Well, hey there guys. Welcome back. I’m Jami Jo and I own Jami Jo Sells Wax, as you can see right here. I have a partnership with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance. I absolutely love their products. Fell in love with them over 14 years ago, all the way back in 2008. And it is time for another episode of What’s In the Box. Actually, what did she pay for that stuff in the box is kind of what it’s turned out to be because I love to come to you guys and show you what I get for like dirt cheap, amazing prices. If you’ve never watched one of my videos before, I will tell you I am a frugal Franny. I want to get the most for the lowest price and that’s why I decided to jump on board with a partnership with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance. I started out as a host and I loved getting those host rewards.

My friends were ordering lots of products and in turn I was getting discounts and freebies, but I wanted to do it even more often. So I decided to just jump on board with a partnership with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance. And you can do the exact same thing if you watch this and you’re like, what? I wanna get all that stuff for that price too. Jump on board. You can join me at any time. Just go to Jami Jo sells wax.com and click that button that says Getting started. We have starter kits for $99. We have a host starter kit for $59. You can even put host rewards towards that host kit and pay for $0 out of your pocket. So there’s no excuse why you can’t do this. Like it’s super affordable to jump on board and the discounts are amazing. Now how am I getting all these discounts?

I am combining individual orders of my customers, putting them in as a party and reaping the host, rewards myself sometimes to get my own personal stuff for free, sometimes to get stuff free and cheap that I like to spoil my customers with. Um, so many different things that I do with all this product that I’m getting for so little money. Let’s see what’s in this box. Now this one has already been opened because I did have a few customer orders in here that I needed to deliver. So that has already happened, but I am going to jump right in. We have a freezer bag in here if you guys haven’t been with me for a while. Best Scentsy Scents is such an amazing company. They have, I know this is how they do it because I’ve seen it in their warehouse. They have a big whiteboard in their shipping department and on that it tells like the different zip codes that are having hot temperatures that day and need stuff ice packed.

So I’m in Oklahoma, it’s already over 90 degrees. We’re just at the 1st of June. Bless it. It’s gonna be a long summer, but they ice pack all our stuff. So obviously it was needed because this one’s thought out and they even wrap it in this super cool thing. It’s not a paper towel. It’s kind of like the thing you find in the bottom of a meat tray that soaks up all the EY stuff from the meat tray, but it soaks up all the water from the ice pack. That’s melting. Okay? We ice pack because we sell wax products that melt friends. Now I know there’s nine bars in here, but I’m gonna pull out the first six. The reason for that is I’m gonna show these separately. So these six bars are part of bring back my bar. If you don’t know what that is. For the month of June, only Scentsy had a contest where customers and consultants could vote on their favorite discontinued fragrance Scentsy narrowed it down to the top 20 and they brought those fragrances back.

So there are 20, this is only six of them. These are the six that I remembered liking and I just wanted to give them another quick sniff and decide which ones I wanted to add onto Best Scentsy Scents Club. Because if I find one here that I love, love, love, and I add it to Scentsy Club, I can get it indefinitely as long as I leave it in my club. Any fragrance that you have in Best Scentsy Scents Club, since you will always make it for you it. That’s a cool deal. So we have Hemingway. I’m gonna go through these real quick cause I wanna focus on what else is in that box. It’s a great masculine scent. A little bit of spice on top of it. Vanilla suede. I know this one’s going in club. It’s like leather and cologne. Make a baby. It smells so good. Mm-hmm. Watermelon patch.

That’s watermelon. Bubble gum friends. Hubba, bubba, Bubba Dishes, watermelon. That’s what that is. Happy birthday to you. Let’s try that again. It didn’t like my singing evidently, man. It’s crazy how they can get these scents that smells like birthday cake. That is insane how they can get that So dead on painted leaves. I remember this one. It’s a great nature smell. It’s a little more spicy than I remember it, but I love it. Yeah, that one’s going on club cuz I definitely need that in the fall. Painted leaves and sweet pea and vanilla. That smells like high school. If you grew up in middle school and high school in the nineties, that’s what your hallways smelled like, I promise you.

