Hi there guys. I am Jami Jo and I am with Jamie. Jo Sells Wax. I have a fragrance company and I have partnered with CSI Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. So I’ve been working with Scentsy products for over 14 years now. I cannot believe that I actually found Best Scentsy Scents while I was a full-time teacher. I fell in love with the products because I was using them in my classroom. I fell in love with them for a couple different reasons. Three main reasons actually. The first is they worked. They absolutely worked. I had a warmer and wax in my classroom and it really helped to make my classroom smell good even when those stanky little kids came back in from recess on a hot Oklahoma Day. So I mean, that alone made me fall in love with the products they worked, but I also knew they were very safe.

They were safe enough to have around the kids in my classroom. I was also using the products at home. They were safe enough to have around my kids, my pets at home, and I loved that about the product. And then the third reason is they were affordable. I am a bargain queen, a frugal Best Scentsy Scents, whatever you wanna call it, but I don’t like to spend a lot of money on frivolous things. So I loved the fact that Scentsy products were super duper affordable. That’s actually how I kind of jumped on board with the partnership with Scentsy. I decided to host a party even though it wasn’t a real party. I just took the catalogs up to work in my school and gathered some orders. At that point, I had earned quite a bit in rewards from just gathering orders and decided to jump on board with a full partnership with Best Scentsy Scents and make money at the same time.

So I’ve been doing that since all the way back in 2008. Today I wanna talk to you about something I’m super, super excited about. If you watched my videos on the regular, I kind of alluded to it yesterday as I was unboxing an order, I had all kinds of products in one specific fragrance, and that fragrance was make a splash. So I have all these products and make a splash. I realize I forgot to order one, but it’s a good thing I still have a little bit of time. So here is what I’m doing with all of these products. In the same fragrance, I am creating a scent memory. Now, if you guys don’t know about scent memory, you absolutely need to know about this. If you have something coming up that is big and you want to remember it, you need to choose a scent for that memory.

Scent is the strongest of our five senses in recalling memories of different things. That’s why when I’m in the grocery store and a more mature woman walks by me and smells like my grandmother, instantly I picture her in my mind. That is why if you were given a certain type of flower on a special occasion, every time you smell that fragrance again, you think of that special occasion. So that is what scent memory is. Now, it can be a negative thing, but we are only talking about the positive aspects of scent memory. Now, I told you I am going to create a scent memory. My husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary next month, and we have an amazing vacation planned to a little tiny community in Mexico. We have a, a cute little Airbnb there right on the beach. I’m sure you guys will hear all about that trip right after it happens.

But I wanted to make sure that I created a scent memory while we were there. So when I wanted to re-experience that trip in my mind and in my memory, all I would have to do is go back to this fragrance and I would be instantly taken back there. So let me show you what I chose for my scent memory creation for this vacation. Now, I chose Make a Splash. Like I said, I’m looking around to see if I can find a catalog because I wanna read you the actual description of the fragrance. I just went through. I wanted to find fragrance that was available in a lot of different products because I, I wanted to really immerse myself in this fragrance on the trip. But also I wanted something that was light and fresh and felt like a beach. So make a splash. Was it Make a Splash?

Is Dewey melon and fresh green apples diving into a refreshing turquoise waters? I mean, if that doesn’t scream a beach vacation, I don’t know what does this smells so, so good light, refreshing, but spa-like at the same time. So I started with Scent Pods. I absolutely knew I had to have Best Scentsy Scents pods for this trip because that is the easiest way to take fragrance to a hotel room at Airbnb or whatever place you are going to stay. Now, I haven’t decided how I’m going to do that yet. There’s, there’s three different products that could help me do this. So I’ll start with the smallest and go up to the largest. And like I said, I haven’t decided yet. I could just take one of these little mini fans. And honestly, it’s kind of what I’m leaning towards because we are doing this trip in Carry-ons only.

