Hey guys, it is Jami Jo from Jami Jo Sells Wax and I am so excited to come to you guys today with the top six Scentsy fragrance from last week’s sales. So Jami Jo sells Wax is a fragrance business and we partner with Scentsy Fragrance. That’s why I wanna tell you about this. I have been partnered with Scentsy Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. I got hooked as a customer and jumped on board with the opportunity way back in 2008. It’s been over 14 years guys, and I’m so excited that I did no regrets whatsoever. I still love Scentsy. I still love all the opportunity that Best Scentsy Scents gives me and I love these fragrances. So let’s jump right in to the top six. I always do six when I do these guys. You should know that by now. If you’ve been following me, if you don’t follow me, you definitely should subscribe to my channel because I do videos like this all the time to you tell you guys what everyone else is loving.

Now there’s not really a a color theme. Sometimes there is, but we’re just talking about the top selling fragrances. So no customized set here. I’m just sharing with you what everybody else is loving right now. Now I always do six packs when I talk about any fragrance suggestions because that is the best way. One of the best ways to purchase Scentsy fragrance. If you are just going to do a one-off purchase, you should always do a six pack because when you buy five, you get one free. Um, or you should look at joining the club, joining Scentsy Club because when you are in Scentsy Club, which is our customer loyalty program, when you’re in Scentsy Club, you always get discounts and discounted shipping on your Scentsy products. So if you want more information about that, just text the word club to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 and I would be happy to send you some more information about CIN Club.

But let’s jump right in the top selling fragrances from last week. This one is no surprise whatsoever. It is our fragrance of the month, a loha orchid. So this just released on May 1st. It is so yummy. It’s like that perfect combination of tropical fruit and floral together. Um, I’m not a real lover of floral fragrances, but this is one that I have warmed and I do enjoy warming because it’s a good mix. It’s got that sweet, um, little fruity scent on top of the floral. So Scentsy’s official description, I am looking at our flyer here of the warmer of the month and the scent of the month. It says A trip to the islands beckons as coconut cream and pineapple water mingle alongside plumeria petals and purple orchid. So like I said, that perfect mix of the fruity and floral, this is a really good fragrance.

It just screams summer to me, and I know we’re still in May, but I am ready for this weather to warm up and us to be wearing short sleeves, tank tops, shorts. I’m a lover of all things warm, so I’m ready for it. And Best Scentsy Scents orchid puts me one step closer. <laugh> to that. Now, uh, this is not a surprise either. Luna is often in our top selling fragrances. Luna’s been around for a long time. It is one of our best sellers. Now, I know I told you I don’t like florals, but I do love Luna. I don’t necessarily love it for my wax and my warmers, but I love Luna in the laundry products. I love Luna in our bath and body line. Um, those are things that I love the Luna fragrance. This is just the epitome of a floral without smelling like that Grandma scent.

Let me get the official description for you. I love that we have fragrances all over the board in our top sellers this week. Um, Luna is white florals, so it’s Jasmine’s sweet pea and Frisia, but there are juicy berries and sandalwood. So maybe that’s why even though it’s a floral, I still enjoy this one. I love me some sandalwood and I do like that touch of sweetness on top of it. It’s floral, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s not headache inducing like a lot of florals can be. So you might consider giving Luna a try. It’s just a good standard fragrance. Now, sun sunki citrus again, often in our top selling fragrances. I have been selling Best Scentsy Scents for over 14 years now and we’ve had sunki citrus that entire time that I’ve been selling CII fragrance. I mean, I don’t have to smell this. I’ve been smelling it for 14 years, but I love to just do a little sniff test while I’m talking about the top sellers with you guys.

