Okay, so the question is what is the best selling Scentsy fragrance? And I have it here for you today, but I’ve actually paired up a six pack of our top selling Scentsy fragrances, one from each fragrance category. Hi guys, my name is Jami Sullin and I have been partnered with Scentsy Fragrance for over four 14 years now. I found Scentsy in 2008 and quickly fell in love. I started as a customer while I was a public school teacher and I literally fell in love with the product and so many of my teacher friends down the hall for me were wanting products as well. So I decided to just jump on board in a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance and I have never looked back since. Over 14 years now I have been working with them. I absolutely love their products because they work. They are the best wax melts on the market.

They last the longest and they have the strongest scent of any other wax melt I’ve ever tried and they really fragrance a room guys. I started using these while I was a public school teacher. Kids are Spanky Spanky, especially after recess cuz I was in elementary school. So they fragrance my classroom and they’ve been fragrancing my home for all those 14 years as well. I also loved that they were safe enough to have around the kids in my classroom safe enough to have around my own family and my pets and I absolutely love that the best Scentsy scents is affordable. And one of the reasons that I always show you a six pack anytime I talk about fragrance is because that is yet another way to get a great deal on CII products. Anytime you buy five bars, you are going to get the six one for free.

So I will always talk to you about fragrances in six pack collections. Yes, you can purchase the bars separately, you can save a dollar if you purchase them in a three pack, but you get that free bar when you purchase five. You get that six for free. Let’s jump right in to these top selling best Scentsy scents. Like I said, I chose one of our best selling fragrances from each category, but I am going to end this with the top selling Scentsy fragrance of all time forever and ever. Amen. But we are going to jump right in with the bakery collection and this is our top selling scent for the bakery collection. It is vanilla bean buttercream and you can tell from the name of it that of course there’s going to be some vanilla in it. This is a cupcake to me. I absolutely love white vanilla cupcakes with white icing and my mouth literally waters when I smell this.

I haven’t had a cupcake in so long and smelling this is really making me want one. I think of like those beautiful cupcakes that are all the rage now. These little boutique cupcake shops with the little sprinkles and all the cutesy cutesy little things. That’s exactly what this smells like if I was to walk into right down the street from me is a place called Cupcakes. Um, there’s also one called not Your Grandma’s Cupcakes, that that’s probably my favorite around here. Not your grandma’s cupcakes. If you are in the Tulsa area, zip over to Broken Arrow and visit not your grandma’s cupcakes. Um, this is what that place smells like When you walk in the door, you’re smelling vanilla bean buttercream. It is so, so yummy. Moving on to our next category. The category is woods. So a lot of the fragrances in the woods category are reminiscent of men’s cologne and honestly I had a hard time choosing just one from this collection because we actually have four best sellers in the Woods collection.

So honorable mention goes to Bonfire Beach, coastal Sunset and White Amber Antique. But I narrowed it down to Mystery man. Now I think they misnamed mystery man. I call it George Clooney, straight out of a shower, maybe Channing Tatum. I mean either one never met either of those guys. Certainly never smelled them straight out of a shower. But in my mind, <laugh>, this is what either one of them would smell like straight out of the shower as the best Scentsy scents. This is definitely a men’s cologne. This smells like just a little bit of heaven <laugh>. I love to use this fragrance in my bedroom. You could probably guess why it’s sultry, it’s dark, it’s super yummy. It has cedar, verbena and bergamont in it. I am a lover of anything with bergamont, sandalwood, cedar. I’m loving all those things. Mystery band is a perfect combination of some of those sins and I absolutely love it.

If you love men’s cologne fragrances, you definitely need to try Mystery man. Now from this we are moving on to the fresh category. And again, there were a couple best sellers in this category, but I narrowed it down to Amazon Rain and maybe I chose Amazon Rain because this is a recent find for me. Now I say it’s a recent find, but we’ve had this fragrance for a very long time. I just never it, it’s not totally my type of scent, but I needed a car fragrance one day and I was running low on stock. I just grabbed this and put it in my car and realized that I absolutely love it. It’s just fresh, it’s clean, but it’s noticeable. I like super strong fragrances and Amazon rain is a noticeable fragrance, but not one of those like so strong that it’s gonna give you a headache.

It is a mixture of melon, orange zest, coconut milk and jasmine. So it’s got that mixture of the citrus, um, the sweetness of the coconut milk, the floral of the jasmine. It’s just a delightful mix of several different scent notes that mix together to make a great fresh scent. So Amazon Reign is my pick for the fresh category. Moving on to floral, hands down, I didn’t even have to look at the list. I knew exactly which one would be the top seller and it is Luna. We have had the Luna fragrance for probably a little over 10 years now. The minute it came out, it hit top seller status and it has stayed there ever since. This is such a lovely floral fragrance. I am not big on florals. They give me headaches oftentimes gardenias, lilacs, rose. I enjoy the scent, but they give me a headache.

Luna does not. I have used Luna in several of our products, including the wax melts in my home and it has never given me a headache. Now each person is different, so just cuz it doesn’t give me a headache, no guarantees for you. You have to know what best Scentsy scents work for you and what fragrances you enjoy the most. But Luna is just a great classic floral. It is a mixture of jasmine, sweet pea, frissia berries and sandalwood. So what a lovely mix of several different sent notes all blending together to just make a lovely floral fragrance. So again, like I didn’t have to look for Luna, I also did not have to look in this citrus category. I grabbed coconut lemongrass right out of my stock. Coconut lemongrass is the quintessential clean, fresh citrus scent. This is what I love to warm in my kitchen just because it makes me feel like I’ve scrubbed my kitchen down every single day.

It’s bright, it’s cheery, it’s noticeable, it’s clean, it’s fresh, it’s all the things that you want in a clean citrus fragrance. It is simply a mix of coconut and lemongrass, but what a lovely mix that it is. Now guys, that was five. We have a six pack and I told you I was gonna give you the top selling Scentsy fragrance of all time. You guys can see it here. It’s a deep dark purple. I would love to know, pause this video and type in the comments what you think this fragrance is before I give it away. It’s a deep, dark, fruity fragrance with a little bit of sweetness on top. If you haven’t guessed yet, it is black raspberry vanilla. This is the all time top seller of best Scentsy scents. Since Scentsy Fragrance became a company, this is the top selling fragrance of all time.

It is a mixture of dark berries and vanilla. Like I said, it’s that deep, dark, warm berry fragrance, but that little touch of vanilla on top of it to just give it a little tap of sweetness, it is such a yummy, yummy scent. There is no question why it is our top selling fragrance. Guys, if you want to know what everyone else is loving when they order Scentsy fragrance, this six pack would be the perfect one to get the best Scentsy scents from each of the different categories. You could give them a try and see which ones you love. If you have never experienced Scentsy fragrance and you want to just do a sniff test of some of our fragrances, you should text the word samples to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0, and I would be happy to pop a little sample pack in the mail to you. Uh, you can order anytime at jami jo sells wax.com or text me to that same number, that 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. And I’m happy to help you with your order, this six pack or any other Scentsy products that you need. Just let me know and I am here to help guys, my name is Jami Jo and I am here to make your nose happy by helping you pick the top selling fragrances and help you get exactly the Scentsy products you need for your home.