Hey there guys. My name is Jami Jo and I’m with Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have a fragrance company and I have partnered with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. I started as a customer that got me hooked on the product <laugh>. I absolutely love the products and for that reason I decided to partner with the company and start sharing their products with all my friends and family. It has blossomed in a big way into my full-time business. I was a teacher by degree before. I now do Best Scentsy Scents full-time and I love to share Scentsy products with people like you, but also help other people grow their very own Best Scentsy Scents business. So if that is something that’s a little intriguing to you, hang on and stay with me to the end of the video cuz I’ll tell you a way that you can get started on your own opportunity.

But today we are talking about the best Scentsy fragrance for your kids’ playroom. So normally I am coming to you telling you about different wax collections because the main product of our product line is wax warmers and wax melts. So oftentimes I’m giving you my six pack picks for different rooms of the house. But today I’m gonna change it up a little bit because since we are talking about the kids’ playroom, I wanna make sure that you have a product for your playroom that is perfectly safe. I mean, even our warmers are safer around kids. They’re never gonna burn a child, but they can cause horrible messes if a kid gets a hold of it. So today I’m gonna talk to you about our mess free fragrance system, which is our wall fan diffuser. So if you have never seen the wall fan diffuser, let’s start by talking about that first and then I will make my fragrance recommendations for your playroom.

So this is a wall fan diffuser. It’s a very, very similar to our mini warmers if you’re familiar with those. It’s about the same size, but there are a couple things that make it different. The main thing that makes a difference is the fact that it takes Best Scentsy Scents pods instead of wax and that this is fully plastic. So our mini warmers are either glass or ceramics. So there is that breakability in there, but also they have a dish on the top where we put wax melts that melt down. If a little one was to put their fingers in that, or even a pet swish their tail against it, it can make an awful mess. So Best Scentsy Scents came out with this mess free system. So how do these work? Down inside there is a fan, obviously it plugs in, you can see that. And if your contractor of your house was crazy, you can switch it to the side, you can switch it upside down.

You can just push that button and rotate that plug and switch it to however you need. So when you plug it in and push the button, the fan will start. The fan is going to blow past the Scentsy pods. These are just little plastic cages of fragrance beads that you’re gonna pop in there. You can use just one. I like a really strong fragrance, so I always put in two. Didn’t you just put this back on there? Like I said, push that button on the front, you’re good to go. Now some of our wall fan diffusers have a downlight that comes out of them great for hallways or anywhere that you need a little nightlight. Um, this is not one of those, this does not have a downlight. You just turn it on and it works just like that. So fragrance, no mess, they are perfect.

Now here’s where it gets even a little bit better, especially for a kid’s playroom. We have adorable collections. We have a Mickey and a mini mouse, we have Disney princesses. Now this one rotates from Ariel to Bell to Cinderella. We also have one, I don’t have it here with me, but I do wanna show it to you. It has Tiana and Rapunzel and Mullan and it’s purple. So you have that option. Also, you can see here that we have an adorable Winnie the Poo. On top of those, we have limited time offer selections that come out from time to time. So always jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and see what the latest in the licensed wall fan diffuser collection is. Now let’s jump into fragrance. Now you’re gonna purchase them in pod twin packs like this. You get two of them for each fragrance that you choose.

And just like with our waxes, if you watched any of my other videos, I always tell you guys that you should be buying your wax in six packs. You should be buying the pods in six packs as well because again, just like with the wax, when you buy five, you get one free. So in a six pack or adding it to Best Scentsy Scents Club, those are your two options for saving the most money when purchasing these. Now when I was thinking about fragrances for the playroom, I was kind of torn because really there’s two major scent categories that I think about with the playroom and it depends on what type of atmosphere you want to create because fragrance does just that. It creates an atmosphere in a room. So it’s actually more important, a more important thought than we often give it. Fragrance is very, very important in a room. So I’m thinking of two different things. First of all, I’m thinking maybe maybe you want a calm and soothing fragrance to kind of chill the kids out. But then the educator in me wants to get their brain moving and get it revived and get it excited to learn all kinds of new things. So I have two different categories of fragrances that I’m going to share with you. I have the the chill, the calm, the not so in your face fragrances. And then I chose some great fruity fragrances.

Now since we are talking about the Scentsy pods instead of the wax, we are a bit more limited on our scent selection because while Scentsy has 80 to a hundred different wax bars, not quite as many in pods. Still a lot to choose from, but not as many as the waxes. So you are a bit more limited on your fragrance choices. Let’s jump right in and talk about the more chill fragrances that I chose. Now I am going to be smelling some of my Scentsy testers. The cool thing about these, when you decide to jump on the Scentsy opportunity, you get this kit, this in your full kit. So this is a bag of all the current catalog Scentsy fragrances. So you get those testers anytime you jump on the opportunity. So you’ll always have these to put right under people’s noses because everyone wants to smell this.

