Hi there. Welcome to Jami Jo Sells Wax. This is a channel on YouTube solely devoted to my partnership with S Scentsy Fragrance, and I love to come on here. Usually I’m talking about the awesome products that Scentsy has, maybe sometimes doing scent reviews or making some recommendations, but also sometimes I like to talk to you guys about the opportunity that Scentsy could be for you, and that’s exactly what I want to talk about today. Hi guys. My name is Jami Jo Sulin and I have had a partnership with s Scentsy Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. Over 15 years I’ve had a partnership with s Scentsy and s Scentsy has afforded me some amazing things in life. Because of Scentsy, I was allowed the opportunity to step away from a traditional nine to five job, although mine wasn’t 95 9 to five. <laugh>. I was an elementary school teacher, and what I found was that I was a good teacher.

I knew I was a good teacher, but what I found was I gave all of myself to the kids in my classroom and my kids kind of got my leftovers. Also, teachers in Oklahoma make squat like legit, no money whatsoever. I had teacher friends that were qualifying for food stamps if they were a single mom. So a teaching career was not a good financial decision. That’s why I kind of started really working my Scentsy business. I started Scentsy just for, because really I had no plan. I tried other direct sales companies that didn’t work for me, and really, I didn’t expect this to work. I just wanted to be able to get the stuff at a discount and started sharing it with my friends and started making money. So that was great. It, it padded our budget with me on a teacher salary, but then eventually with some hard work and dedication to my business, I was able to step away from that classroom.

But that’s not what we’re talking about today. Um, I do wanna talk about the different ways that sense can help you, but basically I wanna let you know that most people are not jumping on board with Scentsy for a career like I have. And I didn’t intend that either. Most people jump on board just for a little side hustle Cash. Guys we’re in the holiday season and you and I both know that holiday gift giving can be tough. It can be tough when you’re on a tight budget and Scentsy can definitely help that. If you joined in a partnership with Scentsy right now, you could get a commission check on December 10th because how are commissions work? Let’s just talk a little bit about commissions. Like what kind of money are you gonna make and when are commissions paid? I wish I had a calculator right here.

We’re gonna have to keep numbers really simple so I can do ’em in my head. Uh, first of all, we are paid commission once a month. I absolutely love that. I know some other companies that pay like every time a purchase is made or maybe they pay weekly and that’s great for some people. I prefer to be paid once a month because I get a large chunk of money and I can decide what I want to do with that large chunk of money. Where I sold another product where I received money every time I got an order and inevitably I would, you know, have an extra $5 in my wallet and it was gone before I re really ever even thought about what I was doing with it. So I prefer that we get paid once a month. It makes it easier to add it into the family budget or honestly to save up for big purchases if that’s what you have in mind too.

Um, I didn’t leave notes for myself for this video, so I might kind of squirrel off, but there’s a lot of things that I wanna talk to you about. The other thing I wanna talk to you about is the fact that you are going to get paid. Like I said, back to what I was saying, um, you’ll get a commission check on no, December 10th. So before the Christmas season, we get paid once a month. It is on the 10th of the month. So like all of October’s sales, I will get paid commission on those November 10th, all of November sales, I will get paid commission on that December 10th. You guys get the idea. Now let’s talk about is there legit money to be made in this? Yes, there is, but it’s not just going to fall in your lap. Let me be very clear. This is not a get rich quick scheme.

This is not a make six figures overnight scheme. All those six figures is possible. It’s not gonna happen overnight. Let’s talk about those commissions and really what is believable? What is logical of what you can earn When you first sign on as a Scentsy consultant, you are going to make 20% commission on all of your sales. Once you sell a thousand dollars worth. Now that can be in one week, in one month, in six months, whatever. But once you sell a thousand PRV personal retail volume, you bump up to 25% commission. Now, yes, I will be very honest with you, there are companies that pay higher commission rates, but I also know that those companies, the specific one I’m thinking of, I do know that that company requires or encourages you to keep stock Scentsy in no way does that. So you’re not out. A huge investment are standard kits, $99.

There’s kits that you can get that are even lower in price than that, and we never require you to keep stock on hand. Yes, you, you see tons of stuff in my videos. You see stuff on my shelf. I will tell you that I very rarely, very rarely pay full price for those items. Usually I am bundling orders together and using host rewards of half price, half price items and credit to get these items that you see here. So still I am not buying stuff just to keep on hand, just to keep in stock. So yes, another company might pay you a higher commission rate, but you have to fork over money upfront of items that you might or might not sell to earn that higher commission rate. With Scentsy, you are earning 20% and up there are ways to earn more money. I’ll talk about that in just a second.

But you are not required to keep stock on hand at all, so you’re not having to make any more investment other than that first join kit. That first starter kit. And like I said, at the most it’s gonna be 99. You can get it for $0 out of pocket. Message me if you wanna hear more about that, ’cause I’d love to talk to you about that. Um, how can you make more than the 25%? The easiest way is in any given month, if you sell 2000 PRV, you’re gonna get a 5% bonus for that month. So even you’re not even growing a team yet, we’re just talking selling product. When you sell 2000 PRV in a single month, you’re gonna get a 5% increase, meaning that at that point you would then be making 30% commission on all of your sales. Now we are multi-level marketing.

That’s not a secret. It is built to where when you grow a team, you are going to get bonuses off of the team underneath you, and that is an opportunity for you to increase your paychecks. So when you start doing that, you can earn anywhere from 2% to 9% of the wholesale volume of people underneath you. That can greatly increase your paychecks. But I know right off the bat, most people are thinking OMG, not gonna do that. I do wanna let you know that everything is more fun with your best friend. So if you decide to jump on board in a partnership with Scentsy, I’m not telling you to grow a huge team right off the bat. I mean, there’s great things if you do that, but I’m not gonna push you to do that. What I would encourage you to do is choose one or two friends to jump on board with you.

Everything is more fun with friends and sense. He is the exact same way. It’s more fun to grow a business ride alongside your friend. So you are going to make money off your personal sales. You have the opportunity to make bonuses off of people underneath you, and this could totally be the little bit extra that your budget really needs right now, whether it be for holiday gift giving, whether it’s just to buy groceries or maybe to put your kids in an extracurricular activity. There’s tons of different things in our world that are requiring more money these days. So a lot of people are having to look for a little side hustle. And Scentsy could be the perfect addition to your life. Guys, Scentsy has been fabulous for me, I believe that it could be fabulous for you too, and I would love to mentor you into whatever you want.

I pride myself in not pushing people to do things they don’t wanna do. I want to jump on board with you right alongside with you and mentor you into whatever you are wanting from this business. Reach out to me, text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Or if you’re like, Jamie, I know I’m ready to go, I’m ready to jump on board right now. You can go to Jami Jo sells wax.com. Up in the top right corner, you’re gonna see, I think it says getting started. Click on that and it’s gonna walk you through all the steps to do that, to just get started. Uh, but as always, I am here to answer any questions. I want to make sure that you’re making the best decision for you and your family like it was for me. Ask any questions, let me know how I can help guys, my name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day. Our government likes people to look for jobs and not opportunities. Therefore, I’m required to tell you that results are not typical. Now let’s take a second to look at what the word typical means. The definition of typical is usual, ordinary or average. No, these results are not average. But if you are willing to put in some work and take a chance on yourself, these results are possible. I’m here to prove it to you. It happened to me and it can happen to you. Check out this document for all the details.