Well, hello there guys. I am so excited about what I have for you today. So if you have been watching my page for a while, you saw a couple weeks ago that we were launching a brand new expansion to our Disney Lilo and Stitch Line and we were bringing you a brand new product that we have never brought you before. It’s in both of these boxes. It is a Lilo and Stitch Fragrance flour. Now I am going to be showing you the stitch flour today, but I’m going to be doing something really fun with it too guys. I love me some Lilo and Stitch. It was a great movie, but I’m honestly not one to decorate my house in like Disney themed items. However, I loved this fragrance flower and I wanted to kind of play around with it and try some different things. So that’s what we’re going to be doing today.

First, let me tell you who I am and a little bit about myself. My name is Jami Jo and I own a fragrance business where I have partnered with Scentsy Fragrance for over 14 years now, since all the way back in 2008. Started as a customer, fell in love with the products, decided to jump on that partnership and been sharing and selling since Scentsy products ever since. Also helping hundreds of other consultants grow their own Scentsy businesses to find the success that they wanted. So that’s who I am, that’s where I come from. But let’s talk about this product. Now, here is why I really, really wanted this fragrance flower. I’m gonna be very careful getting this out of here because our fragrance flowers are made from solo wood. So the fun thing about this Disney Lilo and Stitch partnership is because this is a brand new flower design.

We’ve had the Darling Dahlia, we’ve had the Buttercup Bell, but this hibiscus is brand new design. So all of our fragrance flowers are handmade in India. Each and every flower is going to be a little bit different because they are handmade. So this is our hibiscus just for either the Stitch 6 26 or the angel, I think she’s 6 24 oil. Now here’s another fun thing. This is my oil. All of our other fragrance oils in the past have been just clear oil. This one not only has stitch on it, but you can see that that oil is colored blue. So several of us consultants have been having fun with the fragrance flowers and sharpie markers and you know, just coloring the different flowers. I have one back here, let me grab it.

That I did a little rainbow of color on. So we have found different ways that we could personalize these fragrance flowers, but Best Scentsy Scents with these lelo and stitch, or I keep calling it lelo and stitch, but really it’s angel and Stitch um, collection is that they decided to color the oil. And so that is going to soak up into the flower. I’m trying to get this overlay plastic off and then I’m gonna show you something else. Okay, so I told you guys I was not really a huge lelo and Stitch fan and I wasn’t really sure if I was gonna be able to get, see it has like a sticker all the way around it. I didn’t really want that on mine, so I kind of wanted to try this on camera.

Oh, and look guys, it does just peel off beautifully. So if you’re not a Lilo and Stitch fan, I mean you could be a fan, but maybe you’re just not into having licensed products in your decor, you can easily pull that sticker right off of there. I’m really excited about that. Much as I love me some Best Scentsy Scents Lelo and stitch, I didn’t necessarily want a stitch flour Lelo and Stitch is kind of personal to me cuz it was actually my daughter’s first movie to see in the theater. I, so now I could put this flower directly down in here and the fragrance oil, which is blue, would come up through it and color my flower. However, I saw one of my other Best Scentsy Scents friends that had still taken the sharpie marker and tipped the edges of her flower with the sharpie marker and it still bled down into the flower and gave it like a two-tone beautiful color option. So how Well that was a great shot for you guys, wasn’t it? How about that? So I am just going to take my sharpie marker here and just go along the edges of the flower. You don’t have to be precise because it’s all gonna bleed down into it. Like you’re not gonna be able to see all these little bitty lines.

It’s gonna bleed down into the flower. Now the stitch one of course is blue. The angel one is pink. So I, the girl I saw that did it with the angel one, I think she used a yellow and then it turned orange on the edges of the pink one and it was beautiful. But I’m a fan of blue. I really am a fan of green. I wish I have a lot of green in my house. Maybe we’ll have one at Christmas time that’s green. Wouldn’t a point said at Christmas be beautiful? Maybe I should put a little idea in their brains for that. Knowing me they’ve already thought of it though. Who knows? So you’ll notice I’m not being super precise. I don’t wanna watch camera cuz then I’ll get way off. But I’m just putting some, some little lines on the edges of the flower. Looks like that one has a doubled up pedal. That’s what I mean about them all being hand tied. They’re all gonna be completely different. It’s the beauty of being handmade. Our warmers are also handmade. Um, many of them are hand painted if it’s a a painted warmer.

We have artisans and seven several different countries that help us make our products because we work really hard to find, um, the art form that is just elite in that country. So I know a lot of our um, Best Scentsy Scents ceramics and stuff are done in China. A lot of our glasswork is done in India. We’re gonna choose countries that are just really good in that art form. I’m gonna put a little bit of dark blue on, I don’t know what this is even called a little polka dotty thing. We’ll see what that does. I don’t know if it’ll do anything. Okay, so I’m done with that right there. And then I’m just going to take my liquid here and there is a little safety seal. I just have a little exacto knife here. I’m gonna pop it up with, I wanna be real careful cause I don’t know if that blue color would

Make a mess. Okay, so I just open up the top of my fragrance flower. It comes with this little, um, ring that you can put on the top and we’re good there. And one more thing before I put my flower down in the oil. The fragrance flowers all have this little paper wrapped around the bottom of the wick and you wanna make sure that you get that off. It’s just gonna help the, um, oils to go up into the wick a little bit better. Okay, so I got that little piece of paper off. Just gonna spread out my WIC a little bit. I don’t know if that helps or not. I like to think it does. So I’m just going to drop that down in there.

So Best Scentsy Scents beautiful and I will keep you guys up updated as to how this flower turns out. I’m so excited about this new design. I hope you are too. These are still available. I can’t believe they didn’t sell out. I’m really surprised they didn’t sell out, um, in just a matter of hours. But they are still available at the time of this filming. So if you are interested in any of the Lilo and stitch items, but especially this Lelo and Stitch hibiscus flower, just go over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and you can click there to shop. You will see under collections, you will see the Disney collection and Lelo and Stitch is going to be listed there. But if you have any questions about this or any other Scentsy products, just shoot me a text. (918) 888-9690. That is my direct phone line. Um, so shoot me any text there and we can figure out anything you need help figuring out. Guys, my name is Jami Jo Sulin and I am here to make your nose happy, but also show you some options of what you can do with products if they’re not completely your Best Scentsy Scents jam. There’s often things that we can do to modify them to make them exactly what you want.