<silence> Hey there guys. Thanks so much for jumping by over here to Jamie. Joe sells wax on YouTube. This is a channel dedicated completely to Scentsy fragrance. Usually we are talking about products or scent recommendations. Sometimes I do talk about the business opportunity and how to get your Steny products for a little bit cheaper. Most of the time though, we are talking about products and today that’s exactly what we’re talking about. Guys, we are entering gift giving season. Now I know there’s several times throughout the year we’re always gifting different people different things, but you guys know this time that we are about to jump into November and December is the time that we are purchasing tons and tons of gifts. So I want to help you by making some gift recommendations and today we are specifically talking about the men in your life and some different recommendations of s Scentsy products for those men.

Now, a lot of times people think that candles and smelly stuff that it’s just for the girls and there is nothing further from the truth. Men love good fragrance, lots of men really enjoy Scentsy fragrance and I have some amazing very masculine customers and men of all different types that shop with me. So today I’m going to show you just a couple warmer recommendations maybe that they’d be great for the men in your life, but also talk about what type of scent you should get for the guy in your life. Alright guys, we are going to jump right in. Now. We have tons and tons of different warmers that are great for all different types of people and we have so many warmers that you can usually choose a warmer that is so specific to a person and you know they will absolutely love it.

These warmers that I’ve chosen are just kind of general to give you an idea that not all of our warmers are, uh, glitzy and sparkly and beautiful. Some of them are very basic and even a bit masculine. So this is Zen Rock. If you have a man in your life that loves the outdoors, loves to hike, loves anything like that, this is great. Also, if you have, um, a man in your life that loves minimalist decor, this is another really good one. Anyone that’s into yoga and different things like that, um, earth or spirituality, this is a great warmer. Now this is an element warmer. There is no light bulb. It plugs directly into the wall with a cord and this heating element is going to warm up and that’s what’s going to melt your

Wax. So there is no light put off by this warmer that makes it fabulous for um, bedrooms. So you don’t have to worry about the light shining. There is an indicator light on the back of it that will light up when it’s plugged in just to let you know that it is on and warming wax. So that zen rock warmer is a great option for you and a great price point too. That Zen rock warmer is only $35 in the us So an absolute great, great price point of a warmer. Moving on is one of our brand new items. This is one of our new mod warmers. Now I have a video that is specifically just on the mod warmers, but let me just give you a quick rundown of what this is. Now, this is our most affordable of the tabletop warmers. These are brand new, teeny tiny.

You can see the size of it in comparison to my hand and I’m little bitty hands. So it’s a very small warmer, it is fully made of plastic. So that makes this wonderful for perhaps your young adult boy in your life that’s maybe in a college dorm or even still in your house. And you don’t wanna get a ceramic warmer that can be broken. This is a great option. Now it comes in three different colors. You’ve got the black, you’ve got tope and you’ve got sage green. It is just like that zen warmer. There’s no light. There’s a heating element built in. You do still have the indicator light on the back. So you’ve got your cord, you have an on off switch on your cord. For the mod warmer guys, this price point is fabulous at only $25. So that makes it um, easily giftable in any price point.

So mod warmer, a great choice for a dude in your life. I could even see that out in a garage. Since it’s plastic, you don’t have to worry about it breaking or anything like that. It would be great out in a garage. Alright, we are next. Going to look at a really pretty warmer and it is so cool. This one is called service and sacrifice. I’m gonna light it up in just a second, but I wanted to show you what it looks like without the light on. There you go. And then when, when we turn the light on it, it’s really hard ’cause I have a bright light shining on it, but it has this gorgeous glow effect to it. Again, light off, light on, you can kind of see it there on screen. How beautiful it is when it is lit up. Now this is one of our full-size warmers. It has a nice sized dish so you can get a great scent throw with that. You can put more wax in it. That is a fabulous warmer for anyone that has served our country. Or perhaps you have a um, child or grandchild that has served our country. That is another great giftable

