Hi guys. My name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sells Wax. We are a fragrance company that has partnered with ∫ Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. I started as a Scentsy customer, fell in love with a product soon after, jumped on board with the opportunity and I have been partnered with them ever since. I absolutely love sharing Scentsy products with my friends, family and customers, but also I love to help other people grow a Scentsy business of their own so they can live a life of freedom just like I do. So if that is something that you’re interested in, reach out to me. I’d love to talk to you a little bit more about it. But today we are talking about Scentsy Club. If you don’t know about Scentsy Club, you are missing out, especially if you’re already a ∫ addict.

So Scentsy Club is our customer loyalty program and it is absolutely amazing. Even though I’m a consultant, I still have a Best Scentsy Scents club because I love some of the features and benefits of it. So let’s dive right in. I have 10 that I wanna talk to you about today and I did write them down, um, because I don’t want to miss out on anything. The very first thing that I wanna talk to you about with Scentsy Club, the first benefit of Scentsy Club is this is the way to get your Scentsy at a discount without hosting a party or an affiliate link and without joining the company, because anytime you have a Scentsy Club of $30 or more, they are automatically gonna give you 10% off of everything in that Scentsy Club. So first and foremost, we’re doing it for the discounts people. We want those discounts and that’s one of the reasons that I have my Best Scentsy Scents Club as well.

I love that 10% off discount. Now the discounts get even a little bit better when your club order hits $60 because any club order that hits $60, of course you’re already getting that 10% off, but that $60 is that sweet spot because then you get half priced item of your choice. Now CSI Club is just for consumable items, so no warmers or diffusers or air purifiers. But I would encourage you on your half price item to be making the most of your savings and getting one of our higher priced consumable items. So I love to use my half price item on my air purifier filters. Those are normally 35, I get ’em for 1750 or my washer with tubs. I am addicted to those washer whips, especially in Fiji flour. So I never wanna run out of those. So I make sure that I always have a tub of washer whips on hand.

Those are normally $30. I can get it for 15 is that half price item. So discounts, discounts, discounts, that is a huge benefit of Best Scentsy Scents Club. The other money Saving Avenue with Scentsy Club is the fact that you get discounted flat rate shipping. Any Scentsy Club order is $8 flat rate shipping. I don’t care if your club order is $500 or $30, you’re gonna pay that $8 flat rate shipping. So that’s gonna be a great savings, especially if you have a larger club order to have that discounted flat rate shipping. Now here’s something that’s really, really, really cool. Here it is. This is a brick of wax. This is our normal bar. This is a brick sucker’s huge, right? Like look at all that wax that you’re getting. It’s a full pound of wax. Our normal bars are 3.2 ounces. This is a full pound of wax.

Now c, he does not always have full pound bricks of wax available. We do have, um, a campaign in the fall and in the spring that we bring out some special edition bricks. But with Scentsy Club, that is the only way that you can get some of our favorite waxes in a full pound brick. Now also you can do that in your half price item. How about that? Now, it’s not all the fragrances available in Brick, it is some of our top sellers, but there are a few fragrances that have been discontinued that we can still get through Scentsy Club in brick form that is perfectly pomegranate, sea salt and avocado and sugar cookie. So those are three fragrances that are available in a brick but aren’t available at all, at all anywhere else. So that is a huge perk cuz those are some highly sought after fragrances, sea salt and avocado.

So good, so good. Now I do wanna let you know that Scentsy Club is absolutely free to sign up. There is no charge to sign up. You can change it at any time. You can cancel it at any time. You are not locked into anything. So this is amazing. You’re gonna get savings and it, there’s no contract tied to it at all. Change it up, cancel it, do what you need to do. Um, if you have a little hiccup in your finances, you can pause it. Now, pausing it will be really important when I tell you another perk in just a second. So you can pause it on a regular delivery date and jump right in the next time. So keep that in mind. Fully flexible, fully changeable. Cancel any time, no obligation to stay into it. Okay? You are never gonna run out of your Cy fragrance.

