Hi friends, my name is Jami Jo and I’m with Jami Jo Sells Wax. We are a Scentsy fragrance company and I am so excited to come to you guys today and share with you the best selling Scentsy since for this season. So these are the top sellingscentsrated by Scentsy. This is not my personal opinion this time. These are our best selling by the numbers, best selling Scentsy since. But before I begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Like I said, my name is Jami Jo and I have been in the Best Scentsy Scents Scentsy world since all the way back in 2008. I started as a Scentsy customer while I was teaching in the public school system. I fell in love with Scentsy for both my classroom and my house for three main reasons. The first is these products absolutely work. These warmers and wax were the first product that I could find that was safe enough to have in my classroom but actually worked.

So that leads me to number two. These products are safe. They were safe enough to have around my kids in school. They’re safe enough to have around my pets at home and my own family. So for those two reasons, it hooked me in, but I stayed around for reason three. Scentsy is affordable. It’s an affordable option for fragrance no matter where you are. We started out with fragrance but home with wax and warmers, but we have branched out into fragrance for all different areas of your life. So for those three Best Scentsy Scents reasons, I fell in love with Scentsy. I decided to become a consultant, like I said, all the way back in 2008. And I have helped thousands of people build up their own Scentsy businesses so they can live a life of freedom just like I do. So if that’s something that intrigues you, make sure that you subscribe to this channel because I’m gonna be coming to coming to you often with not just product reviews but also tips and tricks.

If you decide to jump on the Scentsy opportunity, I’m here to help you every step of the way. So make sure you subscribe to this channel. Guys, let’s get right into it. I teased you at the first of this video, but this video is about the 15 best selling Scentsy since for this season, spring and summer of 2023. So I have pulled them all from my wax collection. I have them all here to go over with you guys. Now I am not going to go through the actual fragrance description out of the catalog. Sometimes I do that, but today you’re just gonna get a little piece of my mind and telling you how I feel about these. The top 15 bestselling CINscentsand we are starting with vanilla bean buttercream. I don’t have to open this one to smell it, but I want to because this smells like a little bit of Best Scentsy Scents yumminess right here.

Um, it reminds me of a wedding cake or a birthday cake. Vanilla bean buttercream is your go-to. If you are looking for just a yummy bakery scent that smells like cake, vanilla bean buttercream is for you. Now, I also keep this on hand all the time because if I put a fragrance in my warmer, then maybe isn’t my jam. It’s a little too strong and I don’t just love it. I always throw in a cube, a vanilla bean buttercream to kind of tame it down a little bit. You can always mix and match our Best Scentsy Scents fragrances to create a scent that you love. So next is blueberry cheesecake. I know blueberry cheesecake cause I’ve been warming this one for quite a few years since I was teaching. Um, fun fact, people used to think that I was doing a cooking lesson cuz I taught life skills often.

Um, people often thought I was doing a cooking lesson if I was warming blueberry cheesecake, but they were a little disappointed when they walked in and didn’t find the blueberry muffins. Uh, I think they should call this blueberry muffin, not blueberry cheesecake, but they didn’t ask my opinion. Coastal sunset. Uh, my friend Joe has fallen in love with this fragrance. I recommended it to her because she tended to like the more masculine sense but also a lot of light and fruity sense. And this is kind of like a mixture of both of those you can smell. Um, I think it’s like an amber or a sandalwood undertone, but there’s citrus on top of it that kind of lightens it up and gives it that airy feel. Um, while coastal sunset is amazing in the wax, um, I really, really, really love it in the cleaning products.

It’s my go-to fragrance for the cleaning products. Mystery man is the next one in the best selling fragrances. And let me tell you, I renamed this one George Clooney. I mean if George Clooney was standing right in front of me, this is what I would imagine he smelled like. Mystery Man is just that perfect men’s cologne fragrance. If you love the smell of men’s colognes and tend to enjoy earthy fragrances. Um, mystery man, the one for you as is also white, amber and teak. The next one in our best selling Cy Sense White, amber and te is also that masculine fragrance. Obviously some amber in this, which I absolutely enjoy, but this one is a bit more subtle than mystery man.

I mean it’s definitely still just a fabulous men’s cologne fragrance, but a little bit lighter and not as in your face than overwhelming as mystery man can be. Mystery man is for those that like a good strong fragrance, uh, white Best Scentsy Scents amerique would be for those that enjoy something perhaps a little more mild. Bonfire Beach is the next on our list. I love Bonfire Beach cuz I don’t know how they captured this fragrance because it really, I mean, if I pictured what a bonfire would smell on the beach, it’s a little bit of this. There’s some smoky undertones, but a sweetness of maybe a marshmallow and you can almost smell that sea breeze in the background. It’s crazy how they can really capture these fragrances in a wax bar, but they, they did it with Bonfire Beach. I absolutely love it. It’s definitely on the lighter side.

Um, not quite as in your face, but still noticeable clothes line. I just did a review for this in a real <laugh> and I Man guys clothes line. Clothes line is where it’s at. Um, the name says it all. When I smell it, I picture putting clothes on the line in my backyard. It’s pulling, um, that fresh laundry out and going and hanging it up this crisp summer air along with that fresh laundry. I just love clothesline. It’s so good. Um, buy the Sea. I’m really intrigued that this one is a best selling fragrance. I mean it’s good, don’t get me wrong, but I probably wouldn’t put it as a a top selling fragrance, but sure enough it is Buy the sea. It’s pretty self-explanatory. An ocean Best Scentsy Scents. I would put this in the spa line. Fresh, clean, definitely some like grass undertones to it.

