Hi there. Welcome back to Jami Jo Sells Wax. I of course am Jami Jo, the owner of Jami Jo Sells Wax, and I have a partnership with S Scentsy Fragrance. Today we are going to be talking about some super fun summer mashups or, or scent mixes, recipes. They’re called lots of different things. But before we get started, I would love for you to jump right down in the comments and give me your best SS Scentsy mashup that you’ve tried before. Do you enjoy scent mixing? Have you ever tried scent mixing? Tell me about it. I love to mix and match my SS Best Scentsy Scents fragrance. Now, this is easiest to be done with our waxes. We have tons of other S Scentsy products, but it just gets a little tricky when you’re doing scent mixing with those. But our Best Scentsy Scents waxes lend themself to recipes, scent mixing and scent mashups a lot.

And it’s so much fun. We have tons and tons of fragrances, but it’s even more fun when we start mixing ’em together and making brand new creations. So I would love for you to tell me about the mashups that you’ve done and the different ones that you’ve tried. Maybe you found one that was no good. I’m curious to know that too, because honestly, most of the mashups that I’ve tried have been amazing, and I have some great summer ones for you Today. I’m gonna start with this cute little pack right here. This is so cute and giftable and so easy to do. This is the SS Scentsy s’mores mashup. And how cute is it that it actually looks like a little s’more? How fun would this be as a back to school teacher gift or just a summer birthday gift to put together this cute little Best Scentsy Scents s’mores mashup.

Maybe find some other cute little s’more stuff. Pair this with actual s’mores ingredients, a box of graham crackers, a Hershey bar, and some marshmallows and some little, um, fireside sticks that you use to melt the marshmallows. This would be so fun. So we’re gonna jump into this bag, dig into this bag, and see exactly what is in here to make this adorable little summer s’mores kit. So I’ve just used a little party bag from the Dollar Tree. I keep those on hand ’cause they just make great giftable. And I use a rubber band underneath my bow. It just holds the bag together a little bit better. So I can tie a prettier bow that ribbon. It’s like 98scentsat Walmart. I don’t know, it’s super cheap. So the actual materials to put this set together cost me pennies. I mean, I get these in bags of the Dollar Tree ribbon.

That was just a Play-Doh plain ribbon. Now of course you can go extravagant, go to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s get the cute ones. But let’s look at what is in here. Of course, you see three Scentsy bars. Let’s look at what they are. We’ve got vanilla bean buttercream. Our Best Scentsy Scents  marshmallow is actually a cotton cleanup from S Scentsy. So that’s what we’re using for the look of the marshmallow. Our next bar, of course, we need it to be something chocolatey. So we got some moca doodle in there, and then we have some cinnamon vanilla. So how fun is that? I just grabbed the cheap little bag, put the cinnamon vanilla, the moca doodle on top, my little cotton cleanup for my marshmallow and vanilla bean buttercream. Popped those in a bag, put ’em super cutesy, cutesy with a little bow, and it’s a great Best Scentsy Scents  giftable item.

Now we’re talking about scent mixes, scent mashups, whatever you wanna call ’em. So what would the recipe be for this? I think this recipe is best served with one cube of each. Now it’s really kind of tricky when you’re starting to do scent mashups to figure out what they will smell like. It gets really tricky when it’s three bars. So kind of to test out what it will smell like. I just open up the bars and pass my nose over all of the bars, whether it’s 2, 3, 4, whatever I’m mixing together. Just kind of pass my nose over it to see what it would smell like.

Now this one, I smell really heavy on the cinnamon, but that might be because I have the cinnamon on top. Let’s move it to the back and see if that, oh yeah, I would probably actually do two vanilla bean buttercream and then one moca doodle, one cinnamon vanilla. That cinnamon vanilla is definitely a little more powerful than the other two. But what a fun scent mashup and scent mix. Now you guys know that I always recommend six packs of six packs of wax because that’s the best way to purchase wax. You’re getting a free bar that way. Anytime you buy five bars from Scentsy, you get a sixth bar for free. If you go to our combined and save tab on the website. So I don’t have just these three for you, I have another three to make some other super fun summer mixes. Now, cutesy colors and kind of bland, but we’re gonna mix and match these for two other recipes that I have to share with you guys.

So the first one I wanna share with you guys is one that we have called vitamin C S E A, vitamin C. So it is using Buy the sea and Sunkist citrus. So do you see the little play there? Vitamin C, get it citrus and buy the sea. I think it’s cute. Now, here’s what I love about this. These are two very, very different fragrances, completely different fragrance families, just vastly different. And I have found that usually those are the best mashups. It’s the fragrances that you would never think would go together. Those are the best ones to give a try together. So this is citrus, and then buy the sea. So Sunkist citrus is just like all the citruses. It has some orange, it has some grapefruit, it has some lemon, it has some lime. Um, buy the sea is just a super fresh and clean fragrance.

Like I think of this, this, when you walk into the lobby of a hotel, of a nice, really clean hotel, it’s just a fresh, clean, welcoming fragrance. So you put the two of these together and you have that little bit of pop in your face from the citrus, but then the calmness of the buy the sea, it’s just a a fun mix of fragrances. I absolutely love this. So I would highly suggest you give this a try. Vitamin C. And then I have one more Best Scentsy Scents  recommendation for you. We’re gonna pull out a new one. This’ll be our sixth bar and our sixth pack cocoa lime. But I’m gonna take it and I’m gonna mix it with one of them that we used in the s’mores mashup, the vanilla bean buttercream. And this is going to be your key lime pie, which is an essential dessert at summer.

Again, we’ve got two very, very different fragrances. A warm vanilla bean buttercream. So it’s like a cupcake, it’s like icing. It’s just that warmth of the baking. And then you’ve got cocoa lime, that bright summer light airy fragrance with that kick of citrus right in your face, that punch of citrus. So you take one cube of each of these guys. I have actually warmed this one in my living room and it smells so, so good. I’m not really a fan of key lime pie, but I’m a fan of the SS Scentsy mashup of key lime pie. It smells so good. Anytime I smell like those bakery scents. I think back to my childhood when we had those strawberry shortcake dolls that had like a little bit of a fragrance to them. Now we had an old scent of the month. It was like strawberry lemon cake to me.

It smelled just like my strawberry shortcake doll. And I don’t remember, I don’t know, was there like a lime girl in the strawberry shortcake? I just remember strawberry shortcake. And then there was like a blueberry girl, but maybe there was a lime girl too. If there was, this is what I imagined she would smell like, because it’s that warmth of the the cake. But then it has that punch of citrus on top of it. Okay, so here was the six pack pick. You have three different recipes that you can make from this. Guys. I’ve only shared three different recipes. You can mix and match these all that you want. I know that I personally love chocolate oranges at Christmas time. So I just thought of this like really off the top of my head. Sunk kiss citrus. Mocha doodle.

Yes, yes. Now I will only warm that at Christmas. ’cause for some reason those chocolate oranges make me think of Christmas. But that’s what they smell like. Exactly. Guys, you can get these on my website at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Or you can shoot me a text anytime at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Again, tell me about some ss Scentsy mashups that you’ve done in the comments. I totally wanna hear about those. Tell me all about them. Tell me the good, bad, and the terrible if you’ve ever experienced those guys. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy. ’cause all this scenty stuff smells so good. But also to get your branch outta your box a little bit, try some new Scentsy mashups.