Hey there guys. Thanks so much for joining me here on Jami Jo Sells Wax. I am Jami Jo and I am here to talk to you guys today about the best Scentsy products for your car. Before we jump into that, let me introduce myself. Like I said, my name is Jami Jo and I have been a Scentsy consultant for over 15 years now. I started all the way back in October of 2008 and when I started with S Scentsy, we only had just a few products. Of course, we had the wax and warmers, that is our main product line. That’s what we are known for. We also had room sprays and sit circles, but that was really kind of about it all the way back in 2008. And we have come a really long ways and I love to come to you guys on this channel here on YouTube and share with you guys new products, product reviews, product suggestions, scent reviews, all the great goodness that Scentsy has to offer.

So if that’s something that you’re interested in, make sure that you subscribe to this channel. That way you will always get an update anytime that I come on here and share something new with you guys. If at any time you are ready to place an order, you can always go to Jami Jo sells wax.com and place that order or hang out with me till the end of this video and I will let you know the best deals that you can get on these products and let you know that I am here to help you. If you ever have any questions, let’s jump into the topic at hand. Today we are talking about the best Scentsy products for the car. Now we have quite a few different products that are all fabulous for vehicles. So I am going to start with the most affordable, um, the cheapest item and tell you kind of the, the good, bad, not ugly of all of these products.

So we are going to start with the sense circle. So this is a sense circle. You can see it’s just like a cardboard disc. It’s got the little thin elastic string and it is intended to go on your rear view mirror just like those lovely tree ones that you can get at the gas station. Now this is the most affordable, like I said, these are just $3 each. In the US there is a bundle deal. So I will tell you all about the bundle deals at the end of this video. Most affordable. Um, it’s great in a pinch, it’s fabulous for gifting. I sell tons of these um, during Christmas to put in the stockings. It, this is just a great cheap product. I’ll tell you it’s not our best product, but it’s a good product. It’s gonna last two or three weeks because one thing to keep in mind is scent and heat or sunlight are enemies.

And this is a product that is designed to hang from the rear view mirror. It must be free hanging. If it touches any surface like a dash or wood or anything like that, it is going to harm the surface because this disc has fragrance oils in it and those are very harmful to different surfaces. So it is also fabulous. I have a a little fun car that I don’t drive often. I just take her out for a spin every now and then and I use a scent circle in that car because it stays closed up most of the time and under a canopy. So it’s usually out of the sunlight. So it’s fine for that situation. So if you’re a car enthusiast and you have a lot of cars that are just hanging out, you know, maybe it’s good for that. No baby, it is good for that.

We’re gonna move on uh, to the car bar. Now this is what my husband uses in his truck. The car bar works the exact same way as the sense circle. It’s got the elastic strap. Instead of it saying the name on the product here, it’s gonna say the name on the strap. This one’s kind of wore out, but you can kind of see where it was there. This is going to hold a little bit more fragrance than the scent circle. This is just a cardboard disc. This is like a rubbery plastic so it will hold more fragrance. It’s a step up. It’s great for smaller vehicles like the cab of a truck or a smaller car, a coop, a two-door car, something like that. Something with a smaller space. Your car bar is going to be fabulous. $6. Again, stay tuned with me to the end to hear about the bundle deal.

Now this is what I love to use in my vehicle. My main driver is an SUV and this is what I love in my SUV. This is a mini fan diffuser so you can see the fan inside of there. It has a USB port on it. So my car has a USB port plugin. If you have an older vehicle that doesn’t have a USB port, you can always get one of those adapters that goes into your cigarette lighter and use it that way. With the mini fan diffuser, you plug it in and when your car is on, it’s going to be on and blowing that fan past this pod. Our pods are a plastic cage filled with fragrance beads inside. So when this fan turns on and blows past those fragrance beads, it’s going to blow the fragrance all over your car. I love this because it is only coming on when my car is in use, so I’m not wasting a bunch of fragrance when I’m not in there.

I don’t have to have this hanging up where the sun is beating down on it. This can sit like down in my console, under my radio controls, all of that. So like I said, scent and the center enemies. This, I’m not having to deal with that. Also, I believe that this has the strongest fragrance because of the scent throw. You’ve got that fan blowing past the fragrance beads in the pod and so it’s blowing that fragrance out in your car. Let’s talk about a fun little trick though, because if your car is anything like mine, I mean my kids moved outta the house, but I remember how it was when I was a busy mom with a busy car. I still spend a lot of time in my vehicle and stuff gets tossed around and thrown around. The chances of this staying just like this with that pod on top of there are slim to men honestly.

But I have a fun little hack for you. If you look on your pod, there is that sticker at the top of it that tells the fragrance stain. If you’ll just run your finger along it and find the edge, you can pull the sticker off of there. Then you place your pod on top of your mini fan diffuser and then just take that sticker and just wrap it right around there. Then if your mini fan diffuser gets tossed around or thrown somewhere, it shouldn’t be, I mean it’s not going too far. This cord isn’t very long, but you’re not gonna have to worry about it always sitting upright because that sticker is going to hold the pot on there. The mini fan diffusers are $15. We have them in several different colors. We also have a really fun cheetah print. Um, if you are watching this right when I’m posting it in January, uh, we have a Valentine collection coming out.