Sunki citrus is just the epitome of citrus. It is orange, it is lemon, it is lime. It is just yummy fruit all up in your face. Now I have a fun little mix that I’m gonna tell you about in a few minutes with another fragrance that’s also in our collection here. The official description of sun kiss citrus, a lively blend of orange, lemons, limes, and grapefruit. I mean, really, that’s what I just told you guys. Now, I do wanna let you guys know, you’ll notice that anytime I’m doing sniff sessions, I always pop the bar out like this. That is because of the nature of our bars. We use parafin wax companies use all different kinds of wax. We choose to use Parafin for three main reasons. The first is because of its scent loading ability. Paraffin wax allows us to add the most fragrance oil to our wax.

So that means sometimes there’s a little too much oil to fully mix in with the wax and the oil is heavier, it sinks down to the bottom. Your bars are stored like this in the warehouse. So oftentimes a lot of the oils sink down to the bottom. So if I were to just open this and smell the bar like this, I’m not gonna get the full experience of all the fragrance oils. So as I pop it over, I’m gonna get all of the fragrance that I can enjoy through my nose. Um, now I told you there’s three reasons that we choose parafin wax. It is because of the scent loading ability. It is because of the lower melting point, which means that fragrance comes out of our wax at a lower temperature. So that means it’s not scorching the wax. Um, we can just warm the wax and get a good fragrance lower and slower.

That means that it’s gonna last longer and be stronger for longer. And then the third reason is because of the firmness of the wax. It’s easier to clean up, um, should a spill occur, or even just when you’re changing the wax in your warmers, it’s easier to change. So those are the reasons that I flip that bar upside down. Now this one, I don’t know that I’ve seen pineapple mango in the top sellers in a while, but pineapple, mango, I mean, guys, does this need a description? It’s pineapple mango, but the official Scentsy description, a bright blend of sweet pineapple and juicy mango softened by passion flour. This smells like it needs a straw and an umbrella in it, if you know what I’m talking about. <laugh>. Um, the next one we’ve had this one a while, vanilla bean buttercream. To me Best Scentsy Scents should have just named it like wedding cake or cupcake icing or something like that because it’s, it’s definitely sweet. It’s definitely yummy. It definitely makes me my mouth water for a little bit of cake. It is decadent buttercream fos frosting made with freshened butter, whipped with cane sugar and vanilla extract.

It’s just a little bit of yummy. Now, I told you guys that I was gonna give you a little trick. If you will take equal parts of sun kiss citrus and vanilla bean buttercream, two cubes of each. Or if you have a little mini warmer, I’d just do a half a cube of each. Whatever you wanna do, equal parts, sun kiss, citrus, vanilla bean buttercream. It will smell like those super yummy creamsicles that maybe you used to get. I know I used to get from the ice cream man as he drove through the neighborhood. I loved those so, so much. And the two of these together smells just like that. So you can consent mix any time with our fragrances. I’m gonna wrap up this six pack of our top selling fragrances from last week with soaking rays. Now this is one of our brand new fragrances this season, but you guys are loving it because it is selling like crazy.

It kind of reminds me like this really does just smell like a summer date to me. It smells like outside, like laying on the grass when I was a little girl. The dandelions, that’s those little yellow flowers, right, that turn into puffballs. Yes, I think those are called dandelions. Um, the official description of this feel the sunshine as bright mandarin and orange flower bask in ocean air. Okay, I’ll go with that. But if you want my description, it smells like laying in the grass as a child. That’s my description of soak and rays. So guys, these are the top six fragrances that everyone purchased last week from Scentsy Fragrance. So if you want to be among the, among the popular crowd, there is your six pack picks. But remember, you can customize your six pack at any time with any fragrances. If you haven’t smelled Best Scentsy Scents in a while, text the word samples to 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0.

I would love to pop some samples in the mail to you so you can smell just a handful of our newer fragrances and maybe we can help you find a new favorite. Um, you can order any time at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Make sure you go to the specials section for that six pack so you can get that free bar or you can text me anytime to place your order. Same phone number (918) 888-9690. If you guys love this video, if you always wanna know about, um, the top sellers or the new exciting things that are coming out, make sure that you subscribe to this channel because I’m on here all the time to chat with you guys about Best Scentsy Scents. As always, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you pick some super yummy fragrances.