Hey guys, my name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sells Wax. We are a fragrance company and we have been partnered with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance since all the way back in 2008, over 14 years now. I fell in love with Scentsy products because of three main reasons. They absolutely worked. I was using them in my classroom and in my home and fell in love with them. They were absolutely safe, safe enough to have around all the kids in my classroom, my own family, and my pets at home. And then I loved the fact that number three, it was affordable. For those three reasons, I decided to partner with the company and have never looked back. I’m so excited about my partnership with Scentsy, but I’m also super, super excited about this. This is our monthly with box and I just got it in guys.

I have not even opened it. I saved it to share with you guys so I could do a live unboxing with you. Now, what is our with Box? With Box is a monthly surprise box that Best Scentsy Scents puts together. It is $35 in the us but you are promised to get over $35 worth of value of products inside. I just love it because it gives me an opportunity to try products that maybe were not on my radar or fragrances that were not on my radar. And I have found some new favorites thanks to the W Box. Now, I’m not gonna lie, there have been a couple times that maybe it was something that wasn’t totally my jam, but it’s awesome to be able at that point to share some more Scentsy products with my friends and family because the beauty of Best Scentsy Scents is we have so many different products and so many different fragrances that somebody is bound to love every single item.

So even if it’s not for me, I know someone else in my life that will absolutely love it. Now, I told you this was $35, but it’s very rare that one of my customers pays $35 for it. Most of my customers save 10% on it and only pay 31 50. So hang out with me for a little bit and I’m gonna tell you how you can get that cheaper price every single month on the W box. But first, let’s jump right in and see what is in this month’s with box. Oh, okay. Okay. It is starting to get a little warm. So they have done their summertime packaging on a couple things. Let’s start, there’s always this fun little paper in there that kind of gives you an idea of the feel of the box, what the theme is. It says it’s a good day for a good day.

Interesting. Doesn’t gimme a lot to go on, but I’m gonna start by digging into this bag right here. Now you’re like, what in the world is that? The coolest thing with Scentsy is the coolest thing. Pun not intended, but definitely a pun. You’ll understand why, because a lot of our products are meltable products, wax melts and different things like that. And I live in Oklahoma. Gets a little hot here. It’s already been getting a little hot here. I’m gonna pull this real quick. I knew that would be loud. Um, so in the warmer months since Scentsy really goes above and beyond in their packaging, they put everything in these, um, I don’t know how to describe it, heat till bag, not heat till bags. And this, I mean, it’s fully melted now, but this was an ice pack at one time, <laugh>. So they make sure that your products are going to come to you in great condition.

If by chance there’s ever a time that you get an order and things are not in tiptop shape, if maybe they’re a little bit melted or whatever the case may be, um, always reach out to me or whoever your consultant is and let them know because CSI will make it, right. So here’s the cool thing. I like to save these. Um, and I save my ice packs too. Ice packs, I mean obviously great for ice chests or whatever these can use be used reused as an insulated uh, bag. But I just use them as poly mailers too. So they’re kind of fun. I just kind of tuck ’em to the side and, and save them up. And when I have a package to send out, I do that. Okay guys, we have, oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this. This are the, these are the three new synths for the summer collection.

I had no idea they would come in my W box because I actually ordered them as well. Um, so these don’t actually come out until June 1st. I say I ordered them. That’s a perk of being a Cy consultant. You get to order things early. But guys, this would’ve been a perk if you had the whiff box. You could still get these before June 1st. I’m so excited. Okay, let’s do a little sniff test. I don’t even have the description of them. I’m so unprepared right now. We’re just gonna go with it. I don’t have the descriptions of them, so I’m just gonna sniff ’em on a whim and tell you what I smell. Ocean, air and coconut CT water is the first one.

Oh, so light and refreshing. Ocean water is right. It’s very light and refreshing. If you like beach, ocean, aloe, water and cucumber, any of those fragrances. Um, Palm Beach. Palm Beach and Ocean. What is that scent? Palm Beach. And Ocean Breeze, I think is the name of one of our current ones. You’re gonna like this very light, very refreshing. A spa. Yummy, yummy fragrance. Um, pineapple dragon fruit. How fun that A pineapple fragrance is green. Ooh, this is tart. Very, very tart. Pineapple, no pineapple. Dragon fruit. Guys can’t talk today. Very tart. Oh, I love it. Citrusy. Very summery. Yum, yum, yum. And then tangerine and sugarcane.

