Hi there guys. Thanks for popping by. Jami Jo sells Wax. I am an independent Best Scentsy Scents consultant. I am a superstar director with the company, which is the top level of all consultant status. I have been partnered with Scentsy for almost 15 years now. Been working with the company since all the way back in October of 2008 and I am so excited to come to you guys today with a viewer request. I do quite a few videos on these strongest wax fragrance or the maybe the um, best wax wax fragrances in certain categories. But I had one of our viewers ask to talk about warmers and talk about which Best Scentsy Scents warmers have the best scent throw or give off the best fragrance. So that is what we are going to be talking about today. But first of all, I wanna talk about this little guy right behind me.

He is one of the guys that I’m gonna be talking about in the video, but he’s so full of wax that I can’t even bring him up to show him to you up close on the camera. So I thought you guys might like to see how I change the wax in my warmers, how I remove the wax. So I hear a lot of different ways about removing wax and there are several different ways that you can do it, but what I find is easiest is to use our cotton cleanups. So this is a Scentsy cotton cleanup. It is just a big giant cotton round. I would say it’s probably about the amount of four cotton balls, but what I love about it is it has a handle on the top. So even when I use it, I don’t get the wax under my fingernails. So all that I have to do to use the cotton cleanup is just pop it down in the top of that dish.

That one’s pretty full. So I’m gonna set it in there pretty lightly. It’s gonna soak all the way down to the bottom and soak up all that wax. So now I can grab that and show it up close to you guys. So see how that cotton just soaked up all the wax. Now you might need to give it a little s swish around the edges just to get all that extra, but then all of that wax is a right in that cotton cleanup. And I can just toss this Best Scentsy Scents away. Now actually I see that there’s still some white cotton left on there. So I would use that for another one of my warmers before I tossed it away normally. But since I’m on video, it’s just easier to pop in the trash. So let me unplug this so I can get this warmer to show you one of our warmer options.

So we can talk today about which warmer gives off the most fragrant. In the S Scentsy world, we use the term scent throw. That is what we use to talk about how far a fragrance travels, how far you can notice a fragrance, um, and just basically how, how much you smell the Best Scentsy Scents fragrance. So I have quite a few warmers in front of me. I’m gonna talk to you about the different kinds of warmers. I’m basically gonna talk to you about five different kinds of warmers and then we’re gonna talk about which one of those is the best and the strongest for fragrance. So first of all, I wanna start out by talking about mini warmers. Mini warmers are the warmers that typically go directly into the wall. They come with this base right here that has the outlet on there. Now you can get tabletop bases for these, but it doesn’t affect the warmer at all.

It’s just for a different look. So you don’t have to have it directly in the outlet. You can put it on a Best Scentsy Scents tabletop. Now the reason that I have two different mini warmers is because this one has an open dish and this one, the dish is a touch hidden. So this one’s called Southern Hospitality. Actually I don’t believe this one is available in the mini anymore. We have a full size of southern hospitality, but we have a couple other warmers that are styled this exact same way. We have a cute little house, what is it called?

Take me Home. So that is a mini right now that has the top a little bit hidden like this as well. So just tuck that in the back of your mind ’cause we’re gonna talk about those in just a minute. As far as full-size warmers, I wanna talk to you guys about three major categories for full-size warmers. So the first is that cute little warmer that I showed you at the very first of the video. This is what we call an element warmer. There’s no light bulb in this warmer. It uses an element plate in the base that warms up. There is an indicator light on the back to tell you if it’s turned on or off, and a dish on the top that you use to put your wax in. So warmer plate warms the wax and puts off the smell. Then we have our lighted warmers.

Now this category is a very broad category. There are tons of different types, there are different sizes of light bulbs. There are glass ones, there are ceramic ones, there are tin ones, tons of different types of warmers that fall into this category of a lighted Scentsy warmer. So light bulb down inside, basically that’s what the indicator that I’m using to put these in that category of a lighted warmer. All of them have a dish, whether it is um, permanently on the warmer or you can take it off. Anyway, light bulb dish, that’s a lighted warmer. This one is called service and sacrifice. Um, I love this one. My son’s in the air force and so this one is special to me. Now this last warmer category that I’m gonna talk to you about, this is actually a limited time offer warmer. It is available right now, but probably not much longer.

This is the warmer, but the dish is underneath here. Now with Hedwig, I’m gonna turn his head. ’cause you know, owls can turn their heads. Um, the back is open like this. Other ones might have a hole on the top or different ways for the fragrance to escape. We have quite a few warmers that fall into this category. Um, let’s see. Glimmer and glow would be one country living, which is our cute little tin barn. Bless this home. Quite a few different Best Scentsy Scents warmers. Have the lid on there on top of the dish. Now this is my opinion, this is not information put out by s Scentsy. This is just my personal opinion. If you want the best scent throw, eliminate anything that is blocking the fragrance. So what I mean by that is I would not use one of the warmers that has the lid like this.

I would not use one of the warmers that the little dish is hidden like this if I want the best scent throw. Now we all know that people purchase Scentsy warmers, not just for the fragrance, but they’re fun little conversation pieces. They’re fun little, uh, interior design pieces or decoration pieces in your home. So you might want to choose a warmer, not just based off of Centro. So keep that in mind. Just because I say that the Hedwig warmer doesn’t have the best centro does not mean that it’s a bad warmer. It just means that it’s not going to give off the strong fragrance like other warmers. So always choose a warmer that has an open dish if you want the best fragrance throw. Now, I really have never noticed a difference in the fragrance throw for an element warmer or a lighted warmer. I really do believe that they are giving off the same amount of scent throw.

That being said, you want to look for a warmer squirts gonna make his appearance with his little tail squirt is my cat. Um, you do want to choose a warmer that has a very large dish because there is some, um, correlation between the amount of wax that you use and the fragrance or the scent throw of that wax. The more wax that you put in a warmer, the stronger that fragrance is going to be. So you do want to choose a warmer that has a larger dish so you can add more wax to it. If you’re looking for really strong scent throat now, there’s really no way in the catalog to look at that. That is where a personal relationship with your SS Scentsy consultant really comes into play. If you are looking for a warmer, with a really strong scent throw with a really strong fragrance, I would love to help you make the decision of the best warmer for your home.

So you can text me anytime with questions. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. So narrow it down, look at the website, look at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Check out the webs website. Pick out a couple different warmers that you would love to have in your home and shoot me a text. Let me know which ones you’re thinking, but that you want the ones with the strongest fit throat. And I would be happy to help you make the best decision for a warmer for your home. So all of this being said, all of our warmers are great. I love since Scentsy warmers, they, I think they’re the best way to fragrance your home, but there are different warmers for different needs and different looks in your home. So like I said, that’s where a personal relationship with your Scentsy consultant comes in really handy. Hopefully I have answered your question. That question was from crafts Bayou Bayou. I hope I’m saying that right. I know it’s a Louisiana term. Hopefully I pronounce that right. So, uh, crafts Bayou, thank you so much for sending that suggestion for a video and hopefully I have answered your question and helped you to make the best decision about a Scentsy warmer for your house. I would be happy to help any of you with that decision. My name is Jami Jo. Just reach out and let me know if you have any questions at all.