Well, hey there guys. My name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have a fragrance company and I have partnered with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance. I have been partnering with them since all the way back in 2008, so over 14 years now. I fell in love with Best Scentsy Scents products when I was using them as a customer and I was using them in my classroom. I was an elementary school teacher at the time and fell in love with the products just by using them. They smelled amazing. I knew they were safe to have in my classroom and I could afford them <laugh>, even on a teacher’s salary. So those were the three reasons I fell in love with the products, but all my teacher friends started falling in love with them too. So I just decided to jump on board and partner with Scentsy.

I started just by selling products to my friends and my family, but it has grown and really blossomed into a huge business. So I absolutely love these products. I’ve been loving them for over 14 years and I’m super excited to share with you a brand new collection. Best Scentsy Scents is calling it the Sunshine State of Mind Collection. Now, this is essentially our summer collection. We have a new collection that comes out every single summer, but this year they have truly outdone themselves. The fragrances are great, but the brand new products are amazing. So I’ve gotten my hands on the new fragrances. I haven’t quite been able to grab those new products yet. They go on sale June 1st, but I do have some photos to show you so you can see exactly what is coming out on June 1st. But I do have these, I do have the brand new bars and I am so excited to share them with you.

I will tell you, I have sniffed these quite a few times already. They came in my whiff box this month, which is our monthly surprise box that we get. I did a video on that last week so you can see what exactly is in that with box for this month. But I got another set of these and I have already made some samples for my customers of these amazing scents. So that is one of the perks when you become a customer of mine, is you often get what I call smell mail in the mail as just a fun little treat and a thank you for supporting my business. I give you some fun samples of new stuff that’s coming out so you can get it under your nose and see if it’s something that you want to spoil yourself with or not. So let’s go ahead and jump into sniffing these fragrances and then I will tell you about the different products that are coming out along with this collection.

So I am going to start with ocean, air and coconut water. So this is an awesome mix. It’s just fresh and clean. It’s a great spa fragrance if you like sense like buy the sea or ocean or even fresh laundry scents like our clothes line or maybe our clean breeze. You are going to love this. Now it’s coconut water, white driftwood and ocean air. So that’s the mix you’re looking at, but sometimes those descriptions can be a little bit off. Now driftwood to me sounds like it might be a little bit more masculine, but this is not a masculine scent at all. This is a very fresh and clean fragrance. So if you’re into those spa fragrances, if you’re into, um, the closed line type fragrances, this is the one for you. Ocean, air, and coconut water, absolutely love it. Now the next one is tangerine and sugar cane.

Now this one is so good because it is that sweet fruit smell. You know, the fruit smells can take on a lot of different properties, but this one is that smooth sweetness. It is grapefruit, tangerine and sugar cane. But I will tell you that in my opinion, usually grapefruit and tangerine are a little bit more tart. This one, that sugar cane really tams it down. It’s got a great smooth sweetness to it. It’s doesn’t have that bite that a lot of the super citrusy fragrances do. So I really enjoy this. Like I said, smooth, sweet, it just screams summer to me. Um, the other one, pineapple dragonfruit. Now pineapple dragon fruit. It’s got a little bit of a bite to it, a little bit of tartness. It really reminds me of a sweet tart candy. If you have ever smelled those, this is exactly what this smells like.

So it is ruby grapefruit. No, that was tangerine and sugar cane. Just kidding. This one is pineapple dragon fruit and sparkling lemon with a touch of crystallized sugar. This smells like lemonade or limeade. Like I said, it has that tartness, that bite to it does smell very refreshing. So another great fragrance. I will tell you that usually when Scentsy brings out a collection of fragrances, it’s rare that I like them all and this time they did it because I really enjoy all three of these and I love the fact that they’re all three very, very different fragrances. Now, you can get them in a three pack for $17 or individually for $6 each. So if from my description you know that one of those is just not for you, you, you are able to buy this collection individually as well. Now we have quite a few other products coming out in these fragrances in the ocean air and coconut water.

