Hi there friends. Welcome back to Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am Jami Jo, the owner of Jami Jo Sells Wax, and I have a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance. I’ve had that partnership for over 14 years now. I’ve been working with them since October of 2008. I actually started as a customer even before that and a host for the company. I absolutely love their products and I have been sharing them with my friends and family for so long because I do love them. I love that they absolutely work. Our warmers and our wax are the best on the market. I’m fully confident to make that claim. I love that they are completely safe. They are safe to have around my family, my friends, my pets completely safe, and I adore the fact that they are affordable. We have Best Scentsy Scents products in all different price points, so even if you’re on a super tight budget, we can get you some smelly good products in your hands.

If you’re looking to splurge a little bit, we have some more elite items as well. Today. I want to answer the question that I’m often asked, and that is, which warmer do I need? There’s so many different types, so many different styles, which warmer is going to be best for me. So I have a couple of our warmers that I’m gonna show you here today to show you the differences. Basically, we have not, basically we do have three different styles of warmers. So we’re gonna look at the three different styles of warmers and help guide you in choosing the best warmer for your home, for your office, wherever you are going to be using this Scentsy warmer. So let’s dive right in. I am going to start with a light bulb warmer, and I’m gonna start with this because this is how our Best Scentsy Scents company started was with a wax warmer with a light bulb.

You can see one back here. That one’s absolutely gorgeous. That is our warmer of the month called Best Scentsy Scents prismatic. I love this one. You could probably tell just by looking at me that I am a lover of glitter in all things that sparkle and shine. My camera is not wanting me to show you that warmer up close, but you can see it back here. This is a beautiful, beautiful cracked glass with some, some mirrored pieces on there. I absolutely love it. And this is one of our light bulb warmers. So you can see there is a light bulb inside of there. When we plug that in and turn it on, the heat of the light bulb is going to reach up to that dish. And that dish is where we’re going to put our wax. Wax is purchased in bars like this. I’ve already used part of this one, but there’s eight cubes in a bar.

They just break apart like an old school ice cube tray and you drop however many cubes you want in your warmer. Now a lot of our warmers, this is not going to work with me. There we go. A lot of our warmers have a number right there on the dish. This one has a number four that tells me that it is recommended that you use four cubes of wax in this warmer. Now you can use as little or as much wax as you want, really control the scent, fragrant, the scent throw of the fragrance with how many cubes that you use. But four is recommended for this warmer. You do wanna make sure that you’re not using so much wax that it’s going to spill over the dish. So that is definitely something to keep in mind. So for this warmer with the light bulb, I would just plug it in.

Use the toggles switch that’s on the cord to turn it on and drop in four cubes. So the rest of this Best Scentsy Scents bar four cubes into the dish of that warmer, it would melt down and smell absolutely amazing. The great thing is if you’re thinking about candles versus warmers with a warmer, there is no open flame. There is no fire, there is no hazard of fire, there is no soot, there is no carcinogens going into the air. These are so much safer and so much better than candles and honestly they just smell better. We as a paraffin base wax, that means that we can load up that wax with the most scent oil, more scent oil than candles can do because we’re able to use paraffin wax. You can’t burn paraffin wax. It can be really dangerous if it has a, a fire in a flame and hits a certain temperature, but ours warms at such a low temperature that it is completely safe and we’re able to load it with even more fragrance oils.

So that is our basic warmer. Now, when I say that is our basic Best Scentsy Scents warmer, don’t think that’s all we have because we have warmers, <laugh>, all of those are warmers that we have. So there is going to be a warmer specifically for your style, for your, your home, for your office, whatever the style or theme might be, you’re gonna be able to find a warmer that fits for you if glisten is not your jam. Now I’m going to move on to an element warmer. So you’re gonna see there’s still the cord, there’s still the toggle switch on there, but there is no light bulb. So instead of a light bulb, we use a warming plate down inside this warmer. I’m not a scientist, I don’t know how they make these, I just know that they work. So you plug ’em in, you turn it on, it warms up.

