Hi there. My name is Jami Jo, and I own a fragrance company called Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have been partnered with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance for over 14 years now. I partnered with them all the way back in 2008 and have been actively working my business that whole time, been working my business full-time for 12 of the 14 years. So I consider myself somewhat of an expert on my Best Scentsy Scents business, and that means that I have had a lot of trial and error with different aspects of the business. And today we are going to specifically be talking about the best follow up system for your customers within your CSI business. Now, this has been a huge topic of discussion lately because of the close of Amy. So if you are a newer consultant or are not a Scentsy consultant, what Amy was, it was an app that we used.

It was an external app, but Scentsy had partnered with them, and it was a great app for a lot of people, it was a great follow-up system because it intermixed two different ideas. It intermixed the idea of 2 22 follow up, which means you follow up with your customer either two days after the order or two days after it’s received. You follow up with them in two weeks and you follow up with them in two months. But what Amy did is it digitized all of that into a very simple app that gave push notifications on your phone to alert you when you needed to contact your customers, but also it gave fabulous templates and different things to guide you in what to say to your customers. So there really was no thought, uh, in the follow up system. And that was amazing for a lot of people.

And I know a lot of people loved using Amy and were heartbroken when the app closed down. Now I will tell you that I was in the beta group for Amy, then it was called Maven. I was in the beta group that helped design the program and, and kind of gave them some feedback along the way of what we wanted to see, what we liked, what worked for us. And they did an amazing job of creating an app. But if I’m honest with you, I used it for a while and it just didn’t work for me. I didn’t love it. To me, it felt like a lot of unnecessary work, and it felt like a lot of work that didn’t necessarily turn into orders for me. So I started looking into another way, and I believe that I found the most amazing system for follow up in a Scentsy business or really any, in any business that you need to interact with your customers.

So here’s the big secret, the best system for customer follow up in your business is whatever you will do consistently. And that was the thing for many, many, many years of my business, I would try Christina’s method or I would try Jessica’s method, or I would Aspens method. And I tried all these different methods and there were things that I loved about ’em, things that I didn’t. I bought all the binders. I I thought that I needed all the things, the binders, the clips, the the folders, the tabs, the this, the that, and the other. And I tried all of them, but the thing was they just didn’t work for me. Maybe they worked for the person that created it, and that’s fabulous and you can try all the systems, but the key to the best follow up system for your customers is whatever system you will do consistently, because that’s what the key is, doing something consistently.

Okay, so let’s talk about different ideas that I’ve seen and then I’ll tell you what I personally do in my business. I have seen some leaders in this business talking about Trello, another app that you can use on a computer or on your phone. And I tried it. It overwhelmed the heck outta me, <laugh>. So I instantly knew that that was not my form of follow-up because it already overwhelmed me. So later, when I start telling you about my follow-up system, if any part of it overwhelms you, it’s not the system for you. Your follow-up system should be simple and duplicatable and doable for you. It doesn’t matter what works for anybody else in their business. You have to find what works for you. So some people were using Trello, other people found an app called Project Broadcast, and this is a text scheduling system.

I will tell you that I have integrated project broadcast into some of my follow up, but it is not my only form of follow up. I know a lot of leaders that are using just project broadcast for their follow up systems, and I think the app is absolutely fabulous. But I also think that they are missing out on a lot of things if they are relying on just project broadcast for their follow up. Now, a lot of people have gone back old school, they’ve bought the binders, they have the tabs, they’re moving the receipts from page to page. But here’s one thing, I don’t wanna have to keep up with the binder. I don’t wanna have to continually buy all the things. Also, my husband and I have a dream of living somewhat nomadic, and I am working to build a business that can travel the world with me.

And I am not about to drag around a binder all over the world with me. I want everything digital that I can just have on my computer and or on my phone and just take it with me and work my customer follow up no matter where I am. So I have found the perfect follow up system for me. And here’s the thing, it is not individualized at all. My follow up system is the exact same for every single customer. Now, a lot of leaders in direct sales or or in any kind of customer service business will will say that I’m missing out because I’ve heard it from them. You’re missing out, you’re doing it wrong. It has to be individualized. Great for them, great if they wanna take the time to do that. Personally, I do not. I do not wanna take the time to individually message all of my customers.

There are other things that I can be doing in my business that bring me more money than individually messaging every single customer. So I’ve made you guys wait long enough. I’m gonna give you the overview of my follow-up system really quick, and then tomorrow I will give you my video with all of the extensive details of my follow-up system. So here’s the overview. Here’s your teaser, and you have to tune in tomorrow to find all of the details about my follow-up system. I create a spreadsheet for all of my customers, and I like the spreadsheet over the workstation because it gives me the exact Best Scentsy Scents  information that I want and that I’m going to utilize with my customers. The workstation is great to an extent, but honestly I think it’s lacking a lot. And my spreadsheet will tell me a lot more information very quickly and very easily.

So my spreadsheet to me, it’s very simple because I like Excel. But if Excel is a new thing to you, actually I use Google Sheets. I don’t use Excel because I want it to be available on my phone and anywhere. So if spreadsheets overwhelm you, maybe this isn’t the system for you, or perhaps you should take a little crash course in spreadsheets because I think it’s absolutely amazing. So I have a spreadsheet that will detail all the customer details. I have it all right at my fingertips in one place, first name, last name, address, email, phone number, all of that in different columns so I can easily separate the information that I need. Then I have a column of just notes. This is where I can put in Best Scentsy Scents  notes of where I met that customer. If it was a party order, like I know who my contact was that put me in touch with that person.

If I met them at an event, if they came to me from Google, like I know exactly where each and every customer comes to me from. Then I have a column for birthday. Now, this is something that I have to seek out from the customer. So if I do feel like I need to up my personal interactions with customers, I can send out a scheduled group project, broadcast text, but it feels very personal asking for those birthdays. I have a column that tells me if they are a Scentsy club member and if they receive their club monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. That helps me when I do a lot of my follow up. Then I have a total column of all the money that they have spent with me in last year. And then I have a column for this year. So 2023, I have a column of the total amount spent with me.

In 2023. I have a column that says last date purchase, and then the next four rows repeat indefinitely and it’s date of Best Scentsy Scents purchase, amount of purchase, method of purchase, and any extras that I give them. There’s reasons that I have all that information. And like I said, I’m gonna go way more detail tomorrow. So tune into that video tomorrow. Now, I use the information on this spreadsheet to follow up with my Best Scentsy Scents  customers in four different ways. That might sound overwhelming, but to me they’re very easy because they’re group ways of follow up. I’m doing it once and reaching all of my customers or as many as I choose to at the time. I’m doing social media follow up, I’m sending emails, yes, old school emails, still work friends. I am using project broadcast to text my customers, and I am doing mailbox smell mail newsletters with samples to my customers.

So this is my best form of follow up. But like I said, the best form of follow up for your customers is whatever you will do and whatever you will do consistently. Guys, if you’re interested to know a little bit more about my follow up with my customers, make sure that you subscribe to my channel and you tune in tomorrow, or you just jump onto the next video. If this was uploaded quite a while ago, I’m gonna go into the nitty gritty details of all of my follow up system, and I would love to give you all the tips and tricks that I’ve found that work in my business guys, my name’s Jamie Cho. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you design your perfect follow-up system.