Hi there guys. Thanks so much for popping into Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I am thrilled that you’re here with me, especially with the topic I have for you guys. Now, I am often asked, when is the best time to start a partnership with S Scentsy and to start a Scentsy journey? Bottom line answer is the day you start, that is the perfect time to start your journey with s Scentsy Fragrance. I started my journey almost 15 years ago in October of 2008. It was the perfect decision for me then. And no matter when you start your s Scentsy journey, that is the perfect time for you. Perhaps you’re already on your Best Scentsy Scents journey. Perhaps you started and decided the timing wasn’t right and you’re thinking of coming back. Or maybe just maybe you are watching this thinking. Should I even give this a go?

And my bottom line answer is yes. Yes, you should give this a go. Our starter kit in the month of August, 2023 is perhaps the best starter kit I have ever seen. We’re gonna go through all the contents of that starter kit and I’m gonna show you exactly everything that you get for that $99 investment. Now I know $99, let’s go ahead and call it a hundred, a hundred dollars investment. I know for a lot of families that’s a huge sacrifice, but let me tell you that sacrifice can totally be worth it. It sounds so cliche, so cliche, but Scentsy has completely changed my life and it could do the exact same for you. So I know that a hundred dollars investment can be a really big decision for some people. So let’s jump into this kit, see exactly what all you are going to get so you can make the decision for you and your family if the Scentsy journey is right for you.

Now, like I said, this kit is $99. It is just for the month of August of 2023. You are gonna have to pay some shipping and Best Scentsy Scents tax on top of that. So it’s gonna vary in price depending on where you live. I am in northeast Oklahoma and it comes to about $118 when people around me join. So let’s see. What are you getting for that investment of around a hundred dollars? Best Scentsy Scents is a fragrance company. We’ve been around for almost 20 years. That’s amazing to me and it’s amazing to me that I’ve been on this journey for almost 15 years. But our company started with this right here, wax, warmers and Wax. When I first started with the company, we only had like three or four products, but this was the bread and butter of how I made my paycheck. And honestly, even though we have all of these products that you might see around me, this is still the favorite of customers.

You’re gonna get this classic curve warmer, and I love that they’ve chosen this warmer. It’s just classic and goes with any decor. So if you have never used a s Scentsy warmer, you’re going to get to experience one. If you love Best Scentsy Scents already, loan this out to a friend or family member, or heck sell it for full price and recoup a little bit of that investment that you’re making into your business. Now, you’re not only going to get the warmer. What good is a warmer without some wax. You’re gonna get two bars of wax, a black raspberry, vanilla, and a Luna. Black Raspberry Vanilla is our bestselling fragrance of all time, and Luna is also one of our best sellers. So you’re gonna get to try both of those different fragrances. Those are both gonna come in your kit. You are going to get a slate.

Mini fan diffuser. I absolutely love this product. It’s one of our newer products. If you’re not familiar with it, A fan down inside, it comes with a U Ss B port. And when you plug that in, that fan is gonna blow and it’s gonna blow right past these Best Scentsy Scents pods. They are little plastic cages full of S Scentsy goodness. So the fan blows right past that gives off great fragrance. You’re gonna get both of those products in your kit as well. You are going to get our counter clean, which I have renamed Magic in a bottle. I think S Scentsy needs to get on the bandwagon and change the name, but they just call it counter Clean. You’re gonna get that in Vanilla Min. Trust me, if you’ve never used that, you’re gonna love it. Now they’re gonna give you some scratch and sniff stickers.

These are like such a throwback to childhood. In elementary school, when you did a good job on a paper, you got one of those scratch and sniff stickers. Maybe it was bubblegum, maybe it was cinnamon. Who knows what it was. But S Scentsy is going to send you a pack of rub sniff stickers and coconut lemongrass and Luna for the wax scents. And from our oil line, they’re gonna give you rub and sniff stickers of eucalyptus, lavender, mint and twinkle. Twinkle Twinkle is my personal favorite of the oils. Um, past that, you are going to get a sample pack of all different products of the body line and the cleaning line. Now, you’re welcome to do whatever you want with these samples. If you’ve never tried the products, I highly encourage you to give it a go. If you’ve already tried them, you know you love them, pass these out to your potential customers.

