Hi there, and thanks so much for swinging into Jamie. Joe sells Wax. I am a s Scentsy consultant. I am a superstar director with the company. I have been working with s Scentsy products since all the way back in October of 2008, and I absolutely love this time Best Scentsy Scents transition time. This is one of the most exciting times in our company. It only happens twice a year when we move from s summer, spring, and summer to fall and winter. That’s my favorite transition. And then when we move from fall and winter, back to spring and summer, August is the month. We’re in August of 2023, and August is the month of transition. So I want to talk to you guys about what exactly that means, and if you are a s Scentsy consultant, how you can prepare for it. If you’re considering becoming a S Scentsy consultant, what s Scentsy is going to do for you this month to make sure that you are fully prepared this transition season.

Now, like I said, I’ve been doing this a long time. This is going to be my 15th fall and winter season with Best Scentsy Scents. So if we do the math, I’ve been through, I think that would be 30 different transitions, either 29 or 30, um, different transitions with the company. I am a pro at this, and so I’m excited to guide you along the steps to let you know what you need to do. Transition, like I said, is when we move from one season to the other season. Now as a consultant, there are two main things that you need to make sure that you purchase to prepare yourself for this Best Scentsy Scents transition. Now, as I’m talking about this, if you’re considering becoming a Scentsy consultant, I wanna let you know that if you decide to jump on board in partnership in August this month, that Scentsy is going to prepare you for this transition by including these items in your starter kit.

So first of all, when you became a Scentsy consultant, you got a black bag. You can kind of see it, it’s blurred out up there, but you got a black bag of testers. Man, that’s hard to do. Mirrored, there it is. Yeah, that black bag of testers of fragrances. Now, they were all the current fragrances. What you want to do is go onto your workstation and get the set that says Transition testers. It’s gonna be 20% off if you get it this month. So it’s gonna be a bag. This is not an actual transition bag, but it’s gonna be a bag about this size. It’s gonna be all of the fragrances that were not, not in the spring and summer catalog, but are in the fall and winter catalog. What you are going to want to do at the end of this month is grab that discontinued list.

It looks like that it’s from your workstation. You can get it right off your workstation. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna grab that discontinued Best Scentsy Scents list. You’re gonna go through all of the testers in that black bag. Oh look, I jumped right up and pointed to the perfect spot that time. Grab all the testers out of that bag that are on that discontinued list and set them aside. Don’t throw them away. Hang onto them because a lot of them will come back in the spring and summer next year. So don’t trash ’em. Just tuck ’em aside. Make sure they’re in a cool, happy little place so they don’t melt. Then what you’re gonna wanna do is move your new transition set of testers into that bag with your other sids. So, but don’t do that until the end of the month because those new fall and winter ones, you can’t get them until September 1st.

You wanna make sure that you are marketing the existing products to your Best Scentsy Scents customers. Don’t, don’t give them the new fall stuff too early because you’ll kill your sales for this month. So on top of the testers, you also need new marketing materials. Our catalog is doing a complete changeover. We do this twice a year. So there are three different marketing materials. I’m gonna show you the three different types, and you can decide what works best for your business. Now we have the full catalogs. This is the gorgeous, beautiful new fall winter of 2023, loving this catalog. It doesn’t look like a catalog. It looks like a magazine, but these catalogs you can get. I’m gonna give us pricing, guys. It’s gonna be different in different countries, but you’re gonna get a pack of 20 of these for $10 and 80scentsif you get them this month.

You can also get these, these are product lists. Now, I love the product lists, um, for two different reasons. In particular, I love to tuck them in my Happy mail, my smell mail, because they’re lightweight and they don’t cost hardly anything to mail. Also, when I’m out at Faires and events, I put these in every single Best Scentsy Scents bag of anyone that purchases from me. They’re super affordable because you get 150 of them for $9. That’s a really good deal. Now, I also love the showcase brochure. This is obviously the one that is being discontinued because I haven’t got my new ones in. I like it because it is condensed. It’s only four pages, front and back, cute little brochure. I can actually trifold these, put them in a regular business envelope and mail them out to my customers very affordably as well. So I do enjoy the showcase brochures.

