Hi there. My name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sells Wax. We are a fragrance company and I’ve been partnered with Scentsy Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. I started as a customer. I was a teacher at the time. I started as a customer, fell in love with the products because they really worked. Uh, I knew they were safe and they were affordable. For those three reasons, I fell in love with Best Scentsy Scents, jumped on board with the opportunity, and I’ve never looked back. That was almost actually is over 14 years ago. Long time, long time. But I love these products and I’m super excited to talk to you guys today about the brand New Father’s Day collection that is coming out on May 8th. Now, we’ve called it a Father’s Day Collection, but honestly, I love this collection. I, I’m obviously not a dad.

I love this collection. It could be for anyone. We just brought it out in time for Father’s Day, um, thinking that dads would love it too. Now, I am really excited about this Father’s Day collection because in the past we’ve had some pretty cheesy warmers for Father’s Day collection, a grill, a fish, a golfing one. Like a lot of dads like those things, but a lot of dads don’t. Uh, so I’m really excited about the Father’s Day collection this year. Let’s start by talking about the warmer. Now, I do not have the warmer in my hands yet, but I decided to sit right next to this one. This is one of our brand new warmers and the Father’s Day Collection warmer is, I mean, really it is this warmer in a slight gray. Here’s what I love about this warmer. It is one of our element warmers.

I’m gonna grab the name of this exact one in case you wanna order it. Let’s see. This one’s called Simply Diamond. And if you want the slate gray one that comes out May 8th. It’s called Simply Slate. Easy peasy. Uh, I’m gonna go ahead and change the Best Scentsy Scents wax in this warmer real quick because I wanna show you a couple features of it. So I’m going to use a cotton cleanup. This is the easiest way to change wax. It’s just a big giant cotton round with a handle on it. So I don’t get all that wax under my fingernails. I just drop it right in that warmer with the wax fully melted. Give it a second, and it is going to all soak right up in there.

Easy peasy way to clean up. We’re good to go. I just toss this in the trash and I’m ready for new wax. So what I wanted to show you with this simply diamond warmer, and this simply slight will be the same way. There’s no light bulb. A lot of our warmers use a light bulb to warm the wax and put off the fragrance. But this is great because it’s a teeny tiny little warmer. It’s great for small spaces. If you don’t want a warmer that’s taking up a lot of room, this is a, a great option for you. And then all of our, I say all, all of our newer warmers have a number in the dish. Can you see that? There’s a number four right there. So that tells me how many cubes of wax are recommended for this warmer. Now, of course, you can put as little or as much wax into a warmer as you want, but Scentsy recommends four cubes of wax into that warmer, now we have two new fragrances and we’re gonna decide which of these two fragrances.

I’m gonna put my warmer. I mean, I’ve already prem smelled these, so I know which one I’m gonna do. Um, because there’s one that I really, really wanna try and see. What it’s Best Scentsy Scents throw is how far of the room it fragrances and how long it lasts. These are brand new, brand new out. Like at the time that I’m filming this, people can’t even get them yet. Um, that’s one of the perks of being a consultant is we have the opportunity to get fragrances before the general public does. So this doesn’t go available until May 8th. Um, but I’ve had it for a little over a week now, and we’re still in April when I’m filming this. So it’s, it’s a really nice perk of being a consultant is that you get to order things ahead of time and give them a try. So let’s talk about these wax fragrances.

I’m gonna start with High Mountain Lake. Now, I told you before that Scentsy would kind of choose very, I’m trying to think of the word cheesy. Cheesy is the best one. Cheesy dad warmers. And they did better this time choosing a a more simple, warmer that would work for a lot of different people. They’ve also done a lot better on the fragrances. So Scentsy used to do a very masculine fragrances for Father’s Day, and in my almost 15 years with Scentsy, I have found that usually it’s the women that buy the really masculine and cologne fragrances. The dudes don’t really buy that from me. Um, most of my male clients tend to like more fresh fragrances or food fragrances. So these two Father’s Day releases, I mean, like I said, you don’t have to be dad to buy ’em. Uh, these two scents are definitely on the fresh side, a little bit more earthy on one of them, but definitely on the fresh side, they’re not that in your face. Cologne scent that we’ve seen a lot with other Father’s Day collections. High Mountain Lake. I started to talk to you guys about that and I got off on a squirrel trail.

