Hey there, my name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sells Wax. I own a fragrance company selling Scentsy fragrance. If you aren’t familiar with Scentsy fragrance, we started out as a home fragrance business selling mainly wax warmers and fragrance wax. But we have branched out into a lot of different areas of your life and fragrance for those areas of your life. But today’s topic, I want to talk to you about some of our wax that we just released for the spring season and we released this wax in our largest size that we have ever offered. This is a full pound Brit of wax. Now, first of all, let’s talk about fragrance for a minute. If you were not aware, fragrance is such a powerful, powerful thing in your life. Did you know that when someone walks into your house or any area really the very first thing that they notice subconsciously even is the fragrance of that room and whether that is a Best Scentsy Scents welcoming space.

That’s why it’s so important to think about the fragrances that you are surrounded with daily. Not only do other people notice the fragrances in a space, but fragrance can enhance mood. If you are in a really icky gross mood like I have been before, I have learned that if I go and change the Best Scentsy Scents wax in my warmers within minutes, my outlook can change. It is amazing the difference that fragrance can make in your life, and that is one of the reasons that I love Scentsy fragrance. And I have stayed with the company for over 14 years now. Like I said, today we are going to be talking about these. I showed you one brick, but there’s actually five new bricks of wax fragrances. Now, first of all, I just wanna show you a difference. This is a bar of wax. This is the normal size of Scentsy wax.

This is what we’re looking at. Huge, huge, huge difference. This one is 3.2 ounces. This is a full pound of wax, so a huge difference in the size. But hang on with me because at the end of this video I’m gonna tell you how you can get these fragrances in this size of wax. But first, let’s just go through and do some sniff tests of these new fragrance. Now let me be fully transparent. All of my bricks <laugh> are partially used up. I have already smelled all of these because the minute they came in, I frantically made wax samples for my last 100 customer orders and got those in the Best Scentsy Scents mail today. So hopefully you are receiving those wax samples if you’re one of my customers by the time that you’re watching this video. So yes, I’ve already smelled these and I will tell you that since you nailed it this time, all five of these fragrances are absolutely amazing.

Now, some of them are bring backs, some of them are brand new. Let’s start with beach daisy. So Scentsy’s description of beach, daisy is honey, do melon, wild daisies and green apple make a bouquet of fresh picked paradise. So when I smell beach daisy, it’s not the typical beach fragrance. Um, it’s not similar to buy the sea or we’ve had one called beach before. We’ve had one called ocean. Uh, it’s not the same. It doesn’t actually give me that beach vibe, but it definitely is a bright, sunny springtime day. Now we used to have this fragrance in washer with and I absolutely loved it in Washer West and I do really enjoy it in a wax. I would say it’s a great fragrance for a bathroom. It’s light, fresh and crisp, but it’s not super, super noticeable. So personally I wouldn’t put it in the main areas of my home because I like a real in your face noticeable fragrance.

This is lighter and fresher. I would use it in my bathroom, but I do really enjoy beach daisy. I will tell you guys I like all five of these. This go around, which is very, very rare. I’m gonna save cucumber and cactus water. We’re the very end because it is my favorite. So next I am going to tell you about summer berry melon. Summer berry melon. Now this is one of the brand new ones. We’ve never had this fragrance before. It is Kaaba melon, which I’m gonna be honest, I looked up to see if that was misspelled because I’ve never heard of Kaaba melon <laugh>. It is correct. Kaba melon, strawberry raspberry, and pineapple burst onto the scene in a fruity and fun sensation, like I haven’t even put my nose to it, but I can already smell it. It reminds me of like a fruit gum. Very sugary, very sweet. This would be great for a little girl’s bedroom if you like. Really sweet fragrances. This one is for you. I have a friend, um, Jen, you would really like this cuz I know you like those super sweet fragrances. Definitely sweet and yummy and like makes me think of summer. Definitely makes me think of summer. So we’re gonna move on to another fruity one. This is pink apple and nectarine. This is another new fragrance. So obviously pink apple and golden nectarine dance in a field of wild poppies with lush sugar cane. So let’s see what it makes me think of.

It reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s a smell from my childhood.