But always, always, always put your contact info on there first before you pass it out to anyone. So you’re gonna get a bunch of sample packets you are going to get, ah, here they are. These are little pieces of felt in our little Scentsy curve shape. You are gonna get a whole bag of these. This is just a partial bag, but you’re gonna get a whole bag of those. They’re great to make sniff samples. So when you have melted down wax in your Best Scentsy Scents warmer, you just drop one of those down in there, grab some tweezers to pull it out and pop it in a baggie. You’re gonna have a great sample for some of your customers. So you’re gonna get a whole bag of those. You are going to get, oh guys, this is brand new. Oh wait, how did I miss these?

I missed these. You’re gonna get these. Let’s go back to product a little more. You’re gonna get a car bar in Amazon Rain. You are going to get to try out one of our newer products, a travel twist. It’s actually gonna be in Vanilla Bean buttercream. This one’s Luna. But our fun little travel tip twist. So those products are gonna come in there too. Do do. Back to what I was saying, this is something brand new. Now I just got to experience it last week at Scentsy Convention. It’s called the Art of Fragrance. This is a fun little training and you’re gonna get the testers for it and all the instructions of how to do it. It is going to teach you the difference in base notes, mid notes, and top notes, which is really going to help you sell fragrance to your customers and help you know what fragrances they like.

So these are different testers to go along with this training. And you’re gonna get the workbook for it as well. So the Art of Fragrance Training Kit, you are going to get this bag right here full of the spring and summer testers. Now, let’s talk about this catalog transition for a minute. ’cause if you’re brand new to Scentsy, you have never even heard those words and you don’t know what I’m talking about. Scentsy has two catalog seasons. They have spring and summer, and they have fallen winter. We are in what we call transition month. We are wrapping up that spring and summer and ready to step into fall and winter, which starts on September 1st. So they are going to give you this tester bag of all the spring and summer testers because they want you selling now to your customers. And those are the ones available now.

But also they don’t want you to have to turn around and reinvest in your business one month after starting. So they’re gonna give you a bag of the fall and winter transition testers. You are going to get to go through this bag at the end of the month, pull out what is being discontinued and pop in these new fragrances from the fall and winter line. So you have testers for this month in August when you join. But when the new catalog starts in September 1st, you’re gonna be set on testers for the next six months. So that is one of the great perks for joining in August. Now, let’s keep going. What else will you get? All this stuff right here. So you are going to get a product training guide. You will get a quick start guide and a consultant guide. All three of those.

You will get a pack of the spring and summer catalogs. Like I said, that’s what we’re in for the rest of August. And you will also get a package of the new fall and winter catalogs that will be launching on September 1st, you will get a package of product lists. These are so cool because they’re super affordable for one thing, but just a great way to easily pop this in the mail to any customers to let them know all the products that we have to offer right now. You will also get, I’m looking at the list to make sure I don’t forget anything. A package of join and host brochures. Great to hand to customers and potential team members. You’re gonna get a package of invitation postcards and thank you postcards. You are going to get a package of order forms. You’re gonna get merchandise sacks.

You’re gonna get mini zip sacks. You are gonna get a super fun insulated tote. Maybe it’ll look just like this one. Maybe it’ll be a different colorway. They change ’em up all the time. But wait, there’s more. Let’s make this a true infomercial right now because that is normally our kit for the transition. That is what we call our double dip kit or our bonus kit during transition months. Every single August, you’re gonna get all that good stuff. But wait, because this year for August of 2023, they are sweetening the deal with three additional items, and two of them are really, really, really good. So you are going to get this warmer right here. This is the September warmer of the month, so not even released yet, and you are going to get it in your starter kit. On top of that, you are going to get the fall bundle of wax in this cute little bag.

No tricks, just treats. So you are going to get, oh, let me throw it. Um, Dutch apple bread. He likes sticky cinnamon bun. Very similar cashmere leaves fall into love forever fall. And my favorite white pumpkin and driftwood. You’re gonna get all five of those bars in this cutesy, cutesy little bag. Do with those whatever you want. I am using mine to make samples for my customers. So if you’re a customer of mine samples coming soon. And then also you are going to get a package of the harvest collection, which also launches on September 1st. Guys, all of this for $99, that is a huge investment. An investment that, like I said, as cliche as it is, this investment could truly change your life. If you’re ready to jump on board right now, go over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. There’s a tab up at the top right corner that says Get started or getting started, something like that.

If you have any questions at all, please text me. You can text me at nine 1-888-969-ZERO. On top of all these goodies right here, you are going to get help and mentorship from yours. Truly. I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years and I’m here to help you every single step of the way. You will also get your website free for the first three months. So, so much value in this $99 kit. Guys, I’d love to help you out and get you started on your s Scentsy journey. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy ’cause all this stuff smells so good. But I also am here to help you start your Scentsy journey so you can change your life too.