Hmm. Oh, these are so good together because they’re not, they’re so very different. So this is sweet, mild sweet, like a calmer fruit where the, the pineapple dragon fruit was very tart. This is like that berry sugary smooth fruit. Ooh, yum, yum, yum. I like how three of those, I love how they’re so very different. A lot of times when we have a new collection come out, some of the fragrances are very similar. These are very, very, very different. Um, so yeah, these are available June 1st unless you get a whip box. Then you can get them early this month. And then this is super fun. The whiff box always has this little sample cup. This is wax. You can use it in a warmer. This is the scent of the month for next month for June Pacific Mist. Guys, I’m gonna get a little sneak sniff. Sneak sniff. Is that a thing we’re gonna say? It is. Oh wow. So much for saving this for a customer. I totally tore into it.

Oh, this is like a laundry, laundry scent. Like fresh, clean linen. Oh, if you liked inner Best Scentsy Scents piece, that’s one we used to have. You’re gonna love this. If you’re a fan of clothes line or clean breeze, this is gonna be for you. Ooh, I like it. I like it. I like it. Actually since I tore it all up, it might be going in one of my warmers today. Guys, we have three more things in this box. I told you it was valued higher than $35 right here, right at $17 for a three pack of wax. Yes. I’m so excited guys. I use this on the regular. I’m always excited, always excited to get washer whips, especially in Fiji flour. That’s the fragrance for this month guys. This is my standard go-to for all my laundry products. So I’m so excited to just have more on hand.

If you’re not familiar with washer whips, they are the best thing that ever happened to my laundry room. So it’s like a salt crystal that smells amazing, especially in Fiji flour. So it’s not gonna wash your clothes, it’s not gonna soften, it’s just gonna add fragrance. So you’re going to use either Best Scentsy Scents detergent or an unscented detergent of your choosing and then sprinkle this in your washer on your dirty clothes and your clothes are gonna smell the best that they’ve ever smelled, even for weeks and weeks afterwards. So you’ve never tried washer whips. You’ve got to get in on this whip box so you can give ’em a try. One of our hand soaps, oh, it’s in that pineapple dragon fruit, that new, um, fragrance, the one that was very, very tart. So that’s interesting packaging. The, the wax is bright green, but the packaging on the soap is very different.

So I actually needed a new hand soap in my, uh, guest bath. So I’m gonna be popping this in there. Our hand soap smells so good, so, so yummy. Yes, I love this too. Lake my day. SC circle, this is one of my favorite fragrances and it’s kind of masculine. I was just hopping in my husband’s truck the other day and I told him his truck was being stanky. Um, so this is actually gonna get passed right along to him. So let’s add up our value here. I’m gonna have to look at my catalog for a cheat sheet on some of these things. And I don’t math well off the top of my head. So no judgment friends. Okay, our hand soap is $9. I already said our three packs of pack of wax was 27, so, or 17. So that’s 26, 20 $6. We’re gonna add in our washer withs.

So that is $12, so that is $38. And then our cent circle is $3. So $41 plus your little Best Scentsy Scents tester of the new scent of the month for next month. So what a great deal. $35 if you just ordered online or I told you guys, I was gonna give you a fun way to get it at a discount. If you want to get the W box for just 31 50, you have got to get a Scentsy Club. So CSI Club is our customer loyalty program. It’s so cool cuz it doesn’t cost anything to join. You can change it at any time. You decide how often you want stuff either every month, every other month, or every third month. You can just set it and forget it and you will always get what you want from Scentsy. So I have all my customers who love the W Box.

They add the whiff box onto their Scentsy club. So most of my customers that get this get this every single month. So they get it for 31 50 every month. They also get discounted shipping with Scentsy Club. So Scentsy Club is leeway to get your whiff box if you want the best price. So this was 30, no $41 worth of goodies. They’re getting it for 31 50. So it’s a fabulous, fabulous deal. You can jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and get started on CSI Club there. Or if you wanna pay more and just get the whiff box, you can do that as well. Um, you also can text me anytime to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. If you haven’t smelled a Scentsy fragrance in a while or ever, I would love to pop a little, um, sniff sampler in the mail to you so you can just text the word samples to that same phone number to (918) 888-9690. And um, I will get your address from you and get those goodies in the mail to you. Other than that, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you get started with Scentsy, with Box so you can try all kinds of fun new Scentsy products.