Hey there, thanks so much for stopping by. Jamie. Joe sells wax here on YouTube. My name is Jami Jo, and today we are going to start out with a question. I am curious if you set a New Year’s resolution this year, did you make some promise to yourself or decide something that you want to focus on in this next year? If you set a New Year’s resolution, go ahead and take a second and put it down in the comments on this video right here, because that is what we are going to be talking about today, those New Year’s resolutions and how Scentsy might be able to play a part in helping you with those New Year’s resolutions. Now, before I filmed this video, I took some time and I went to Google and I searched out what the most popular, or like the top three, the top five, the top 10 New Year’s resolutions were.

And hands down there were like three that that played into every single list, and that was to lose weight or get healthy to better a financial situation, whether it was save money or um, get out of debt, different things like that. And then the third related to mental health, and I am going to tell you that Scentsy could play a part in all three of those, but I really wanna focus on the list put out by Forbes. And it was actually put out by Forbes Health. So they did percentages of what these New Year’s resolutions were. The number one New Year’s resolution was to improve fitness. 48% of people said they wanted to improve their fitness and likewise lose weight or improve diet. I want to pause that discussion for just a minute, but yes, Scentsy does have a program that can help you with this, I want to jump to number two, first of all, and talk about that.

Number two, 38% of people said they wanted to improve their finances. And guys, that is why most people start a side hustle, and that is exactly what I’m talking about right here. To start a side hustle with s Scentsy fragrance, first of all, let’s talk about what that could be for you. And I have several different videos on this exact topic, but Scentsy could be so many different things for you. It really is going to fit into your life how you want it to fit in, and you can make the money that you want to make if you are looking to just add in a hobby. By the way, 7% of people said they wanted to make more time for hobbies. I have a lot of people on my s Scentsy team that S Scentsy really is just a hobby. They were loving the products, so they thought, heck, maybe I should just jump on board for a little hobby.

A hobby that’s going to pay me instead of me losing money, paying for the hobby. So that is an option with Scentsy fragrance. If you want it to just be a hobby and fund your addiction to s Scentsy fragrance, it absolutely could be that if you are looking for some part-time income, this helps so many different people. And honestly, I would say the majority of s Scentsy consultants are looking at it for this a side hustle income or a part-time income because just a little extra money in your family budget can make a world of difference. Remember, 38% of people said they wanted to improve their finances, whether it is paying off debt, whether it is increasing savings, whether it is making money to get a new car that you know doesn’t hurt your family budget. Scentsy can be all of those different things, you can make as little or as much as you want With Scentsy, it depends on how little or how much you’re willing to work the business.

I will tell you that Scentsy has become my full-time income. I have a teacher’s degree and I was a teacher when I found Scentsy, but Scentsy has replaced that teacher salary and honestly given me much more than that teacher’s salary. Now the government makes me give this big huge disclaimer, so I’ll attach that at the end of the video. But I am here to tell you that if you are willing to hustle and work hard sense, he can definitely help you to improve your finances. We have several different kit options. The most expensive kit that we have is just $99. Guys, I know that we dropped $99 on lots of different things without even thinking about it, but perhaps you are in a financial place where $99 is a struggle. I’ve been there, absolutely, I have been there. We do have discounted kits. You can get a host exclusive kit. It is $59, but when you earn rewards by having an affiliate link with me, it can totally pay for that using those hostess rewards. So you could actually start a Scentsy side hustle for $0 out of pocket and make money. Seriously. I’m not kidding. And it’s, it’s not like a trick, it’s not a scam. I promise you this can work because it’s worked for me and it’s worked for so many different people. This little hair is grabbing my attention. I don’t know why it’s decided to stand straight up.

I digress. <laugh>, let’s get back on topic guys. Let’s move on to improving fitness. Now, I told you it was the number one, it’s also the number four and the number five. ’cause improve fitness, 48%, number one, to lose weight, 34% and to improve their diet 32%. One really cool thing with S Scentsy is the community culture that S Scentsy has. Yes, we are a business. Yes, we are here to make money, but we are here to have a community with each other. And one of the really cool things that Scentsy has is a wellness program. We actually have a wellness coach at s Scentsy Fragrance, and this is a program just for our consultants. We have monthly challenges this month of January, 2024 is a challenge to cut sugar from your diet, but we have had challenges to drink more water. We have had challenges to walk more.

