Hey there, Scentsy friend <laugh>. Well, I’m assuming you are a Scentsy friend. If you popped onto this video today, we are going to be talking about affiliate links and why you should host an affiliate link with me and my Scentsy business. Hey there guys. My name is Jami Jo and you found yourself on the channel called Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am a Scentsy consultant and I have been partnered with them for over 15 years now. So I’ve been doing this for a really long time, been working my business full time for 13 of those years. So needless to say, I love S Scentsy Fragrance and I wanna talk to you about how I can help you get your S Scentsy fix your s Scentsy addiction filled up at the best price possible. So we’re going to be talking about affiliate links today. Before we jump into that, if you love all things related to Scentsy, make sure that you subscribe to my channel.

I am constantly uploading videos and I want to make sure that you get a notification every time that I throw a new video out there so you can check out what new items Scentsy has, or different reviews, things like that that I am sharing with you guys. Let’s circle back affiliate links. First of all, what is an affiliate? It’s kind of like a buzzword now. A lot of people are using that term and honestly it can mean a lot of different things with different companies. If you are an affiliate with me, it just means that you are helping to promote my business. But in turn, you are going to earn free product and discounts with Scentsy. Now, I always offer affiliate links. You can reach out to me at any point and I will create one just for you. But let me tell you that the month of January is the best time that you should think about doing this.

And the reason for that is corporate Scentsy doubles the half price rewards that you get by hosting with any Scentsy consultant. Now, it is super easy to host us an affiliate link with me and you are gonna get some really awesome deals. Let’s talk about how easy it is first, and then we’ll jump in to what’s in it for you. What are those freebies and those discounts? So easy peasy lemon squeezy. All you have to do is reach out to me. I will need some of your personal information, and I am going to create a link specifically for you. Now, you can share that link however you choose to. Most of my affiliates share it on social media. They’re sharing it on all their social media platforms, uh, Facebook, Instagram, if you’re on TikTok Threads, whatever you wanna do to share out that affiliate link, you do that.

You can text it to your friends and family. You can honestly share it however you want to share it. Essentially what it is is a link to my website only. It is earmarked just for you. So I know that all orders placed through that link where a friend or family or connection from you, all of their purchases are going to start building up. Now, once you have gathered a a minimum of 200 in sales from friends and family, you are going to start earning rewards. So let’s talk about the rewards breakdown. On a normal month, I’m gonna put them right here for you so you can see them. But these are the normal rewards. So when you hit 200 in sales, you are going to earn 10% of whatever those sales are and a half price item. When you hit that $350 mark, you’re gonna bump up to an extra half price item, but the sweet spot is $500 in sales.

You could see that that it bumps up to 15% in credit rewards and three half price items. Now let’s look at what’s going to happen this month in January, we’re gonna throw it over on this side. You can see that all of those half price items have doubled at 200 in sales. You’re still gonna get that 10% in credit, but now you’re going to get two half price items at 350 in sales. That is jumping to four half price items. At 500 in sales, you’re getting six half price items on top of that 15% credit. And when your sales hit a thousand or more, you are going to get eight half price items. Now, January is a fabulous time to host an affiliate link, especially if you’ve been thinking about grabbing one of our premium diffusers. You can see mine up there, or one of these bad boys, one of these air purifiers.

Now, those are our higher ticket items, which means that they eat up a couple extra half prices. If you are looking to get a premium diffuser, you normally need two half price items. So before you would have to have had a $350 party or more. Now you can score one of those premium users at half price with just a $200 link. Um, moving on to the air purifier, that takes out three half price items because of the price point of it. So normally you couldn’t get an air purifier for half price unless you hit that 500 mark, but now are going to be able to get it at just a $350 party with those doubling of all those half price rewards. Now, what can you use this credit and these half price rewards on so much Scentsy? Goodness, there’s really only two things that are bumped out with host rewards.

That is anything that is licensed. So if it’s Disney, if it’s Marvel, if it’s Harry Potter, all of those things, unfortunately we can’t offer them for host credit or a half price item. Those can only be purchased at full price. The wif box is another item that cannot get the hostess credit or hostess half price. However, if you want a WIF box for half price, check out a video on Scentsy Club because that’s the way to get a half price. But we’re not talking about that today. We’re talking about affiliate links. Now here’s the really cool thing, talking about those half price items, you’re, if you host an affiliate link this month, you’re gonna rack up those half price items. You can use those even on a lot of our combine and save deals all the time, all the time, all the time with Scentsy, our bars of wax, $6 each, but when you buy five, you get one free.

We call that a six pack. It’s a bundle and save option. So already doing that, you’re saving $6. But wait, there’s more because that six pack of Scentsy bars, or honestly any of our six packs can also be a half price item. So you can get six Scentsy bars for just $15. Holy cow, that’s like the price of that store where you can get the Sanky ones for cheap, but they’re Scentsy products. You can get them at an absolute great price. Half price is the way to go. I mean, credit, hello, credit is just like Scentsy bucks. It’s just like Scentsy money. You can use it on whatever, whatever you want except those Disney items and with boxes, but any other warmers, any other air purifiers, diffusers, any of those things, you could put the credit of the Scentsy bucks credit towards those items. Now, if you’re looking at getting a more, um, a higher price item, baby, you’ve got your eye on one of those high-end warmers, that’s maybe like $60 or more, but you have only earned $40 in credit.

It’s not a problem. We’re gonna put that credit towards that item and then you’re just going to pay the difference. Now, we do not allow double dipping. You can’t mix a half price and credit. They are totally, uh, different separate things, but just think about all the things that you can get. If you throw out an affiliate link and you get $500 in sales, that is going to get you $75 in Scentsy credit and six half price items. That’s like a shopping spree, guys, and all you had to do was share out this link to your friends and family. I’m telling you, it is the time to do this right now. If you love Scentsy products, if you are a Scentsy addict, if you want to fill up that s Scentsy closet that you have, reach out to me. Let me know that you want an affiliate link.

I will get all that set up for you and you can start earning your rewards today. Guys, you have to reach out to me for me to be able to help you with this. You can do that so many different ways. You could put a comment right here in the comment section of this YouTube video. You can find me on social media, I’m on Instagram, I’m on Facebook. Both of those are Jami Jo sells Wax. But the best way to reach me, shoot me a text anytime at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Do it today because we can get that link set up and get you earning rewards today. Today. Do it <laugh>. Guys, my name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.