Gosh, I, I don’t even know how to put this one in words. I absolutely love it. I like it better than the summer berry melon.  Best Scentsy Scents Summer berry melon is just like fruit in your face. This one is definitely fruity, but you can smell that floral on top of it. Um, this one I would put all over my house. Actually, I need to do wax change tomorrow, so I might give this a try in all the main areas of my house. Pink apple and nectarine. Love, love, love it. Um, orchard by the sea, another brand new one orchard by the sea and apple orchard flourishes beneath sea salt skies with whispers of crisp linen and green mango. This is a fresh scent. If you like spa fragrances, you will like this. If you liked one of our old fragrances called Mediterranean Spa, this really, really, really reminds me of it. It’s super close to Mediterranean Spa,

Crisp, fresh, great laundry scent. If you like clean breeze, if you like clothesline, you’re gonna really like this fragrance. It’s fresh, it’s clean, it’s laundry. Super, super yummy. Um, I have found myself sometimes if I need to clean my house, but I don’t have the time to do it <laugh>. Sometimes I’ll just put a nice fresh, clean scent in my Scentsy warmers. Then it makes me feel like I cleaned <laugh> housekeeping tips from Jami Jo. Not necessarily the best housekeeping tips to follow, but okay, cucumber and cactus water. I told you this was my favorite. It absolutely is. We have had this before, but I wanna say it’s been like two years since we’ve seen this fragrance. It is crisp cucumber waves into refreshing cactus water and sea salt. So, so, so good. Now we used to have a fragrance called sea salt avocado and I’m really surprised they discontinued it because it was a great selling fragrance.

This is the next best thing. So if you’re one of my die hard sea salt avocado fans, you’ve got to try this cucumber and cactus water. It is so yummy. I know I said that for like all five of these, which is rarer. Normally there’s a fragrance in a set that I just don’t care for. But if I had to rate these, this is number one Best Scentsy Scents, pink apple and nectarines number two, orchard by the seas number three. And then summer berry melon and beach daisy are kind of like tying for spot number four. I like them both, but they’re not my favorites. I would put this in the bathroom, I would put this in a bed, little kids’ bedroom, but I don’t have any little kids. So there’s my opinions. Now I told you that right now the only size you can get these in is this full pound brick.

They are $24 each US prices, 24 each or two of them for $40. And you can get two of the same or mix and match. It doesn’t matter. However, if you’re like Jamie, that’s a cracked ton of wax and I don’t even know if I like it. I’ll even know if I want that much wax. I really would like to try it in just a regular size bar. There is a way you can do that, but you can’t order it directly from the regular website or directly from me. If you want to get one of these fragrances in a bar this size, you can do that through Scentsy Club. Scentsy Club is our subscription program. But don’t get all freaked out thinking it’s an autoship program because it’s better. It’s better than the normal autoship. So here’s the thing about Scentsy Club. You get to decide how often you want it every month, every other month, every third month you get to decide how much stuff you want.

Maybe you just want one bar, maybe you want $200 worth of stuff. I don’t care. Do it either way. But it is the only way that you can get discounts on Scentsy products without posting an event or joining the company. Because with Scentsy Club, if you have a club order of $30 or more, you automatically get 10% off everything. If your club order is $60 or more, you get that 10% off everything and it gives you a half price item. You can put any current offering of wax on Scentsy Club and even like these are limited time offers these giant bricks, but if you have it in Scentsy Club, they will always make it for you. Like even after the limited time is done and gone, they’re still gonna make that fragrance of wax for you in your bar no matter how many you choose for your CTI plus.

So keep that in mind. And that is true of any of our CTI fragrances. If you add it to club while it is current, you have the opportunity to always get it. They call it always get my bar. And that is one of the perks of Scentsy Club. So I really, really, really think you should try Cucumber and Cactus Water and Pink Apple Rine. If I was gonna do the two pack, these are my two packs right here. Highly recommend you try these. Now like I said, these are limited time offers, so whether you wanna jump in and do a full pound brick of wax or if you wanna add it to your CIN club in the bar size, you got to do it soon because these will go away. They are limited time offers. We don’t have an end date for them. We’ve just been told they’re limited time offers.

So you can order at Jami Jo sells wax.com or text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Or you can also go on to Jami Jo sells wax.com and up at the top, click on Scentsy Club and that will take you to the link to start setting up your Scentsy club. If you guys have any questions, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me. The best way is to text me at that 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 or you can comment on any video that you see. I’m always happy to answer Best Scentsy Scents questions guys, if you found this video helpful and you want to always be in the know of all the Scentsy knowledge, be sure that you subscribe to my channel. That way you will get a notice every time that I put a new video app. But I would love to stay in contact with you. I would love to help you get this super yummy brick with cucumber, cactus water or any of these preferences. But other than that, I just want to remind you that my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and hopefully get some cucumber and cactus water going in that snip.