Hi guys. My name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sales Wax. I have been with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance for over 14 years now. I joined all the way back in 2008. I first started as a customer, but decided very quickly to jump on the opportunity within the business. And that’s what I want to talk to you guys about today because for this month only you can get all of this stuff, all of this stuff right here in this square. This is over $300 worth of product. You can earn it for free, for free this month in April of 2023. So first of all, let me tell you just a brief little, um, snippet of my journey with Scentsy. Then we’re gonna talk about how you can earn this for absolutely free and why that is such a good deal. So like I said, I started as a CIN customer all the way back in 2008.

I was a public school teacher at the time and I fell in love with the product for three main reasons. I fell in love with the product because it worked my classroom and my home started spelling absolutely amazing. Um, I loved it because I knew it was safe. It was safe to have around the kids in my classroom. It was safe to have around my own kids and my pets and my Columbus husband and I also fell in love with it because it was so affordable and cost effective. So for those three reasons, I decided to just jump on the opportunity. Back then, we only had one kit option. Now you have several different options. Back then, it was just the $99 standard kit. I jumped on board with that. I made money in my very first month with Best Scentsy Scents. Um, and I’ve made money every single month since.

I have tried several other direct sales companies, multi-level marketing, whatever name you want to give them. I had tr tried several different companies and never profited with any of them. I did with Scentsy in the first month and I have every single month since, and I don’t even know how many months that is all almost 15 years now. So lots and lots of months that I’ve been successful with Scentsy. So let’s talk about this opportunity that I teased you with at the very first of this video. How do you earn this and is it really worth it? First of all, this is how you earn this kit right here when you join the Best Scentsy Scents opportunity. If you sell 500 prv, which in the United States, it’s usually dollar for prv. There’s a few instances where it’s different if it’s like a a Disney item or something like that where we have to pay licensing fees.

Um, PRV stands for personal retail volume. If you’re in another country, there’s like peg rates and all kinds of craziness that goes into it, but I can help you figure all that out along the way. Basically you’re selling $500 in your first 15 days, which guys, I actually had $600 in sales before the day I joined <laugh>. It’s very possible and I can walk you through the steps of how to do that. When you sell 500 in your first 15 days, you get all of this for absolutely free. Now this is what we call the shooting Star Enhancement kit. We always have the shooting star enhancement kit and you always have the opportunity to earn it in your first 15 days, but normally on any other month it would cost you $200 to purchase this kit. But if you earn it in the month of April, Scentsy’s going to give it to you bo free, $0 out of your pocket for free.

So let’s talk about what is in this kit, the value of this kit. I already told you it was worth over $300, but let’s break it down and look at everything that’s coming in this kit. Now I will tell you what I have displayed here is not the exact Best Scentsy Scents list, like some of the fragrances and some of the warmers are different. Um, but it’s still the exact same like makeup, makeup of everything you get. So let’s start little and go up from there. All right, friends, you are going to get three light bulbs, but they’re gonna be the different colored light bulbs. You’re gonna get the standard light bulbs in your kit, but in this shooting star enhancement kit you get a a green and orange and a red. So those are fun to have on hand. So you can show your customers the diversability, is that a word?

I might have just made it up the diversability of our warmers by just throwing in a colored Best Scentsy Scents bowl. Um, you also get coconut dery hand soap. You yet the light bulbs are $2 value. The hand soap is a $9 value. You get a coconut dery body wash valued at $9. That’s not what this scent is. But coconut dery is what comes in the pit. Um, I love, love, love our body wash. I used to purchase my body wash at um, another store that a lot of people buy bath and body products from. Um, but since we came out with ours, I’m hooked, hooked, hooked, hooked, have to have it. Um, you get bathroom cleaner and counter cleaner in the scent. Make a splash. So if you’ve never tried our bathroom cleaner, I don’t know why that didn’t come outta my mouth. Bathroom cleaner or counter clean, which I call magic in a bottle, that would be your opportunity to try those.