Item right there. That one is called service and sacrifice. Let’s look up the price point on it. I know it’s not bad either. Where is it? $40. So another great option for you there. Um, with a warmer. Now this last warmer that I’m going to show you today, it’s actually quite controversial. <laugh>. I love this warmer guys absolutely love this warmer but some people have not been such a fan of it. I am in love with this Mallard duck. I absolutely love it. Now this can fit so many decor themes. Anyone that grew up in the late nineties, early two thousands and was watching Jersey Shore, I don’t know if you remember the phone, but it looked just like this. It was a duck. Also, anyone that decorates in very um, retro preppy theme, this is going to go any of your hunters that hunt ducks, this is going to be fabulous.

Anyone that decorates in like an eighties vintage retro theme, this is gonna work. This warmer is actually super versatile for so many different niche markets of people. Now I’ve been getting some hate about the mallard duck ’cause I absolutely love it, but not everyone’s feeling the same. So make your own decision. I adore him and I think everyone needs him <laugh>. But you decide again, an element warmer, no light indicator light on the back. So Mallard duck is I believe 55, $50, a $50 warmer. I love it because it is ceramic but it looks like wood. It is a ceramic warmer though. Absolutely love the mallard duck. Now let’s talk about scent options for the men in your life. I’ve only chosen four. I normally do a six pack pick but I only chose four. And the reason for that is I want to just kind of let you know the types of scent categories that most of my men customers enjoy.

And you need to make decisions based on who you are purchasing for. The very first one I wanna talk about is baked apple pie. Guys, this is my number one top seller for my men customers. The men that shop with me absolutely love baked apple pie. They love a lot of the bakery scents, but baked apple pie is their absolute favorite. I’m not even gonna give you the scent notes in this ’cause you guys know what baked apple pie smells like. So think about the man in your life make top of pie might be be on his list. This is another one that I sell to a lot of men. It

Is called Around the Campfire. Now this one, yeah, you can kind of guess what it is, but it is mountain air, fresh, fallen and wood and smoky embers. When I smell this, you really can smell the campfire. So if you have an outdoorsy dude in your life, this is probably going to be a scent that he is really going to enjoy around the campfire. Now I pulled this one just because it’s my husband’s favorite so I know if my husband loves it that other men might like it too. Silver Bells is the one that he begged for for me to add to my s Scentsy club. It is the one that he is always excited to grab and put in his warmer in his office. It is mint candy cane’s, winter pear, caramel and sugar. To me, I smell a lot of that caramel with just a touch of candy cane.

I don’t smell the pear at all, but evidently it’s in there. Paul absolutely loves silver bells so I had to grab it for you guys. The last one I wanted to grab for you guys is weathered leather now weathered leather high. You guys know what it’s gonna smell like. It’s gonna smell like leather and a lot of the dudes that shop with me really appreciate a leather scent. You will notice that I did not choose any of these super colony smells. Mystery man is one that everyone thinks, oh, the guys really need mystery man. Most guys don’t enjoy it, not the ones that have shopped with me at least I think that’s a scent for us ladies to enjoy because we love the smell of a yummy, yummy man. But I don’t think the dudes like smelling that. I think they prefer more of a woodsy or bakery item.

That’s just my experience in 15 years of selling this stuff. So guys, that’s just a few recommendations that the men in your life might like this holiday season or any time of year. Of course we have warmers launching all the time with limited time offer warmers. Right now we currently have a cow skull warmer. That is great for a lot of guys if they um, you know, enjoy the outdoorsy or western type stuff. I showed you warmers that are in our catalog for an entire six months, but we always have those limited time offer warmers. So make sure that you go to Jami Jo sells wax.com so you can see everything that’s available. And if you guys have any questions at all about this topic or anything else since you related, feel free to put it in the comments on this video or shoot me a text 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 and I will happy to help you guys with any questions that you have that are since related. Other than that, I think that’s all. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you guys have a sensational day.