We used to have one called Fresh Cut Grass and I kind of get a hint of that in by the Sea. Amazon Rain Guys, <laugh>, here’s a funny story. We have had Amazon Rain for a really, really long time, but I had just never used it. Like it wasn’t my real type of scent, but one day I needed a new fragrance for my car. I was a little low on stock but I had a car bar in Amazon Rain. I grabbed it, threw it in the car. Um, and the next day after it had been in my car for like a whole day, I realize I really loved this scent and it’s kind of made it into my top 10 now, which is really funny cuz I never would’ve picked it before. Fresh, clean spa-like, like I said, perfect for the car in the spring and summer.

Amazon Rain guys were two-thirds of the way through with aloe water and cucumber Allo water and cucumber is a really good scent, but super, super light. So it’s not one that I warm often because I prefer stronger in your face fragrances. But allo water and cucumber is so fresh and crisp. Um, obviously some cucumber in there. It kind of reminds me of uh, the bath and body work sent from the late nineties, maybe mid nineties there was like a sweet cucumber or something like that. This definitely, um, has a lean to that. It’s not the same, but it’s very similar. Like I said, a a much more mild fragrance in aloe water and cucumber. We have five more in the best selling Scentsy sense and Luna is the next one. I will tell you I used to adore Luna but I kind of burn myself out on it.

Um, when we first launched our bath and Body line, it was called Scentsy Layers and as a director at the time, we were gifted a tube of hand cream and it was in Luna, my husband was at the event. So I had a tube. He had a tube. Um, I fell in love with it at that point and used it way, way, way, way too much and really just burned myself out on it. It’s still a good fragrance, but like I said, I’ve just moved on to different things. It is, I would say, I mean I know it’s not the top seller cuz I’m saving that one for last, but I would think this might be a close second because anytime I do an event, everyone’s like, do you have Luna? Do you have Luna? Do you have Luna? Um, next Hibiscus Pineapple. I’m very intrigued that this is on the best selling list.

Um, one thing we have to keep in mind, the best selling list is for all of a region. So for us it’s the us it’s Canada and it’s Mexico. I don’t know that I’ve ever sold a bar of this in Oklahoma, so maybe it’s a top selling in a in a different area. I mean it’s not bad. I would say we don’t have any bad since, but we have had bad since in the past. We don’t have any bad since right now. <laugh>, uh, hibiscus Pineapple, definitely light. Um, unassuming sweet little floral baby, that’s your gym. Coconut lemongrass friends, this is the go-to scent for a kitchen. Coconut and lemongrass, that fresh, clean, crisp. It’s like you just scrubbed your kitchen. Even if you haven’t put this in your warmer and everyone will think you’ve spent all day cleaning.

Another strong fragrance, very noticeable. I also love this one for my car, but only in the summertime. It’s a little, I don’t know, it just doesn’t match winter feels. But for summertime, coconut lemongrass for my car, blue Grotto, this came out I’m gonna guess five or six years ago and it has been a hit ever since Blue Grotto. If you are a fan of Caprica candles, you’re gonna love Blue Grotto. Um, fun story about Blue Grotto. I have a friend that we used to have a product called Scentsy Soak. It was Epsom salts for the bath and we had it in this blue grotto scent. Um, her husband loved this fragrance in the Scentsy soak and he would say, Hey, call Jamie and order me some blue Hawaii. That’s what he called it, blue Hawaii. He didn’t care what it was called. He had named it Blue Hawaii <laugh>, but I always knew what he wanted when she said he needs more Blue Hawaii.

I knew exactly what she wanted. Guys, this is the, the, the the top selling fragrance of all time for Scentsy. I’m giving you a sneak peek of the color because I would love to know your guests as to what Scentsy sent is the top selling of all time. Put it in the comments below right now because I don’t want you to cheat and hear what I have to say. <laugh>, the top selling Scentsy scent best selling of all time is trimer, please black raspberry vanilla. I am really surprised that this is the top selling scent of all time, but it is now guys, it’s a yummy scent, don’t get me wrong, but to me it’s just very basic. But maybe that’s why it’s a best seller. It’s a very basic scent, uh, basic white girl scent right here. It’s a yummy, fruity light, airy fragrance goods.

Fun fact with black raspberry vanilla for some reason we still don’t know why for some reason if your scenty dish gets all icky and cookie inside with that crusty stuff that just gets in there from warming fragrances for too long, if you will put in a couple cubes of black raspberry vanilla, um, let it melt down 12, maybe 24 hours, give it a good day and then wipe it out with your cotton cleanup or a paper towel. Your CIN dish will come clean. We don’t know why we don’t know what the magic is, but there’s magic in this bar and that’s exactly what it does. So maybe that’s why it’s the top selling best selling best Scentsy scent because people know the trick of it. But I really think it’s just cuz it’s a good fresh base accent. Um, guys, that is the top 15 best selling Scentsy sense of this season.

Um, I’m curious if your favorite made the list, what is your favorite Scentsy scent? I would love to know, uh, put that in the comments below too so you get to make two comments. That’s all right. It’s okay. Make your guests, but I already told you. And then tell me what your favorite Scentsy scent is. Guys, I would love to help you get whatever Scentsy products you need. Maybe you wanna try a couple of the best selling Scentsy scents or maybe you need something else like an air purifier here or the Hogwarts warmer up there. Whatever you need, I’m here for you. You can text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 or you can jump on over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and get anything that you need there. Like I said at the beginning of this video, I would love for you to subscribe to my channel. I will always keep you updated on sent reviews, new products. I do a lot of unboxing, all the Scentsy goodness can be found right here. And just as a reminder, my name is Jami Jo and I’m here to make your nose happy and make sure that you grab some super yummy Scentsy sits.