This is Scentsy. I wish we had smell of vision right now because I would totally be hooking you up with that. So my first choice is newborn nursery. It’s kind of a given for a chill, calm smell. Now I could read you the official description from Scentsy, but I’m just gonna tell you this is baby powder. It’s straight up baby powder. That’s what it is. So newborn nursery is a great choice. Now my second choice, my favorite, it is currently my favorite favorite of all favorites. It is whipped vanilla sugar. Now I am a huge fan of English. Did I say whipped vanilla sugar? That’s not right at all. It’s whipped vanilla lavender. That’s what I meant to say. Whipped vanilla lavender. Yeah, words are not my friend today. Okay, so I was saying I’m a huge fan of English. Lavender not a huge fan of French lavender.

There is a big, big difference. We’ve had French lavender for years and years and years now we finally have an English lavender. So this is coconut milk with whipped vanilla, soothed by English, lavender. Lavender. If you follow anything about, um, aromatherapy lavender is a chill out fragrance. Now we make absolutely zero claims as far as our fragrance goes. You either like it or you don’t. It evokes emotion or it doesn’t. We can’t prove to you that any fragrance is going to do any certain thing. But I will tell you personally, lavender does kind of chill me out. Uh, I can be a bit much at times. Surprise, surprise, if you watch my videos, you’ve probably figured that out. Um, but lavender chills me out. I love the whipped vanilla lavender. It’s so, so good. So our last choice for the chill out fragrances, I mean, it’s not our last choice, it’s just my last pick for the chill out fragrances.

It’s actually under the fruity category. It’s called Cloudberry Dreams, but it is a low key fruit. So it’s raspberry, rose, peach, and vanilla. And there’s something about that combination. Like if I’m thinking about any one of those certain fragrances, I can pick it out of this. But if I were to just smell this without knowing the description, I would’ve a hard time putting my finger on what was in this fragrance. I would just tell you, it’s like a soothing, fruity fragrance. I absolutely love it and I think it would be great for a playroom because it is that fun fruity smell, but it’s low key and a bit more mild. So Cloudberry Dreams is a great option for your playroom. Now let’s jump over to the in your face Fruity. Let’s get their brain going. Fragrances. I’m gonna start with sunki citrus. Sunki Citrus is, I mean, the epitome of citrus.

Not that you guys need to see what that says. I don’t know why I feel the need to show you that sun kiss citrus. It is oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit. Let’s talk about some fragrances that are, um, invigorating and energizing. That is sun kiss citrus, which makes it perfect for the playroom. Get those little brain cells going because um, we all know that children learn through play. That is the best way that they can learn anything is through play. So let’s get their minds, um, just energized and ready to go. The next one I wanna share with you is pink rhubarb sugar. Now I don’t know that I really know what rhubarb smells like, but this is pink rhubarb sweetened with raspberry and an extra scoop of sugar. What says reviving than an extra scoop of sugar? <laugh> better, uh, to just smell it than to be ingesting it, right?

So pink rhubarb sugar is a great fun. Um, I, I don’t know, I just think of little kids like jumping around, having a good time. The last one I wanna share with you, among my top six, it’s squeeze the day. Now the official description is tart and true fragrance of pure limits balanced by a hint of vanilla cream. This to me, reminds me of a lemon cookie with that little sugar glaze on the top. That’s exactly what it smells like. It smells so good. I love, love, love squeeze the day. So that is a great option for your playroom as well. I do want to just touch on really quick that we do have some licensed fragrances. I mentioned the licensed wall diffusers. We also have some licensed fragrances to go with it. We have a hundred acre wood, of course. That’s our Winnie the Poo fragrance.

This is among those very, very mild fragrances to me. Um, I just smell honey. I mean maybe it’s my brain cuz it’s like Winnie the poo and it should smell like honey because Scentsy tells us that it is cotton blossoms, wild jasmine and vanilla, I smell honey friends. So a hundred acre wood might be a great option for your playroom. Now if you are the Mickey fan, we have a fragrance called Mickey Mouse And Friends, it is a a bit of fruity fun. It is Georgia Peach extended with pops of orange peel and vanilla. Definitely a fun fruity option. Great for a playroom. And then yes, we do have a Disney princess. It’s called True Love Awaits, the Disney Princess Fragrance. It is, oh yeah, raspberry, definitely raspberry, raspberry, sparkling mandarin and sweet vanilla At the end of it. Again, another great bright, lively and energizing fruit option for your playroom.

Guys, I hope I have helped you figure out what might be a great fragrance option for your kids’ playroom or anywhere that your kids are a lot. There are a couple ways that you can get these products. You can always jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com or anytime you have questions or if you want samples, um, or if you want to ask any questions about that opportunity that I mentioned at the first of this video, you can always text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. If you text the word samples to that phone number, I’m gonna pop a, um, fun little bit of happy mail or smell mail in the mail to you so you can smell some of those testers. But guys, just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you get some really good fragrance in your kids’ playroom, even a way that they can’t make a mess.