So I don’t want to use up tons of space. So this is what I’m leaning towards the mini fan diffuser. So there is a fan down inside here. Let me take this off so you guys can see that fan. If you’ve never seen me show it before. So a fan down inside there, you just put the pod on top. Now I just take the little sticker ring off the pod and put it on there so it stays on and it comes with a USB port. But we all know that you can get a plug adapter for this. So this, like I said, compact, small, tiny, what I’m leaning towards for travel. Now, oftentimes I do take a wall fan diffuser. It works the exact same way. The fan’s down inside there. You can fit two pods on it, which I guess I could balance two pods on this if I wanted more fragrance.

But it works the exact same way. It plugs in an on off switch and the fragrance is there. The other option, and I’ve taken this on several, several trips because I just tuck it in the little side pocket of my backpack. I always have a backpack as my um, personal item. So I just tuck it in there. This is fully rechargeable. So this little spot right here, you put that USB cord in there, the fans down inside there. This one’s fun because it has different light options. I doubt it’s charged cuz this is my display one that always sits back there. Yeah, the battery’s dead, but it’ll rotate through different colors. So I’ll probably end up taking the mini one just because I’m trying to be smart about my packing for this trip. So pods were first. Now I knew that I wanted to immerse myself in this fragrance as well.

So excuse me guys. My nose is so itchy today. Um, I went with the moisture medley package deal. You save money when you do that. So actually the fragrance list isn’t in it. That was on clearance. So I got these three items. I also got a hand soap, but I picked a different scent. I knew I wasn’t taking hand soap on my trip, so I just grabbed one for here at the house. So I got, um, the body wash, the body cream and the hand cream all in Make splash. Honestly, I’m not taking this big body cream cuz I told you we’re pa packing and carry on only and everything has to be under three ounces. So I’ll put some of my body wash in a smaller container and take it. What I love is I, I don’t know for certain, but I’m pretty dang sure the hand cream and the body cream are the exact same stuff.

They’re just in different size packages. So I’m actually going to take the hand cream as my lotion for the trip because it’s the perfect size container. So I’ll have the body wash, I’ll have the lotion in, make a splash, and then we’ve actually discontinued the fragrance miss, but we still had some on the clearance section. So I grabbed this because we also had it in the same fragrance and I opened my order a little bit ago and I’ve already sprayed this a couple times. <laugh> it smell so good, I’m gonna have a scent memory before I even go on the trip and that’s completely fine. Um, the last thing I grabbed was a scent pack. So since I’m leaning towards taking the mini fan, that’ll be packed away in my suitcase. I love that the stent pack, I can just like tie it on the handle of my backpack.

It smells super good when I’m walking through the airport or wherever I’m going, I often do this and I often have people go, oh my gosh, you smells so good. What perfume do you wear? Whatever. And I get to tell them that it’s actually Scentsy. It’s not perfume, but it’s Best Scentsy Scents. So I have all of these products. I have the pods, I have the pack, I have all the body care products. The only thing that I probably will still order that I forgot to order was a room spray. Now this obviously is a different fragrance, but I’ll probably grab a room spray, um, just to have on hand. And it’s the perfect size, 2.7 ounces. So it fits in that under three ounce category two, it’s just always great to have on hand. Um, you know, this, this mini fan, if I take it for the fragrance, it’s just gonna fragrance really one room.

So I’ll probably put it in our bedroom or in the living room of the little condo and then I can use the room spray in the other rooms. So I love that I’m gonna have a full body lotion when I get back home because I told you guys the point of all of this is to create a scent memory. I want to use this fragrance that whole time on that vacation. So when I get back home and I smell that fragrance again, I’m immediately taken to those gorgeous beaches in Mexico. So that is how scent memory works. Scent memory is fabulous to think about for your wedding day for special celebrations or for even memories with a certain person. So think about any special occasions that you have coming up in the near future. And I would love to talk to you about creating a scent memory for your special occasion.

All you need to do is text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0, or if you just want to jump on my website and grab all the products you can in one fragrance and create your own scent memory, you absolutely can do that. You can do that at Jami Jo sells wax.com. So just think about the different places that you’re going to be on your vacation or during your experience and how you can work Best Scentsy Scents into those adventures and create those scent memories. If you guys have any questions at all, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me again. That number that you can text is 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. My name is Janie Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and to help you create some scent memories.