Again, they’re, they’re more affordable than a full catalog. They are priced 25 of them for $5. So really good price on those as well. Um, here’s one thing that’s really cool. I did not grab these, but we have rub and sniff stickers. Now, if you’ve been a Scentsy consultant for a while, you know about the scent of the month kit. You know that they come with those. Thought I had some behind me, but I don’t see ’em real quick. Um, you can get the entire set of the 10 new fall and winter fragrances in Robin sniff stickers. You get, it’s either 72 or 76 of them. You can get all of the fragrances for $30. You can buy ’em individually. I think they’re $3 each because there’s 10. So that would make sense. Now, what I love to do for my customers is I have a cutesy, cutesy little form that I steal from somebody else on one of the flyer Facebook pages.

And I put all those stickers on there. I mail it out to my customers. It’s super affordable for me to do that as a way for them to sniff the new Best Scentsy Scents smells. Now also, you might wanna consider grabbing some harvest brochures. I don’t have any of those on hand yet either. My, my order hasn’t arrived yet. So harvest brochures are another thing that you’re going going to want to get right now, because the harvest brochure launches on September 1st, right when the new fall and winter catalog launches as well. So those are the main things that you want. Now, Scentsy does have a business toolkit that includes a 20 pack of catalogs, a 50 pack of product lists. The sticker bundle that I talked about. It has the transition fragrance, testers, and a product training guide. So if this is your first transition, that is probably the way to go.

I would just snag up that, that it’s called Transition Tools Business Kit. I would snag that up because it’s just gonna make sure that you’re set for this new season. Now, here’s what’s really cool. All of the spring and summer business tools are 50% off right now. Yes, they’re going to be discontinued at the end of the month, but if you have an event right around the corner, you can grab these at 50% off. Slap a sticker on there that says, um, oh, write this down though. This catalog may be old. Look inside and you’ll be sold lots of great products. You will see call to find out how to get some for free. Slap that on a sticker. Avery labels work great. And then you can pass those out like candy ’cause they were super affordable and it’s just gonna grab some people’s attention.

Do that. If you have leftover stuff too, leftover catalogs, whatever, don’t ever throw out old catalogs. Throw, slap that sticker on there, leave them in waiting rooms. Um, anywhere that you see magazines, if you’re at the, the Nail Spa, anywhere that you find magazines, leave those old catalogs with that sticker on there. Now, since you also, you have couple options of grabbing some new, what am I trying to say? New resources. So you need to be grabbing those right now to make sure that you’re fully prepared for your customers. If you are watching this, and you’re not a Scentsy consultant yet, you are considering a partnership with Scentsy, just know that when you join in August of 2023, Scentsy is going to give you the existing spring and summer starter kit, but they are also going to give you this transition set of testers. They’re going to go ahead and give you some of the new catalogs, so you will be prepared for that new catalog season, even if you’re starting during spring and summer.

Now, also, if you join this month in August of 2023, Scentsy not only giving you testers, not only giving you catalogs, they’re gonna give you the five pack of harvest bars in a cute little bag. They’re gonna give you the September warmer of the month, which is an adorable little witch. And there was one other thing. Oh, they’re gonna give you the harvest brochures as well. So if you, you’re contemplating a s Scentsy journey, just do it. Just do it. Um, I would love to be your mentor. Like I said, this is my 30th transition, my 15th year with s Scentsy. Been doing this a while. Uh, I’ve seen a lot of people really succeed in this business. So I would love to mentor you along the way. You can jump over to Jami Jo Sells wax.com, join that getting started. Click that getting started button and it will guide you through the join process. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can do that in the comments of this video or shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. My name is Jami Jo. I’m looking for my remote to stop this video. Uh, my name is Jami Jo. I’m super excited about this catalog transition Fall and winter is my favorite, and I can’t wait for it to get started. Like I said, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.