough to know that new consultants often hit the proverbial “brick wall” and don’t know where to go from there.  That’s when it is good to refer back to this list and realize that you are surrounded by people every single day.  Social Selling is just that-a SOCIAL business and these connections will help you grown that business.