Sweet pea and vanilla. Okay, I, I brought my receipt here cuz I need to remember what all I paid. Oh, I paid nothing for those. Nothing. All right, so there’s three more bars in here. They are the sunshine state of mind collection, pineapple, dragon fruit. Mm-hmm Like a tart citrus, ocean, air, and coconut water. That’s like the place that I go get massages and my laundry room had a baby. And then tangerine and sugar cane. I think this might be one of my new favorites. I love it. I just got it in the hand soap too. It’s up in my bathroom. It smells so good when I wash my hands. Okay, those I got for half price. So I paid seven 50 for three bars. Seven, no, eight 50 for three bars. Normally a bar is $6, so that’s heck of a deal. Heck of a deal.

Okay, these ares so fine. These are some of our new buddy clips. Now these are the same. So I’m gonna set one aside, but I got two of happy thoughts, which is a rainbow. How cute is that? It’s just a little plushy. You can clip it onto a diaper bag. A backpack. I have already sold one of these to a customer that’s gonna ha have it hanging from her rear view mirror. It is in the scent of Rainbow red, which I believe the catalog says it’s like watermelon and strawberry. If you ask me, it smells like Play-Doh, which I’m not hating the smell of Play-Doh. I just don’t smell the watermelon and strawberry. It smells like Play-Doh. Um, and then this one is called Rays and Shine. Rays and Shine. How cute is that? And it is in the scent sparkling yellow. Mm. Which is a citrusy fun one. How cute is that? Oh, that’s way cuter than the pictures way cuter. That’s the first time I’ve seen it in person. Well, I mean I think I saw it at an event, but that’s the first time I’ve held it in my hands. Okay, I got all three of these for half price. So I saved $9, $9, $9. I saved $27 right there. How about that? But wait, there’s more.

I have a six pack of car bars and I have a six pack of six circles. So scent circles are your cute and smell amazing Best Scentsy Scents replacement for those ugly little trees you can get at the Walmarts. These are available in like 85 90 fragrances, not just black ice. Maybe I shouldn’t say that. Maybe that’s trademarked. I don’t know. But pick your favorite Scenty fragrance and we can get you a scent circle in it. Only $3 each. But guess what? I paid for these. Net 10. Not didn’t it all. I got them for free. Uh, and car bars. So these work the exact same way, but they’re like a plasticy rubbery texture. They, they last about twice as long as these. These are only gonna last a couple weeks. These are gonna last like at least a month, maybe a little more, $3, $6. But again, free, free, free, free, free. Okay, so let’s recap. Six car bars, 6scentscircles, sunshine, state of Mind wax collection, six of the bring back my bars, rainbow Rainbow Sunshine. I got all of that for $35 and 50 cents.

Not too shabby. I didn’t add up what all that is valued at, but it’s way a lot more than that. I’ll, I’ll tell you that much because a six pack of wax would’ve been 30 if I paid full price. Okay, so what? What’s the point of this video? The point of this video is two things. First option, you need to set up an affiliate link or a scent event or something because when your friends order stuff, it’s all tallied up and you get rewards like I just showed you. Or if you wanna do it over and over and over and over again, you need to have a partnership with Scentsy just like I do. And then you can always be gathering those orders and always getting free and discounted stuff like I just showed you. Either way you wanna do it, jump onto Jami Jo sells wax.com, click the getting started up at the top if you wanna join a partnership. If you want to set up an affiliate link or a sent event, you need to text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. If you have any questions about our partnership with Scentsy or questions about products, that’s the best way to reach me is by texting me at (918) 888-9690. That phone number is also in the description of this video if you didn’t get it written out. All right guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you get those insanely good discounts and freebies as well.