Are you brand new to Scentsy? You’ve maybe heard about the products, you’ve heard people talking about the products, maybe you’ve even seen some people talking about it on social media, but you’ve never jumped in to give the best Scentsy scents a try. And you wanna make sure that your first purchase is choosing the best products. There’s so many different Scentsy products to try. What should you get for that very first purchase? I would love to make some suggestions and help you make that decision. Hi there, my name is Jamie. Joe and I have been partnered with Scentsy Fragrance for over 14 years now. I partnered with Scentsy Fragrance all the way back in October of 2008. So it has been quite some time that I’ve been interacting with these products, sharing these products with my friends and family, and also mentoring others to grow their very own Scentsy businesses.

And I’m so glad that you took the time to jump on this video to see what I would recommend would be your very first purchase of the best Scentsy scents. Now most people would probably jump in and say you’ve got to get a warmer and wax. That’s what started our business. That’s our best selling product and I do absolutely love our warmers and wax. You can see a couple of our warmers back here, even though they’re a little blurred out and if you’re not familiar with how wax works, it looks like this. Uh, you break apart a couple cubes, you drop it in the top of the warmer and it melts down and smells amazing. However, that is not the product that I would recommend you start off with. And the reason for it is I do hear some complaints with the wax and warmers being a touch too messy from some people.

Now, personally, in my 14 years of using Scentsy, I’ve only had two accidents. One was my own fault and one was the fault of my four-legged kitty cat friend. That made quite the mess. It was super easy to clean up, but I never want a messy situation to be someone’s first experience with Scentsy. So I recommend that if you are just starting out with Scentsy products, you give our wall fan diffuser a try. Let me show you how this works. First of all, this is all plastic, so very difficult to break. I won’t say it’s unbreakable, but very difficult to break down in. Inside of this is a fan, you can see it down inside of there. You also see that there is a plugin outlet. So you’re gonna plug this into the wall, you’re gonna push that button on the front and that fan is going to begin to blow.

Now we are going to take Scent Pods and pop them down inside. This is a scent pod, so it’s just a little plastic cage full of fragrance beats. You’re gonna put one or two depending on how strong you want your fragrance in there. Pop the lid on, push that button and that fan is going to blow past those pods and start putting off fragrance immediately. Now, I love our wall fan diffusers because they are a no mess option for the best Scentsy scents. I have these all over my home at our lower outlets. So like in the hallway, I have one in the laundry room. I actually have one of these in my closet. Believe it or not, I have a plugin in my closet. Um, I know it’s odd. We did a remodel. It used to be bedroom. Now it’s closet. So these are great because you don’t have to really worry about where you are putting them.

Our many warmers are lovely, same size, but because it is an open dish with wax on the top, you have to be concerned about where exactly you’re putting them. The best thing about these wall fan diffusers is there’s no worries, there’s no mess. So you don’t have to worry about that. So that is my first recommendation. If you’ve never tried Scentsy before, I would love for you to start out with a wall fan diffuser and a couple packs of Scentsy pods. Now I really had a hard time deciding the item for you to try. That is my best suggestion for home fragrance. But guys, we are so much more than just home fragrance now. So I did choose a couple other products that I want to share with you guys. If you are looking for fragrance in your car, I believe that our car bars are a great option for you.

These are only $6 and come in several different fragrances. Also, when you buy five of them, you get one free. So if you are looking to give a best Scentsy scent product a try in your vehicle, this would be my recommendation. You can hang these anywhere. They do need to hang freely. So I recommend either from your rear view mirror or the clothing hooks in the back. If you don’t have kiddos that will mess with them. We do have several other options for vehicles. So if this is not your jam, shoot me a text and we can have a conversation and get what is perfect for you and your situation in your home, in your vehicle, wherever. Just remember that I am here for you guys. I wanna make sure that you are getting the perfect product for you. So feel free to text me anytime. I do wanna tell you guys about two other of my favorite, favorite, favorite Scentsy products and the first one is counter clean.

This is Scentsy counter clean guys, this is really should be called Magic in a Bottle because that’s what it is. Yes, it was designed to be used on countertops, any sealed surface, and it does work wonders for that. But I have found so many different uses for Scentsy’s counter clean. I absolutely love to use this while I’m cleaning my shoes, not just the rubber edging of the shoe, but even the cloth part or a leather part. I have used Counter clean on all different kinds of shoes and have been thrilled with the outcome of it. I also used Scentsy counter clean to clean out the upholstery in a terribly nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty gross car of my then teenage daughter. She had inherited a car that had been very well loved and it had quite a few different stains on the cloth upholstery in that car.

So we grabbed a bottle of Scentsy counter clean and went to town on that and it came so clean. I was so excited. Really a little bit surprised at how clean it came, but we were thrilled with the results. I have seen people that have used this on so many different things from school lunchboxes to children’s furniture, all things that get stained. Give this magic in a bottle a try. Guys, this is only $10 and so worth that $10. Now that I say that, I’m thinking is it 10 or 12? No, it is 10. Yeah, $10. Um, I promise you you’re gonna be thrilled with that $10 purchase. Now the last item I wanna share with you guys is in our laundry line of products. We call this our gateway drug to the laundry line.

Since these washer ws, these are absolutely amazing. This is the teeny tiny tub. We also have a big tub. Now I get the big tub for my own personal use. But if you’re just getting started out and you want to make sure that you’re going to love it, maybe this teeny tiny tub is what you need. So let’s see if my camera will focus there. Yes, these are salt crystals, but they are highly, highly fragranced. These are not going to clean your clothes, they’re not going to soften your clothes, but what they’re going to do is make your clothes smell absolutely amazing. You are going to love washer whips. Like I said, they’ve been called the Gateway Drug into the best Scentsy scents Laundry products. We also have a detergent and we have what we call dryer discs that tumble around in the dryer and add additional fragrance to.

But this is the product that I would recommend that you get started with. So guys, let’s look at if you were to buy all of these products, what the cost would be to just get started with these highly recommended products and and get you going with Scentsy. So our wall fan diffuser, the ones without the downlight are $30. There are other options. There are um, licensed ones, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, couple others, and also ones with the Downlight that are slightly higher in price, but $30 for this one. A pack of Scentsy pods just $10. Of course, as with most of our smaller consumable items, when you buy five, you get one free. But right there we’re looking at $40. We’re gonna add the counter clean. That’s gonna make 50. We’re gonna add the washer widths. That’s gonna make 62 because that small tub is just $12 and our car bar $6.

So $68 and you are gonna have a great opportunity to try several different of the best Scentsy scents products so you can decide which one of those product lines is your favorite. Maybe it’s all of them, but maybe you should just start out with these and give it a go that way. If you’re ready to order, there’s two different ways you can do it. You can jump onto Jami jo sells and place your order there. Or as I said earlier, you can always shoot me a text and I’m happy to help you figure out exactly what products are best for you and what are the best products for you to start with, you can text me anytime at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. That is my personal number and I will work with you to make sure that we are getting you exactly what you want, guys, my name is Jami Jo and I’m here to make your nose happy cuz all this stuff smells so good, but also help you choose the perfect Scentsy products for your lifestyle.