Those are $10 value each. You get Amazon Rain sit pack $7 value, you are going to get two pod packs. You’re gonna get coconut, lemongrass and Luna. Those are valued at $10 each. You are going to get a wall fan diffuser. These are the coolest thing ever. If you have not seen them, they are a fan down inside you put the pods on top, plug it in, turn it on. It is a no mess fragrance option. So you’re gonna get the fan valued at $30. And remember you’re getting two packs of those pods. So you’re set to try that system out. Guys, you’re gonna have so much stuff to try out and showcase to your friends and family or sell it for a hundred percent profit. There’s no rules. No rules. What you have to do with it, um, you are going to get one of our deluxe diffusers.

Here’s what it looks like outta the box. This is a deluxe diffuser. Um, it is our largest reservoir diffuser, but also the most practical because it’s plastic and you don’t have to worry about the littles breaking it. Now this gorgeous thing is another confuser. You don’t get that one in a shooting star kit. They’re gorgeous. This is practical though. And we like practical, right? Yes. So you’re gonna get that. That’s a $65 value. You’re gonna get two oils. They’re gonna give you twinkle, twinkle and a hundred percent eucalyptus. So those are $12 value each. So you can start trying out a diffuser. If you’ve never used an essential oil diffuser, you’ll have that and some oils to put in there and showcase to people. You are going to get five bars. Now these are the actual bars. I had all of them. So you’re gonna get aloe water and cucumber, Amazon, rain Luna, vanilla beam buttercream, and my new favorite white amber and tea.

You’re gonna get all of those bars, that’s $6 each. So $30 value right there. You are going to get two mini warmers. So I have two mini warmer boxes up here. You are going to get coot, which is the cute little owl and lily garden, which is a beautiful glass mini warmer. And then you’re gonna get a full size warmer as well. You’re gonna get the alabaster warmer, which I’m thrilled that that is the warmer they chose. It’s just a solid white great standard. We’ll go with any decor warmer. So like I said, when you sell $500 in your first 15 days, which when you join my team, I’m gonna mentor you and guide you and help you to know exactly what to do to make that happen. When you sell that 500 in your first 15 days, Scentsy is going to gift you all of this stuff that I just showed you for absolutely free.

And like I said, there are no rules as to what you do with that. Maybe you try all those products by yourself because we know that sharing is better than selling and you can’t share about an item if you’ve never tried it. So you can try all those products on your own. Like I said, you can sell them and make 100% profit. So there’s the possibility that if you sold every item in this kit, you would make over $300. And you can do that. Maybe you use some of these items as postex exclusives to get your friends and family or a complete stranger. Guys, I will tell you, when you start this business, you start with friends and family, but eventually strangers will support you more than friends and family. Maybe you use those items as postex exclusive items or if they host this an affiliate league or a party, any type of party with you, you get to choose what you do with all this stuff. But I’m just here to tell you that April is the month to jump on board with Sincere. Um, they have only done this in my 14 years, less than a handful of times. This Best Scentsy Scents is a big deal, friends, to be able to earn all of this product for absolutely free. I would absolutely love to mentor you along the way. You can jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and click that button at the top that says get started or join. I don’t remember exactly what word we put on there.

You’re smart, you can figure it out. I know you can. If you do have any questions, text me. 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Maybe you have questions about the requirements and, and how do you do this business? Text me friends. I am so, so happy to answer any questions that you might have. Or you can just put ’em in the comments here on this video. I would love to answer them that way as well. If you have enjoyed this information, make sure that you subscribe to my channel so you are always in the know of all the things Scentsy, but do not sleep on this opportunity. It is only good for the month of April, 2023. So let’s get you started and let’s get you all this product. I keep pointing here even though it’s on the table right in front of me. Now, all that product for absolutely free guys, just to remind you, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you get tons of tons of stuff for absolutely free friends.

I, I lost my remote to stop the camera, so you got to watch me frantically looking for it. It’s okay. It’s all right, <laugh>. Bye guys. We live in a world where we’re taught to look for a job and not an opportunity. Therefore, the government finds it Very important that I show you this. Look, I’m not telling you, this is a get rich quick scheme. You’re not gonna be rich today or even tomorrow. You probably won’t ever be a billionaire. But if you take a chance on this opportunity just like I did, and you’re willing to put in the work and make the sacrifice, this opportunity quite possibly could change your life.