Hi guys. My name is Jami Jo and I am with Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have a fragrance company and I have partnered with CSI Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. So I have been working with CSI Fragrance for over 14 years now and I’ve seen a lot of new and exciting things brought into the world of Fragrance by Best Scentsy Scents . And I am so excited about one of their newest adventures, which is Scentsy Club. Scentsy Club is the most amazing customer loyalty program that I have ever seen with any company I love to shop. I mean, let’s face it, I started selling Scentsy so I could have more money to shop. I was a public school teacher at the time and every single bit of our budget was going towards household expenses and raising children <laugh>. So I decided to jump on board with the Scentsy opportunity and partner with them so I could just make a little side cash.

That was all I ever intended this to be and look at me now with a full-time business. But like I said, I absolutely love to shop and that means that I am a part of several different companies, customer loyalty, prog programs. Not only do I love to shop, but I love to save money. I love to get the best deals. I love to get the best discounts. And what I love about Scentsy Club is that it takes several different aspects of customer loyalty programs that I’ve seen with other companies. Only they’re all thrown in together with even some more benefits. On top of that, Scentsy Club is the best customer loyalty, customer loyalty program that I’ve ever seen.

So let’s talk about the different perks of Best Scentsy Scents Club and why you need to consider being a part of the club. So I want to compare it to some other customer loyalty programs that I often use. Now I absolutely love shopping at Target, love shopping at Target. If you watch any of my shorts or my reels, you know this already. So I of course am a part of Cartwheel with Target and I love the fact that every time I shop with them, I just put in my phone number and I get part of those sales back to me in the form of credit for Target. And Scentsy Club does the exact same thing every time that you shop with Scentsy Club, you are going to earn points and those points can be redeemed for discounts on future Scentsy purchases, whether in club or just a regular Best Scentsy Scents purchase.

So I absolutely love that perk. Now there are tons of other perks as well and one of them is one that I have never seen from any other company’s customer loyalty program and that is the program that we call always Get My Bar. Now it’s only available through Best Scentsy Scents and here’s how it works. If there is a fragrance that you absolutely have fallen in love with with Scentsy, but either it was a limited time offer, often our um, licensed fragrances are just limited time offers, or we even have specials like for Easter or Father’s Day, things like that. Also, our fragrance line does a complete changeover twice a year cuz we have a spring and summer line and a fall winter line. So perhaps one of your favorite fragrances is going to be discontinuing during that time. If you add a fragrance bar, a wax bar to your Scentsy Club, while it is still a current fragrance, Scentsy will always make it for you just for you.

Now we’ve talked to corporate before at Big, big, uh, conferences and things like that and we’ve asked them like legit, are you serious? What if only one customer wants a fragrance? And some people at corporate claim that there are one or two fragrances that maybe only one or two people order but they continue to make it for those customers cuz that is what they promised that you can always get your bar if it’s the fragrance that you love. So if you watched my video yesterday, you heard all about how I am creating a scent memory on my upcoming vacation and I’m using the fragrance, make a splash for that. Now, on yesterday’s video, I never talked about the Make a Splash wax because I don’t wanna take wax on a vacation. That can just be a mess. However, I am going to stock up on the scent, make a splash to warm in my warmers here at the house when I get back home from the vacation.

Because if you know anything about Scent Memory, if you join me for my video yesterday, you know that when you smell those fragrances that it can just take you back to a certain event or a certain place in your life. So I’m creating the scent memory by using tons of this fragrance on my vacation. And then I’m going to make sure that I add Make a Splash to my Scentsy Club. So obviously Make a Splash is a summer fragrance and I can almost guarantee you that come August it will be discontinued to make room for our fall and winter line. But if I add it to my club now, Scentsy will always make it for me and I never have to worry about being without it. I hate it when I find a certain lipstick color or a certain nail color that I absolutely love and I wanna use it all the time and inevitably the company will discontinue it.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that happening with Scentsy because you can always get your bar. Let’s talk about a few of the other perks. Scentsy Club is the only way that you can get discounted consumable Scentsy products without hosting with the company or becoming a consultant. If you have a Best Scentsy Scents Club that is over $30, you automatically get 10% off everything in that Scentsy Club. Now you even get that discount on things that are not normally discounted. Our with Box is our monthly surprise box. There’s no other way that you can get a discount on With Box. We are not even allowed to use Host Rewards on with Box. But if you add it to your spy club, you can always get it at 10% off. Now if your club is $60 or more, of course you’re already getting that 10% off everything in Club.

But then you also get a half price item. Let’s go back to that with Box. That’s $35. Now with Box is already a great deal cuz you’re promised to get over $35 worth of stuff in that box. But if you use your whiff box for your half price item on Club, you’re gonna get that for 1750 in the month of May. The whiff box is valued at $41. It is retailing for $35, but as a half price item, you can get it for 17 50, 40 $1 worth of Scentsy and only pay 1750. That is a heck of a deal on your Scentsy Club. Now another fun perk is the fact that you can get bricks of wax through Scentsy Club. We offer bricks from time to time for all of our customers, but bricks are an all the time deal with Scentsy Club. Here’s the regular size bar, here’s the brick.

Huge, huge difference. Now, it’s not every single fragrance that you can get in a brick, but there are a couple discontinued fragrances that are customer favorites. Uh, perfectly Pomegranate, sea Salt, avocado and Sugar Cookie are all available in the brick but only through Scentsy Club. But again, you’re gonna get that discount or possibly even half price on that brick. It is absolutely free to sign up for Scentsy Club and you can change it up or cancel it at any time. There is no contract, you are not tied to it ever, ever, ever. But how awesome is it to always have your Scentsy on hand since you decide how often you need it and how much you need? You get to pick if you want it every month, every other month or every third month, you know how much Scentsy you use so you can custom design it so that you never run out of Best Scentsy Scents .

There’s nothing worse than not having any Scentsy wax and knowing that you’re gonna have a get together at your house and then you’re scrambling to call me and try and get your Scentsy in time where if you just had Scentsy Club set up, you wouldn’t have to worry about it at all. Okay, I think I’ve talked about it all. You get discounts at $60, discounts at $30 half price at 60 s. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that you get discounted shipping on every single club order. So discounted shipping is definitely a perk of CSE Club two. Access to the bricks free to sign up, never run out. You choose how often always get your bar and you earn points that could be cashed in for future discounts. And it’s the only way to get a discount on your W Box. I mean, that’s 10 I, I had to write ’em down cuz I thought I would forget them and I would’ve 10 different reasons that Scentsy Clock Club is a great idea and you should really consider adding it in there. Guys, if you have any questions about Scentsy Club or anything really about this business, feel free to text me anytime. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Or if you are ready to just start in with Scentsy Club, you’re super smart in doing that, just jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. There’s a tab up at the top that will help you get started on that. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and to help you cash in on all the perks of Scentsy Club.