Hi guys. My name is Jami Jo and I’m with Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have been selling Best Scentsy Scents products for over 14 years now, since all the way back in 2008. I started as a customer and quickly jumped on the Scentsy opportunity because I fell in love with the product. I fell in love with the product for three main reasons, because it worked, uh, it was completely safe and it was affordable. For those three reasons I fell in love, decided to jump right in and have it become my side gig or my side hustle. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna talk about today. Why should you consider having a side hustle or a side gig? There are so many reasons that a side hustle or a side gig could be beneficial for you, but today I’m just going to cover five of those reasons of why you should consider a side hustle.

Now, as I said, Scentsy started as my side hustle. I was a full-time teacher at the time when I found Scentsy. I was teaching elementary school in the public schools and living very much paycheck to paycheck. There was no extras in our budget, so I decided to start selling Scentsy product. Honestly, I just wanted to have like a hundred bucks a month that I could go blow on some new shoes or a new outfit and it wouldn’t completely break the family budget. And that is exactly how Scentsy started for me. It did that in the first month and did that for quite a few months after. But soon after that, about a year and a half in, I had replaced my teacher’s salary and was able to step away from the classroom. So Scentsy is no longer my side gig or my side hustle, it has become my full-time job, my full-time business.

But there are such huge benefits for a side gig or a side hustle, even if it doesn’t turn into your full-time gig. So let’s talk about a couple of those benefits. The first is to have multiple streams of income. Now, I have listened to a lot of financial gurus over time and learned from quite a few of them, and every single financial person that I listen to talks about the importance of multiple streams of income. Now, there’s quite a few different reasons for this. The main reason being, what if one of those streams of income completely dries up, becomes obsolete, is no longer valid? Or what if God forbid, the company you’re working for goes under, you immediately lose your job? There’s so many different things that can happen to a single stream of income. So if you are relying on just one place to get your money, to make your money and something happens, what are you going to do?

That’s why it’s really important to consider multiple streams of income. Now, some people will misinterpret this as joining every direct sales company or multi-level marketing company under the sun, and I highly disagree with that because that is not multiple streams of income. That’s just multiple businesses. What I mean from multiple streams of income are completely different ideas or ways to make money. So maybe you are a hair stylist and you start with Best Scentsy Scents, but then you also have a boutique, something like this. Those are three completely different things, completely different streams of income. So the first reason you should consider a side hustle is to have multiple streams of income. So if something does happen to a business or a job, you’re not left high and dry with no income at all. The second reason that I wanna talk about in having a side hustle or a side gig is for that of flexibility.

Now, a side gig or a side hustle is not your full-time job. So it is intended to just fit into the nooks and crannies of your life. That means there’s flexibility in the hours of a side gig. There’s flexibilities in when you work it and when you don’t. That’s why I fell in love with CSI because I didn’t have to clock in or clock out at any certain time. I wasn’t held to the hours of my classroom. I didn’t have to worry about a substitute if one of my kids was sick. So side gigs offer that flexibility and time, but also that financial flexibility. Like I said, when I started with Scentsy, I wanted to just have the flexibility in my budget to go shopping and buy some things that weren’t necessary, and it did offer that flexibility. So that is a great reason to consider adding a side hustle or a side gig.

Um, point number three reason to consider a side gig or a side hustle is to learn new skills. Guys, I went to university for quite a few years, took me more than the normal four years because I had a baby along the way, got married, had a baby, all that fun stuff. So took me about six years, but I went to university that whole time to learn the skills to become a teacher and learn best practices in teaching. But when I started my Scentsy side hustle, I got to learn brand new skills. I got to learn so much about customer relations and interactions with my customers. I got to learn about marketing, which is something that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. And like I said, I’ve been with Scentsy for over 14 years now. So the different skills that I’ve learned over that 14 years is varied greatly because how we run our businesses in direct sales is very different now than how it used to be.

I’ve also learned public speaking because I’ve had the opportunity to share the Scentsy message, um, from small interactions, one-on-one interactions, small groups all the way to the big stage. So I’ve learned, um, public speaking, like I said, marketing, customer relations, all of those different things are skills that I never would’ve picked up if I would’ve just stayed in the classroom. But also those are skills that have have made me just a better person and also more marketable. If I ever want to change career paths and go into something else, I have something else that I’ve learned that I can add onto my resume. So learning new skills is a great benefit to having a side hustle. Also, why not have a hobby that pays you? Most? Hobbies, cost money and some of them can be very, very expensive. My husband has a couple different hobbies and none of them have ever made him money.

He just spends money to get new equipment and new things that he might need, need. I found a hobby in Best Scentsy Scents that actually made me money. When I first started with Scentsy, it was my hobby. I loved in my free time interacting with my peers within Scentsy, meeting new customers, packaging up orders, playing around with their website, looking through the catalogs, just all the things that I was doing with Scentsy definitely were my hobby. So I absolutely loved that. And I got a paycheck every single month for doing my hobby with Best Scentsy Scents. I had never had a hobby before that actually paid me. Instead of me always having to go to the craft store to buy supplies or different things like that, I’ve spent a lot of money on different hobbies. Um, but Best Scentsy Scents is the one that pays me. And the fifth reason I wanna talk to you today about the importance of having a side hustle or a side gig is to expand your circle and meet new people.

I have so much fun when I look at my list of friends now because as I look over that list, I would have to say that 75% or more of my really good friends in my circle, I met through Scentsy and through my interactions with the company. So if you are looking to broaden your circle, make new friends, just meet new people, if that’s something that you love to do, you should consider a side hustle or a side gig. Now, even those of you that are introverted can still benefit from meeting new people. You can probably tell I’m as extroverted as they come. Um, I put the X in extroverted. I am over and above in being an extrovert, but I have so many friends within the Scentsy world that are introverts and still benefit from those friendships in that circle. It doesn’t matter if you’re a people person or not, you still need people in your life.

And a side hustle or a side gig is one way that you can expand that circle and make tons of new friends. Guys, if you can’t tell from watching this video, I absolutely love Scentsy and love what it has done for me, and it can do the same for you. If you are considering the Scentsy opportunity, I would love to talk to you a little bit more about it. I am zero pressure, but I would love to answer your questions. You can reach out to me in two different ways, actually three different ways. You can comment right here on this video or feel free to jump over to my website, Jami Jo sells wax.com and also text me. You can reach me by text at any time at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I would love to talk to you about a side hustle or a side gig in general, or specifically a side gig with Scentsy.

Guys. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy because I sell fragrance products, but also I’m here to encourage you to consider a side hustle or a side gig and all the benefits that come along with it. Our government likes people to look for jobs and not opportunities. Therefore, I’m required to tell you that results are not typical. Now let’s take a second to look at what the word typical Best Scentsy Scents means. The definition of typical is usual, ordinary or average. No, these results are not average. But if you’re willing to put in some work and take a chance on yourself, these results are possible. I’m here to prove it to you. It happened to me and it can happen to you. Check out this document for all the details.