Hey there guys. It’s Jami Jo from Jami Jo sells Wax. And today you can see the big giant box so you know exactly what is happening is an unboxing. So let’s see what is in this giant huge box of Best Scentsy Scents stuff. I mean, I already know, but I want to show it to you guys. This is a really cool order delivery because it is for my husband’s brand new office. So my husband owns a landscaping and construction company here in northeast Oklahoma. He has always shared office space with other businesses, but they just got their brand new, only them office space. And it is time to Best Scentsy Scents that place because we’re talking dirty, sweaty, stinky dudes dealing with dirt and nastiness all day. So we need to get some good smelling stuff up in there. And he knew just who to talk to, of course, ’cause he’s married to me.

But a lot of the stuff in this box is for him. But what’s so cool about it is I was able to get everything that he wanted for his new office for half price. And then I got a bunch of stuff for myself for completely free. Now, how is it that I can do that? It’s because I’m a Scentsy consultant and I have a partnership with Scentsy. That means I can choose how to run my business. I mean within their rules. Of course, one of the things that I often do is I always leave an open party on my website. So I have a lot of customers that just like to shop online. They don’t wanna, you know, bother me by shooting me a message, which isn’t a bother at all, but that’s what they say. They don’t wanna bother me with shooting me a message about their order.

So they just jump on the website and do it themselves. And I have asked them anytime they do that to always choose a party order because maybe it’s for a hostess that could benefit from a few extra sales or in cases like this, it earns me just a few more perks in the business. I can utilize adding together all those orders to get freebies half price, which I often pass on to my customers with some little goodies in the mail and stuff. So let’s go ahead and dig in. I told you a lot of this is for my husband’s office. Some of it is for me as well. Uh, I use all the free stuff for household uses that we have around here, but the rest is for his office. Now this is the Wif box and I’m not even gonna open it ’cause that’s gonna be a whole different video.

But the Wif box is our monthly surprise box of goodies. I have not even looked at any of the sneak peeks. I’m gonna see what is in that. As soon as I finish this video, I’m gonna start up a new one for you guys. So make sure that you look for the video of the July W box coming soon. Okay? For me, washer whiffs, I use these every single load of laundry they make my laundry smells so, so good. I also have the laundry liquid that is for us for, well, like I, I call her the laundry ferry. I mean friends, it is just me, but it sounds so much better to call her the laundry ferry. And I just realized I have this camera holder in my shot. Well we just gonna have to deal with that. Anyway, I just scoot the camera back quite a bit because I wanted to uh, make sure that you guys saw everything that was coming out of the box.

But now that I’m looking at it, I think I’m gonna scoot that camera up just a touch. Bear with me. You know, we’re not, we’re not super high quality around here. We just do it like it comes. Nothing special about me friends. I’m just an ex kindergarten teacher that decided to uh, join a partnership with Best Scentsy Scents. So there you go. <laugh>. That’s the amount of high quality that you get. Okay, the first thing that I have for his office is a whole bunch of fragrance flowers. 1, 2, 3. There’s three more in here. Six fragrance flowers. The um, two women that work in his office, his two secretaries that work in his office love these fragrance flowers. So I assured them that I would hook them up with some good smells. Let me show you what a fragrance flower is and then I will explain the fragrances I chose for him or I guess for them ’cause they got pick.

Okay, so this is a fragrance flower. I’m not gonna mess with taking it out of the box. It has a wick on the bottom. So it is made of solo wood, which are hand tied in India, handmade in India. I can’t get that in there, right? And then they come with a jar of oil and you get to choose your fragrance. So you just take that flower and you put the wick down in the oil. It smells so, so good. What we love about the fragrance flowers is how long they last. We’re talking two to three months for one fragrance flower. So they have a a great scent life and that’s why it’s a perfect choice for them at their office. So we did two coastal sunset, two blue sage and Best Scentsy Scents. That’s another blue sage in Tonka. What other fragrance did we pick? That’s coastal sunset, daydream oasis.

So the ladies in his office and actually him as well. So for the whole office they prefer woodsy fragrances. And while in the fragrance flowers, we don’t have any like super woodsy ones, those are the most woodsy of the fragrances available. Now in the winter we do have some really good, um, usually a very snowy spruce fragrance flower, different ones like that. But for the summertime, that’s the best I could do for woodsy fragrance. But those will go in each of the girls’ offices and also they put one of those in the bathroom. So each of those rooms have two fragrance flowers that’s gonna give them probably up to six months of fragrance. And like I said, we were able to snag those at half price. So an amazing, amazing deal. Alright, I did get them a warmer for their office. Let’s unbox this gorgeous warmer and look at it.

I’m gonna move this big giant box. Hopefully not knock over my coffee. Alright, now I have a little more room. This warmer is called shining light. It’s absolutely gorgeous. So their office is very clean line, um, somewhat minimalistic, but it is a landscaping office, a landscaping company. So also, you know, kind of outdoorsy, that type of feel. So this is what I chose for them. I didn’t even give him a say. He just got what I got him. Ooh, this one is wrapped up good. We have the light bulb down in there. So this is the glass tube that goes in it. There’s my light bulb. Oh, this Best Scentsy Scents is gorgeous. I thought it was just regular glass, but you could see it’s like a hammered glass. How beautiful is that? So that’s the interior of it. There’s no way I’m gonna get this back in the box. I’m glad it’s for him because this would be a nightmare to box back up. Okay guys, look at this. This is so pretty. You can’t even tell from there. I know it, I know it. I’m looking to see if I have a

Plug handy

Because this definitely needs plugged in so much. Wrapping. Okay, this one also comes with Edison Bowl, I believe. It does. It does. So the Edison bulb, like the old filament bulbs, is a 40 watt light bulb. It’s the highest wattage of a light bulb that we have, but we have to use a higher wattage light bulb on those because all the ones that have the Edison bulb in there are, there’s a lot of glass on them and that lets heat escape. So there is a sticker that tells me which side of the glass to put up. So I’ll pull that sticker off. But look how beautiful this warmer is. And then it has a little top that sits on top like that. This is going to be absolutely perfect for their office. I’m gonna see if

This corridor reach behind me. I think it will. I think it will.

Trying to see where my other plug was. All right, let’s

Get this plugged in.

Make sure I don’t dump it over

Or make it fall over and break.

All right guys, here we go. How gorgeous. It doesn’t even really pick up on video, but it has that beautiful Ed Edison bulb so you can see the filament in there. And then you know, I had to get fragrance for him and cotton cleanups. Guys, I didn’t even put the dish in that warmer. You guys are like, where’s the wax go? Okay, dish goes on top of the glass, then the lid. So there we go. So I told you guys woodsy fragrances. That is what we went with. We’ve got some mystery man, or as I like to call it, chaing. Tatu out of a shower. We have some bonfire, beach blue sage and Tonka, white, amber and teak,

Sandalwood and tangerine and coastal sunset. So if you love woodsy fragrances, there’s my six pack pick for you right there. These are the best of the woodsy fragrances. So Paul is gonna be so excited. The girls in his office are gonna be so excited. It’s gonna smell so yummy in there. I’m gonna go ahead in this video, run it up to them so they can start um, smelling those awesome scents. But like I said, make sure that you look for my video on the July Wif box. You guys are going to want to see what is in that. Just a reminder, you can order anytime at Jami Jo sells wax.com or shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. My name is Jami Jo, I’m here to make your nose happy ’cause his office is gonna smell a lot better, but also show you the perks of being a Scentsy consultant of putting together all those orders and scoring on some half price and credit.