I’ve read the description, but I’m trying to, to think of what’s in this and I can’t peg it. It, it tingles in my nose a little bit. It’s like I wa I wanna say it’s a woodsy, but it’s not pine. Let me just read it. I mean, I wish there was smell of vision so you could smell it. But it’s a grove of sample wood, violet leaf and Virginia’s cedar shades. Deep notes of amber. It’s the cedar. That’s what I was smelling like, and it, I kept thinking of something prickly like <laugh>. You know how fine needles are prickly? I guess that’s what it was. It was the cedar, sandalwood, violet leaf, cedar and amber. It’s really good. It’s a little spicy. I would almost think that there was maybe some white pepper in this, but they don’t say that it’s woodsy, it’s fresh, it’s outdoorsy.

If you like outdoorsy fragrances, this is gonna be for you. But it’s not like an a Christmas tree smell. It’s not like those that we see at Christmas time, that straight up pine. That’s not what it is. It’s just a fresh and outdoorsy. I really, my husband’s gonna want this in his office. I can almost promise you that. High mountain lake. Now, the thing with these limited time offers, these special collection waxes is they are limited time offers. You can only get them for a short while and then Scentsy is going to discontinue them. However, if you grab one of these and you fall in love with it, you need to start a Best Scentsy Scents club and add it to Scentsy Club. That’s our customer loyalty program. Now, there’s a lot of great benefits to Scentsy Club. I have full videos on Scentsy Club with all the benefits. But the coolest thing about Scentsy Club is when you add a bar of wax to Scentsy Club, Best Scentsy Scents will always make it for you. Even if it’s discontinued, if you keep it in your club, they will continue to make it for you even after it’s been discontinued. That’s my favorite part of Scentsy Club because I have several fragrances in there that they no longer make, but I got them in my club and I always get them. Okay, desert Rock and Citron. That is our other fragrance for this Father’s Day collection.

And I knew this was the one I was gonna warm. I am so excited about this one. It’s got that woodsy earthy smell, but there’s like mint and citrus almost on top of it. If you liked Simply Irresistible, which was a fragrance from a long time ago, long time ago, you’re gonna love this one. It is fresh water accented with a lemon and mint leaf splashes over a warm desert rock. That’s interesting. There’s no woodsy fragrances in there at all. You know what? Ooh, maybe I need to mix these. Have you guys ever done a scent mix? It’s super fun to mix fragrances. I think these two together would be absolutely amazing.

Oh, guys, I’m onto something here. Yeah, I’m gonna be doing a mix of these. That’s what I’m gonna do. Cause I love the, um, woodiness, but I love that mint and that citrus, that lemon on top of it. So here’s what I’m going to do. We’re gonna do two cubes of each, because remember my warmer recommended four cubes. So two cubes of High Mountain Lake, two cubes of Desert Rock and Citron. We’re gonna put those in there and I’m really excited about what that’s gonna smell like. Really, really excited guys. There’s lots of different ways that you can order Scentsy fragrance. Two ways are the easiest. You can jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. That’s my website. You can find everything there, even starting your Scentsy Club. There’s a tab at the top where you can do that. Um, also, you can text me anytime if you have questions or just want me to handle your order.

I’m happy to do that. 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 90. Now, if you have not smelled Scentsy in a while, or maybe you’ve never experienced Scentsy at all, I would be happy to drop some, some sniff samples in the mail to you along with a little product list showing you all of our warmers and different products like that. Just text the word samples to that same phone number. It was (918) 888-9690. I’ll grab your address from you and pop a little smell mail in my mailbox so you can sniff some of the samples and pick out which fragrance is perfect for you. Now, I’m not gonna send you all 80 to a hundred fragrances, but you’re gonna get a fun little selection so you at least can know what type of fragrances you like. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy, help you grab some fun Father’s Day gifts, or just really cool stuff for anyone in general. But let me know anytime you have questions and I’m here for you guys.