Hi there. My name is Jami Jo and I’m with Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have a fragrance company selling Best Scentsy Scentsproducts, and I have been doing that all the way since 2008. Now, normally I come to you in my office, but today I’m just hanging out in my living room because I wanna just sit and have a conversation with you about something that I get asked quite often, and I have an illustration that explains it the best. The question that I get asked is, what is social selling and why does it work well? Or why do companies choose to do it? So I want to pause from that question, <laugh>, and this might sound totally off topic, but I wanna talk to you guys about my coffee mug. Um, you might see this coffee mug in a lot of my shorts or my shorter videos because if it is before noon, this coffee mug is always in my hand.

Um, and it’s this specific coffee mug. I used to have a collection of coffee mugs. I had tons of different ones, but since I got this one, all the other ones just stay in the cabinet. And this is the only coffee mug that I use anymore. This is an Ember coffee mug, and you’ll notice that the shape of it might be a little different, and you’ll notice that it is illuminating right there. Um, yeah, it, it’s electric. I mean, it’s battery operated. So there’s that. Um, an Ember Coffee mug. First of all, what is an Ember Coffee mug? It’s the best coffee mug ever, ever, ever. And guys, I don’t, I don’t make money from Ember. I’m not really selling these ember mugs. I just wanna tell you why I love it so much. So what makes the Ember mug better than any other coffee mug on the market?

That’s because it keeps my coffee warmer or longer. You saw the light on the coffee mug. That light indicates it’s red right now. That means I need to charge it back up. It’s been off the charger for too long, but that light indicates that it is actually hooked up to my phone. My coffee mug is Bluetooth to my phone. Now, why would I want my coffee mug Bluetooth to my phone? Because there’s an app on my phone that tells the coffee mug the Best Scentsy Scents temperature that I want to keep my coffee or tea or whatever warm beverage you enjoy. There is an app that hooks up to my mug and it tells it the temperature that I want to keep it at. Now it’s red right now, meaning I need to charge it. So it’s not necessarily as hot as I would want it to be because the battery needs recharged.

But like I said, I have this coffee mug in my hand before noon every single day, and I used to have to warm up my coffee multiple times every morning or all throughout the day whenever I was drinking it. Then inevitably I would forget that it was in the microwave and I would walk away and then like an hour later, I’m looking for my coffee mug. I’m trying to figure out where it is. This has eliminated all of that. My ember keeps my coffee warm the entire time I’m drinking it. I have a charger that sits right next to the coffee pot. So when I’m done drinking my coffee for the day, I put it there and it recharges. But I also got a separate charger for downstairs on my desk. If I’m working in my office, I have a charger there. So it keeps it fully charged for me.

Like I said, since I got the Ember mug, I no longer use any other coffee mug. Highly recommend it. It is insanely expensive for a Best Scentsy Scents coffee mug. I mean, when you think of everything it does, the price isn’t that bad, but it is insanely expensive. For a coffee mug, I wanna say it’s maybe a hundred dollars. All three of my kids went in together and got it for me as a gift. So I didn’t buy it, but I absolutely, absolutely would buy it if I didn’t already have one. Okay, so I just told you about a product that I absolutely love. The reasons that I love it. I talked about the price point and why it is worth it, but I make zero money off of Ember. I’ve posted about Ember on my Facebook before I posted about Ember on my Instagram before, and some of my friends have purchased an Ember just because of my posts that I didn’t make any money from it friends, what I did was social selling, telling your friends and family about products that you use, places that you go, things that you love.

That is social selling. I promise you that you are doing social selling and you don’t even realize it. Have you posted about your favorite boutique that you shop from? Have you posted about a special that Starbucks was running? Have you told about a product that you found on Amazon that you absolutely love, whether it’s on social media or just in having a conversation with your friends and family? These are Best Scentsy Scents things that we do all the time. We love to tell our loved ones about things that we’ve found that we enjoy and that my friends is social selling. So the company I work for, CSI Fragrance is a company that relies on social selling to sell its products. Now, social marketers can sometimes get a really negative wrap because people have done the business the wrong way. If social selling is done properly, and just like what I shared with you about my Ember Cup, it is a brilliant marketing tool.

CSI as a company does not have to do radio commercials. They don’t have to do television commercials. They’ve never done print ads in magazines or newspapers. They are relying on their consultants to sell their products through social selling. So yes, the consultants are getting paid to market their products, but it’s really no different than any other big box company or large marketing brand because they are paying for advertisement in other ways. Scentsy and other direct sales companies or social selling companies are just paying their consultants to do the things that Chevrolet or um, Carl’s Jr. Or I’m trying to think of big brand names. Those companies are marketing through other Best Scentsy Scents advertising methods. We don’t get mad at them for advertising to us. So why would we get mad at our friends and family advertising to us a product that they love? Yes, they are getting paid to do that, but still, I promise you, your friends that are doing social selling or network marketing, love the product that they are selling.

If they didn’t love the product, they would’ve never signed up to sell the product that they are selling. So social selling works. That being said, if you are in direct sales, multi-level marketing, social selling, and you are watching this video, hopefully I have encouraged you to rethink how you are marketing products. Stop just blasting the corporate advertisements. Stop just blasting those, uh, flyers that everyone is sharing on social media. Take a minute and tell your friends and family why you love the products that you sell. That is social selling. Social selling is actually actually sharing and not selling at all. Selling is a byproduct of what happens, but it’s technically just sharing products, sharing what you love about products and sharing why you would recommend that item to all your friends and family. That, my friends is social selling, and that’s why it works because people have been doing it for ages and ages and ages when they tell their friends and family about products, they found restaurants, they found clothing lines, they found whatever that they are loving at the moment.

If they are sharing that with their friends, they’re already doing social selling. So I hear from people all the time, oh, I’m not a salesperson. I promise you, you are. I promise you, you are. You are just maybe not the in your face, pushy, annoying ones that we’ve all seen, and that doesn’t work. Anyway, I promise you every single person watching this video could be successful at social selling and in turn network marketing if you would just give it a try. Hopefully, I have caused you to think a little differently about something today. Perhaps you want to give this a try. I would love to mentor you along the way to guide you and help you perfect your art of social selling. You can jump right on board on my Scentsy team on Jami Jo sells wax.com. There’s a little button at the top to join or if you have questions or want to further this conversation, I welcome you to make a comment on this video or shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I would love to have a conversation more about this topic, but just to remind you, my name is Jami Jo and I have a business selling Best Scentsy Scents products. So my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and hopefully make you rethink what you always thought about social selling and network marketing.