I know some of you guys have called me, oh my gosh, Jamie, I have friends coming over and I don’t have any new Cy Wax and I don’t wanna go buy the junk from the big box store. And inevitably, I’ve, I’ve helped out many of you guys <laugh> by getting you some wax, uh, on a tight schedule. But if you have Scentsy Club, you don’t have to worry about that because you’re always gonna have your fragrance on hand because of that autoship program. Okay, now I talked to you about pausing and here’s where it gets really important because another perk of Scentsy Club is always get my bar. That’s what we title it. Always get my bar. Um, this is one of my all time favorite fragrances and it’s not gonna focus in there. There you go. Lux Vanilla. Now, Lux Vanilla has not been in the catalog since.

I’m gonna guess maybe like 2010, but I love it. I love it, love it, love it. It’s my, it’s my all time favorite of all time. Now you saw on that label it said bring back my bar because two times a year we do the Bring Back My Bar campaign where we re-release some previously discontinued fragrances. Lux Vanilla came out in one of those campaigns and you best believe that I ordered a mass quantity of bars, but I also added it to my Scentsy Club because if you add a fragrance to Scentsy Club when it is available, Scentsy will always make it for you. Always. But the catch is you, you can’t take it out like you have to leave it in there. That’s why I said it’s really important that you can pause or wait one month if you need to on your subscription because it, it won’t pull this out of there.

If you ever pull that bar outta there, you’ve lost it. So if you haven’t always get my bar. Make sure that you keep it in there and you never, never, never take it out. Um, the Disney bars, or I say Disney because that’s our biggest licensure, but we have other licenses too. So those licensed products that often sometimes sell out in a matter of days, we keep it available to add to your Scentsy Club for 30 days. So this is the 50th anniversary Disney wax. It smells like it smells like a Disney lobby and it no longer available, sorry friends, but I have it in my Scentsy club so I get it every single month. Also, sometimes we have collections, um, like this is our Easter collection. I just have it sitting here and we could only buy it in the collection. So you had to buy all three.

However, if you add it to Scentsy Club, you can just pick one. So those are some fun perks. Um, now this one’s really cool cuz I know you’re gonna fall in love with Scentsy Club and you’re gonna be talking to your other Scentsy Loving friends about it. And if you refer them to join Scentsy Club under yours, you are going to earn points. Now you’re automatically gonna earn points on everything that you purchase, but you’re gonna earn double the points on everything that your referrals purchase. So you can be earning extra discounts. What are these points good for? Dollars off Friends, dollars off your club order or really anything you can use those referral points, those dollar off points, even on a new warmer, you can save them up for that. So there are some stipulations with that, you know, like everything, all the details and I’m happy to share those with you if you’re interested in learning more about that.

But another fun perk, and this is the last one I’m gonna cover cuz I’ve, I’ve talked about a lot of them today, if you have ever heard me talk about with Box With Box is our surprise subscription. No, it’s not a subscription. It is our surprise box that you can order just one off from Scentsy each month. It changes every month. I love to have it on my Scentsy Club because I get surprises every single month. So if you just wanna do the Whiff Box as a Scentsy Club, you’re automatically getting it discounted. If you have a Scentsy Club of $60 or more, you can get it half price. This is the only way that you can get a discounted with Box. With Box does not work as a party half price or a party credit or any of those things. I could never get a whiff box discounted unless I add it to my Scentsy Club.

Guys, there are so, so, so many perks to Scentsy Club. I’m telling you, it’s an absolutely amazing program and I really think that everyone should be on it. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can ask me questions anytime at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. If you are ready to jump on board, just go right over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. There is a tab up at the top of the screen that will get you started on Scentsy Club. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and I’m here to also help you save lots of money on your Best Scentsy Scents product. And Scentsy Club is the best way to do that.