Now there is an indicator light on the back that tells you if the warmer is on or not. But other than that, it works the exact same way. We have the dish. You put the dish on there. Now this one does not give the recommended number of wax cubes. This is a little bit older, warmer, so you’re just gonna put as little or as much as you want. I would probably put two or three cubes in this one. This one is called Zen Rock. It is still available. I just love the simplicity of this. If you have um, a room that is a yo, this is perfect for a yoga studio for anything that is just nature and natural. This zen rock warmer is perfect, but we have several other element warmers as well that all use the warmer plate. So why is one better than the other?

I mean, better is not the correct word personally. I use an element warmer in my bedroom because I don’t want the light. But on the flip side, I use a lighted warmer in my kitchen because I use it as a nightlight as well as the Scentsy warmer. So it just depends on the aesthetic that you’re wanting in the room and what you’re wanting from your Scentsy warmer other than just the fragrance. They work the exact same way, just a light bulb or no light bulb. Now our third style of warmer is our mini warmer, and you can see that it has the plug right on there. This is going to go directly into a wall, perfect for a bathroom or a kitchen. One of the great features is you can turn that plug sideways. You can even turn it upside down. So if your contractor was a little crazy when they were building your house and you have those sideways or there’s upside down outlets, you are still going to be taken care of.

Now, all of our mini warmers, no, not all of them, most of our mini warmers have a light bulb. I just remembered that our southern hospitality does not have a light bulb. So most of our mini warmers have a light bulb on them. There is an on off switch right here. You still have the dish. You’re gonna put the wax in there, one cube, that’s it. One cube in one of the mini warmers. Now, something that’s really cool about a mini warmer is it’s gonna come with this space right here, but you can purchase a separate tabletop base. So all you have to do is twist off the top from this base and then grab your tabletop base. It’s going to twist right in there so you can have a little bitty Best Scentsy Scents warmer. I just love this warmer and it picks up these lights.

Beautiful. This one’s called crowned in gold. All three of these warmers are still available so you can get any of those that you absolutely love. So they all work the same way. They all have a dish on the top. You put, why can I not twist this in? You put the wax in the top dish, you enjoy the fragrance. When the fragrance fades away, you are going to change your wax. It will not evaporate like a candle does. So if you’re waiting for the wax to be gone, you’re gonna be waiting a a really, really, really long time. ’cause it, it doesn’t. It just doesn’t. So when you can’t smell it anymore, typically I change my wax every four days if I’m lazy up to a week. So I just use one of our cotton cleanups.

Oh, I thought I had one right here. I guess I don’t. Cotton cleanups are just a little cotton round with a handle on top. You can use cotton balls as well, but the cotton cleanups are way easier. You just drop it in the dish while the wax is fully melted, it soaks up that melted wax. You toss that cotton cleanup in the trash and you’re ready to put your new wax in. Guys, these are so much safer than candles, so much better than candles. Let me just tell you, if you have never used a Scentsy warmer, once you give it a try, you are going to be in heaven. Now, as far as which warmer is best for you, it is totally personal preference. I do not recommend these for hallways or low down plugs. I only recommend these for kitchens or bathrooms where the plug is up by up above a cabinet.

But as far as anything else, personal preference, do you want light? Do you not? Uh, how big of a warmer do you want? Because that’s gonna depend on your scent throat and how strong the fragrance is. Of course, you can control that by how much wax you put in there. All of it is personal preference. I want you to jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. That is where you can see all of the warmers that we have to choose from, and you can also see all of the different fragrances that we have too. You can shop there, you can place your order there and get it all taken care of right there. But if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can reach me at nine 1-888-969-ZERO. Shoot me a text to that number and I’ll be happy to help you with any questions that you have. Guys, just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy because our stuff smells really good, but also help you choose the best SS Scentsy warmer for your home.