It’s a rose gold, which we’ve had the rose gold before, but you’re gonna save $5 ’cause you’re gonna get the rose gold mini fan diffuser. And, um, one of the pods and one of the valentine fragrances for I’m, I’m matting for $20, it would’ve been 25, 15 and 10, um, $10 for two of ’em. The pods come into impacts like this, two of those in there. So that’s $10. Mini fan is 15, but on the Valentine’s bundle you are going to get it for $20. So that’s a really good deal. Now I wanted to give a couple other products that you might want to use in your car if it’s the day for the deep clean in your car. I absolutely love to use our counter clean on fabric upholstery. Um, this will get stands out like you would not believe I had an old Highlander and I absolutely loved that car, but let me tell you, it followed me through raising children and the backseat of that thing had seen better days.

Now my daughter inherited the Highlander when she started driving and I didn’t wanna give her a nasty dirty car. So we took a bottle of Counter Clay to it and scrubbed the heck out of those seats and they came perfectly clean. Now, after you’ve cleaned the upholstery with the counter clean, you are going to want to grab some s Scentsy fresh and spray the carpet of your vehicle with the s Scentsy fresh. It’s just going to to keep it smelling great in the carpet when it dries. So I showed you these products in lots of different fragrances, but let’s talk about what fragrances are best for your vehicles.

Bear with me. I’m dealing with some sinus stuff. Um, best scent, best scent overall for the vehicle I think is weathered leather. It’s the closest to the trendy new car smell. You know, everyone likes the new car smell and weathered leather is where it’s at. My husband always uses weathered leather in his work truck and I will tell you that it always smells amazing. He does landscaping, he’s always in the dirt and in the mud, but his vehicle always smells so good thanks to his s Scentsy. Now my personal favorite is Scarlet Sunflower. That’s just my favorite fragrance of everything right now. So I love to have Scarlet Sunflower in my vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s not available in all the products mentioned and actually some of these fragrances aren’t available in all of them, so we just kinda have to hit and miss and, and you know, play a little game of mix and match.

Now if you love a dude scent, if you are buying those little cardboard trees, usually in the scent black ice, that’s a very colony and masculine scent. If that is what you like. I would suggest Mystery Man or white amber antique. Those are some really good strong masculine fragrances that we have. So it’s gonna be comparable to what you’re used to if you like a fresh and clean scent. Clean breeze is our fresh laundry scent, always a go-to for my fresh and clean friends. But I recently discovered that I really enjoy Amazon Rain in my vehicle. Uh, this past summer I needed to freshen up the scent in my car and it’s just the first thing I grabbed out of my closet and I really enjoyed it. I never used it in my car, but but grew to love it. Seasonal scents, I would recommend Cedar or I was gonna say cedar cider, but cider mill.

Cider mill, it’s a little touch of cinnamon with some orange and cider underneath or Christmas cottage is just an in your face cinnamon. So if you enjoy that, that’s the Go-to there. Or even just Cinnamon Bear if you like a fruity scent. Uh, in my little sports car I use Squeeze the Day. She’s a yellow Mazda Miata and so I have to have the circle that matches. So it’s the bright yellow squeeze the day is what I always use in Sunny my little Mazda Miata. But black Raspberry vanilla is another great fruity fragrance and I feel like black raspberry vanilla comes in like every product that we have. It is our top selling fragrance of all time. So that’s a great one to grab. If you are someone that prefers a lighter fragrance, you don’t want something as powerful, I would stick with like an aloe water and cucumber or maybe even a frosted vanilla.

Those are gonna be kind of chill fragrances for you. So those are the ones I would suggest for you. So many amazing products for your car. Now let’s talk about those best deals. If you’re looking at scent circles, if you’re looking at car bars, if you’re looking at s Scentsy pods, those can all be purchased in a six pack and that’s awesome because when you buy five, you get one free. Now you’re not going to be able to find that just on the regular website section. Also our counter clean, um, you’re gonna save some money if you get three of them. I think there’s a bundle deal with the fresh as well when you buy three. What you need to do if you’re looking to get those bundle deals is when you go to my website, again, that’s Jami Jones sells wax.com. You’re gonna go to the tab that says specials, and then that’s where you’re gonna find the bundle and save.

Those are the best deals on Scentsy product right there. If you are wanting to grab the wall fan diffuser, uh, I’m sorry, the mini fan diffuser Valentine’s special, that’s gonna be under the tab that says collections. And you’re gonna wanna go to the Valentine’s Day collections. That’s where you’re gonna find that bundle. So a lot of great ways to get fragrance for your car, a lot of different products to choose from. Um, I do wanna give a little honorable mention to the S sit pack. I do love the sit pack in the way backpack of my SUV because it doesn’t have to be free hanging, it can just be tossed anywhere and you don’t have to worry about the scent oils from it. So sit pack’s another great option for your car. One more time. You can grab these on Jami Jo sells wax.com. If you have any questions about this, feel free to put it in the comments of this video, reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram or feel free to shoot me a text directly. You can do that at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. That’s it for today. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a sensational day.