Hey there guys. My name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have a fragrance business where I have a partnership with Scentsy and I feature all since Scentsy products. I have been working with Best Scentsy Scents since 2008, so over 14 years now. I’m madly in love with their products and I absolutely love sharing them and answering any questions that you guys might have about them. Today we are going to be doing a comparison between the Scentsy Wall fan diffuser and the Scentsy Mini Warmer. These are two of our top selling products. I sell so many of these and I often get asked by customers, well, what’s the difference? And sometimes my customers even mix up which one that they are getting. So I wanted to take the time to do just a quick video for you guys, show you the differences between the mini warmer and the wall fan diffuser, even though they look very, very similar.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons to each and help you to decide which of these products is going to be the best Best Scentsy Scents experience for you. Now I’m going to start with the mini warmer Scentsy Started with just warmers and wax. You’re gonna see different kinds behind me. This is a small element, warmer, there’s no light bulb, but just has a warming plate. This is actually our warmer of the month for July. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It has a 25 watt light bulb in there that’s used to melt down the wax, and it has the dish on the top. And this is our mini warmer. This one is called Crowned and gold, and it’s one of our top selling mini warmers. So all of our warmers use some sort of heating element that is used to meltdown wax. So if you have a warmer, you need to get wax.

These two go together. They are best friends and work well together. So our mini warmer, all of our mini warmers are 25 watt light bulbs. So there’s a light bulb inside here. You would just plug that directly into the wall. You have an on off switch and it would illuminate beautifully. Now one really cool feature with the mini warmer is if you have sideways plugs, you can just push that button, give it a little twist. If you have upside down plugs, you’re still gonna be fine there. Or of course, regular plugs, you’re gonna be set to go. So you would just plug this in, turn it on, pop out a couple cubes of this wax. Actually, for the mini warmers, I recommend just one cube of wax. You are going to put that in the top dish of this warmer and it is going to melt down and give off a great fragrance.

We use the most fragranced oils of any other wax melts on the market in paraffin based wax. That’s how we can use so much of that wax oil because we choose to use paraffin wax, which has the um, best scent loading ability of all waxes. So that’s going to meltdown. It’s going to fragrance your room amazingly well. You’re going to notice that scent almost immediately. Now let’s talk about cleaning up the wax. And when you no longer smell the wax in your room, it’s time to change your wax. So I sometimes get asked, how long does that, um, scent last? And it’s, it’s really hard to answer that with a point blank answer. There’s so many different factors that could come into it. How strong do you like your scent? How big of a room is it in? Is there an air conditioner or a fan?

What is the flooring? What is the humidity? All these different factors play in. But I will let you know with just one cube of wax in a warmer, I personally would change my wax probably every four to five days I would feel the need to change my wax. I like a really, really strong fragrance. I live in Oklahoma, super high humidity. So those are two different things to keep in mind. So let’s get back to this. How do you change the wax in this? I personally never turn off my warmers. So in a mini warmer like this, what I would do is with my wax fully liquefied, I would just grab a couple cotton balls. I would drop them in this top dish and let those cotton balls soak up that wax, grab those cotton balls out, toss them in the trash, make sure my dish is fully clean and put in my fresh wax.

So that is how our mini warmers work. Now there is one really cool thing that we have, and it’s this right here. It’s a mini warmer base. So I’m gonna take off the top. You can see how there was a light bulb inside there, but this top to this mini warmer, if you wanted this to be on a flat surface like a tabletop, you can choose to get one of our tabletop bases and put it right on there and have just a cute little mini warmer on your desk or your cabinet. So there is that option as well with our mini warmer. It comes with the base that goes directly into the wall, but you have the option to add on that tabletop base. Okay, so now let’s jump over to our wall fan diffuser, like you saw earlier, they’re about the same size, very little size difference.

But let’s talk about this wall Best Scentsy Scents fan diffuser. Um, why I love it and why it is a great product choice as well. So this is a fairly new product line. We have had those mini warmers for quite some time and one thing that might happen with a mini warmer is what we call a accident. Sometimes those warmers can get knocked, um, little fingers can get into them, a wagging tail might get into it and it can cause a mess. Now the great thing is our messes are easy to clean up. I have a full video on how to clean up those accidents. So if you need help with that, make sure you jump over to my YouTube and find that video. But we had been complaining to Best Scentsy Scents about the wax accidents that had been happening and this was their fix for it. So similar size to the mini warmer, but we’re not using a light bulb and wax.

Instead, this wall fan diffuser has a fan down inside you would plug it in just like you do the mini warmer and just like the mini warmer, it has the option to turn your plug sideways. It has the option to turn it upside down or of course leave it irregular way. So you have all those options just like the mini warmer. Instead of wax, you are going to use Scentsy pods. So these are the wall fan diffusers. Best friends, they are little plastic cages with scented beads inside. You’re gonna pop them right on top of that fan and then put your top on there. Now this is one of our just regular wall fan diffusers. So there is no light. There’s a little indicator ring light here that comes on when you turn it on, but no lights. Other than that, we do have options of wall fan diffusers that have a down light that come out of it.

We also have tons of other licensed options for these wall fan diffusers too. And some of them have lights, some of them don’t. So you need to decide if you want that down light on your wall fan diffuser and make sure when you’re ordering online that you’re getting the correct thing. So you will have noticed a lot of similarities, similarities in size, similarities in how they plug in, but then you’ll also notice differences. This one is going to use wax. This one is going to use pods. This one is going to get off a lot of light, although we do have some mini warmers that put off less light. All of them are going to put off light in some aspect because they all have a light bulb inside here you have the option of no light or a downlight. Um, let me think. Possible mess, no mess.

Breakable, very difficult to break. So I will tell you personally, this is just my opinion. I feel like the scent throw, the scent experience with the mini warmer is better. I feel like there’s more fragrance to this, but I love the fact that this is a no mess option. I have both of these products in my house. I have many warmers in areas that are above a countertop or very protected. I have wall fans in areas that are high traffic or the possibility of being knocked or hit to where it would make a mess if it was a mini Best Scentsy Scents warmer. So I absolutely love both of these products. I think they’re both fabulous. You just need to decide which one is best for you and your family and the area that you want to add fragrance to. You can get either one of these online at Jami Jo sells wax.com or if you have further questions or want me to help you choose which would be better for your home and a better experience for you, feel free to reach out and text me or comment in this video. But if you want to text me, you can do that at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. That is my direct text line and I will be the one answering you back. It is not automated, it is yours truly. So guys, I hope I’ve answered a few question. There’s questions there for you. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and to help you choose the Best Scentsy Scents product experience for your home.