So that was the fresh clean linen type smell to me. You can also get the Best Scentsy Scents  pods, which are great for your Scentsy go your wall fan diffuser or your mini fan diffuser. So you are gonna be able to get pods in that. Let’s talk about the tangerine and sugar cane. This was the smooth, um, more tame fruit smell. You can get a hand soap Best Scentsy Scents Fresh, which is like our Fabrice spray, very similar. You can spray it on any fabric surface. And again, the pods. So for your Scentsy, go your wall fan diffuser or your mini fan. And then the pineapple and dragon fruit, the one that is the tart, the the sweet tart one, the lemonade smell. You can get the hand soap, but also bathroom cleaner and counter clean. So I will definitely be getting some counter clean in this fragrance. I think that smell just screams fresh, clean kitchen.

So I’m definitely looking forward to that. But we have a couple products that aren’t even fragrance products. They’re, well, I say they’re not fragrance products. Three of them do have a fragrance to them. So first let’s just start about talking about the warmer. We have two warmers and I’m going to show them to you right here. We have, um, what are they called? Oh, it’s just called summertime. The summertime warmer and it comes in a full size and a mini warmer. So you can see both of those here. They are gorgeous warmers and what I love about these, these warmers are gonna be great to put in a colored light bulb and really change the look of that warmer. So whether you go with the full size or the mini, just a super fun addition if you like to decorate for summer. Now, this is a brand new, brand new product that we have never seen from Scentsy before.

This is our unicorn Scentsy buddy travel pillow. How adorable is this? Now, when I think travel pillow, I instantly think about hopping on an airplane, but this is for the little one in your life and they spend a lot of time in those car seats. And I remember when my littles were tiny and they would often fall asleep and I just felt so bad. I knew they were gonna have a crick in their neck from how they ended up laying their head when they fell asleep. And one of these travel pillows would be absolutely perfect. Now, for right now we just have the pink unicorn. But I have a feeling that if this sells well, that Best Scentsy Scents  will definitely bring out a more boyish one as well. So if you love this, if you have a little girl in your life or a little boy that absolutely loves unicorns, grab this for them.

Show cy some love so they will know that we like it and want to see more of these. Now the next two things, these are super, super fun. Um, we have rays and shine. How cute is this? This is one of our buddy clips. So these are just tiny little plushies that smell absolutely amazing. Great to clip onto a diaper bag, a backpack, really anything. A lot of people even hang these from the rear view mirror in their car. So rays and shine this adorable little sunshine, uh, is the fragrance sparkling yellow. So let’s find the description for sparkling yellow radiant lemonade brightened by flashes of zesty grapefruit and pineapple. So you’re gonna have that citrusy smell from rays and shine. Now this one friends, this one right here, this one is called happy thoughts and I know it is going to sell like crazy.

It would not surprise me if it sold out super, super fast cuz we got some sneak peeks of this item back in February and everyone lost their mind over it. So I know that there’s a lot of people that absolutely want this. It is in the fragrance rainbow red. So that fragrance is Watermelon Hughes Soft Watermelon Hughes. Highlight the sweetness of cherry and strawberry. So just if we could say Red Popsicle, that’s what it smells like. Red Popsicle. There you go. So those are the brand new products for the Sunshine State of Mind collection. Again, this comes out June 1st. You do not want to miss that. If you wanna make sure that you get these fragrances or if you’re in love with that adorable little rainbow buddy clip and you absolutely wanna make sure that you get one of those, make sure that you text me to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0.

I will get you on my pre-order list and we can talk about how you wanna handle all of that. Or if you want to just wait until June 1st, when these go live on my website, you can jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. You are going to go to the collections tab and you will find it there. So June 1st, this is available. Get on that pre-order list or mark your calendar for June 1st so you can score on all of these amazing new Scentsy products. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and to make your summertime smell great.