Now what does this mean with these challenges? You can opt in to these challenges and there are usually trackers associated with it that you fill out on your own. If you accomplish your goal, you get to submit your name to earn a prize. And there’s lots of really fun prizes through these different wellness campaigns. Even better is we have a Facebook group, actually there’s a couple of Facebook groups, but one official Facebook group by corporate that it is the Scentsy Wellness Group. And this is a Facebook group where people come together to cheer each other on to, um, talk about failure because let’s face it, we’re going to experience failure, but when that comes up, we’re there to cheer each other on and get each other back in the program. And it’s just an awesome little bonus to the Scentsy culture. Now, the number three New Year’s resolution, according to Forbes Health, was to improve mental health.

36% of people wanted to improve their mental health. And let me tell you, that community that I was just talking about is a huge thing to improve mental health guys. I have been with Scentsy Fragrance for over 15 years, and let me tell you that my circle of people has completely changed in my time with Scentsy fragrance. I am now surrounded by people that encourage me, that build me up, that are there when I do have one of those failures to just cheer me on and, and help me get back on track and to really encourage me and, um, just make me feel like I can do it again. My mental health is so much better. I used to be in a crazy stressful job. I used to, um, just really come home stressed out, stressed at my kids when things were not their fault.

I like to tell people that Scentsy helped me become a better mother because it gave me financial options that reduced stress. It gave me an option for another job that re reduced my stress. I became a better mother because of what Scentsy brought into my life. I know that sounds so cliche. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it absolutely is true. Now, one other thing, uh, actually I’m gonna touch on three really quick, a few other things that I saw on this list from Forbes Health. One was to learn a new skill. 9% of people want to learn a new skill. With Scentsy, you are allowed to do that because you can choose how you want to work your business. I focus on working my business digitally and through social media just like I am right now. So that is a new skill that I’ve learned.

Thanks to Scentsy 7%. I touched on this earlier, 7% of people want to make time for new hobbies. Scentsy could be your new hobby. 6% of people want to travel more. Guys, this is one of my number ones. Every single year I want to travel more, and Scentsy allows me to do that, we have an at least one incentive a year that is travel based. We are wrapping ours up this year. It was actually the fall and winter of 23 incentive, but it’s going through the end of January. I am working to earn a free trip to Hawaii, all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. I have earned trips through Scentsy fragrance, um, to Costa Rica, a Mediterranean cruise. They sent me to Italy, France, and Spain. I’ve been to the Dominican Republic. I’ve been to Mexico more times than I can count. I went to Canada last year.

I’ve been to Disney World a couple of times. Guys, if you want to travel more, Scentsy is the side hustle for you because when you grow your business, Scentsy rewards you with free travel and you’re getting paid along the way as well. So no matter what your New Year’s resolution is, chances are Scentsy can play a part in that and help you achieve those New Year’s resolutions. If you are ready to jump on board right now, you can do that by going to Jami Jo sells wax.com, and there’s a button at the top that says, join or getting started. I don’t remember what it threw up there, but it’s pretty self-explanatory when you jump on board there. I will reach out to you and help you by mentoring you every single step of the way. Like I said, I’ve been doing this for 15 years.

I’ve mentored hundreds and hundreds of consultants in getting their very own Scentsy business off to a great start. If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them. Feel free to put ’em in the comments here on this video, or you can reach out to me on Facebook or on Instagram under Jami Jo Sells Wax. Or feel free to text me direct. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, my name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day. Our government likes people to look for jobs and not opportunities. Therefore, I’m required to tell you that results are not typical. Now, let’s take a second to look at what the word typical means. The definition of typical is usual, ordinary or average. No, these results are not average. But if you are willing to put in some work and take a chance on yourself, these results are possible. I’m here to prove it to you. It happened to me and it can happen to you. Check out this document for all the details.