Hi guys. I’m Jami Jo from Jamie. Jo Sells Wax and we are a fragrance company featuring Scentsy fragrance products. Now, if you’ve never heard of Scentsy Fragrance, our main product line and how our company got started was wax warmers and wax. So Wickless Best Scentsy Scents candles if you will, but since that time we have branched out into all different areas of fragrance for your life, including as you’ve probably figured out from where I’m standing, laundry products. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about my favorite laundry products. Yes, some of them are Scentsy, but I have a few surprises that you might not expect me to show you. So I have been asked, what are the Scentsy Laundry products that you use and what are your favorite laundry products? So let’s just get started in answering that question. I have been loving the Scentsy laundry line ever since it launched, I’m gonna guess a handful of years ago.

Now, the laundry line has actually decreased in product offerings because we have found the items that absolutely work and we’re focusing on selling what we love. So our laundry line of products has been paired down to just three different items, but I have a couple other things like I teased you with that I’m gonna show you as well. So I already have a load of darks tossed in my washer right here, and I’m going to start with this product right here. Laundry liquid. This is our laundry detergent. Now, yes, it’s gonna clean the clothes, but also anytime you see that label right there, you know that this stuff is going to smell absolutely amazing. Now let me just tell you, this scent right here is going to be the best thing that ever happened to your Best Scentsy Scents laundry. I’m so excited that I am getting to use the brand new Fiji flower.

This just came in in my Scentsy Club shipment. If you don’t know about Scentsy Club, it’s our customer loyalty program. So I got all the new Fiji flower laundry stuff shipped to me not long ago in my club. So I am going to go ahead and put my laundry liquid in here. I am reading to make sure I’m telling you guys the right amount. I have a pretty large load in that washer and it says four pumps. Now that isn’t a lot of laundry detergent. This Best Scentsy Scents stuff is super concentrated. Um, here’s the thing. When it first came out, I can’t count and talk at the same time. When it first came out, I was super skeptical. My husband works in landscaping. He’s outdoors in the dirt and nastiness all the time. I thought there is no way that this fr fruit laundry product is going to get my husband’s clothes clean, but I was wrong <laugh> because it absolutely does get his clothes clean, even with just four little squirts in that large washer.

This stuff absolutely works. I love, love, love it. Now you would probably grab the fabric softener next and put it in your washing machine. I have learned that fabric softener is actually not very good for your clothes, your clothes. Think of it as a bunch of tiny channels in between the threads of the fabric and fabric softener. If you’ve ever like gotten it on your hands, you probably felt it was kind of like a waxy substance, and that is exactly what it is putting into your clothing is that wax filler. You might have noticed that your towels don’t smell fresh and clean because that waxy stuff gets in there. It’s really hard to wash out. Also, if you have dry wicking clothing, which so many of us have right now, workout clothes, have dry wicking, tons of other clothing, now has dry wicking capabilities. And if you are using traditional fabric softener on those Best Scentsy Scents clothes, it is getting that waxy substance in in between the threads of the fabric.

And the dry wicking cannot work because Best Scentsy Scents dry wicking works by taking the liquid sweat, whatever it is on the outside of your clothes and pulling it in tooth fabric. If there’s wax in those fabric channels, it can’t do that. So I no longer use traditional fabric softener. I use vinegar. Now, I have a cute CQC bottle here just because I’m extra like that, but this is just white vinegar. I buy it in big giant jugs at Walmart for like three bucks. Here’s the cool thing about vinegar. You’re probably making this face at me like, oh gosh, that’s a vinegar on her clothes. You can’t smell it. You can’t smell the vinegar. Even before I used Scentsy products and was using traditional laundry soap, I still couldn’t smell the vinegar. But cin, he smells so amazing. That’s all you’re smelling if you’re pairing it with the Scentsy Laundry liquid.

So vinegar has softening agents. Also, when you use vinegar on your clothes, it is antistatic. So you’re going to experience less lint. And if you have furry friends, the animal hair is not going to stick to your clothes like it might with traditional fabric softeners. So I’m gonna take this Best Scentsy Scents, I’m gonna pour it into my washer, right where the fabric softener would’ve gone. Now, technically you should use like half a cup ish, but I just take this and pour a little bit in until that area is full. So I’m gonna go ahead and close that up, my detergent and my softener. But next comes my absolute favorite part of the laundry line, and that is our washer whiffs. Guys. Washer whiffs are like our gateway drug into the laundry products with Scentsy washer whiffs are fragrance salt crystals. So if you have used the fragrance beads for your laundry from any other company, they’re going to work the same way.

But it’s another case of you get what you pay for. This stuff is the best you will ever find. The fragrance stays on your clothing for a long period of time and people will smell you coming in even without perfume on. So the washer whips, I think it says to use one scoop, use a scoop to measure washer whips for maximum fragrance or for extra large loads, use multiple scoops. So I’m a two scoop girl, I’m always gonna do two scoops. Now notice that I am just tossing that right on top of my dirty clothes. There’s no special spot you need to put it. Um, I have a top loading washer, but if you have a front loading washer, you can still use the washer with you. Just toss ’em in there with your dirty clothes. We have two different sizes, um, of containers, of washer whips.

So I mean, if you wanna be cute and start out with the little one, that’s fine, but you’ll be ordering the big one very soon. I’m that confident that you’re going to love the washer whips. So my laundry is technically done, but I teased you a little bit that I used some other laundry products other than cin. The vinegar was the one, but this is another one I love. Shout Color Catcher. I am not paid by shoutout. This is not a paid advertisement. I just love these things so much. I have some new clothing in that washing machine, and one of them is a bright red shirt. You just never know what the dyes are gonna do on those bright, bright clothes. Um, I have a couple new items in there, so I’m gonna throw my color catcher in there. I don’t use a color catcher for every load.

My jeans, my towels, stuff like that. They don’t get a color catcher, but my colored loads, especially when there’s new clothing in there, get a color catcher. You saw me, I just tossed it right in there. It looks like a dryer sheet. But the cool thing is when I pull those clothes out of that washing machine and I pull that sheet out, it’s going to be colored. I don’t know how it works. I don’t know. I don’t work for shout. I just love the things and I, I really love them. So I think you might too. So my washing machine is now ready to go. I can close that and get it started. But I wanted to show you one other thing because I just moved a load of jeans into the dryer and I need to get it going. And before I get it going, I’m gonna pop in a dryer disc.

Now it’s kind of like a rubbery plastic thing. I don’t, I’m real technical here, right? Um, but it smells amazing. It says add a dryer disc on top of your clothes at the start of the drying cycle. They can be reused multiple times. Just replace it when it no longer senses your clothing. So it is going to add extra fragrance. It is always going. It is also going to be just a touch of antistatic. So I’m gonna take this bad boy. I’m gonna toss it right in with those jeans shut the door and that dryer is ready to go. Now, I have showed you the laundry liquid, the washer whips, and the dryer disc as far as Scentsy products go. If you want the best deal, we have a package deal called laundry love, which is a crazy good deal. You get the laundry liquid, you get the giant, I told you you’re gonna want the big one.

Anyway, the giant tub of the washer whi and you’re gonna get two boxes of dryer discs. Now each box contains two of these, so you’re actually gonna get four dryer disks. You’re gonna get all of that for 50 US dollars, which is an amazing good deal. The cool thing is this qualifies as a half price item when you host a party or have an affiliate leak. So if you’re interested in getting that laundry love bundle for half price, just gimme a shout and we can talk a little bit more about how to make that happen. But at the first of this video, I also kind of tweaked in that I use Scentsy Club for my laundry products. I never want to be without my laundry stuff. So I’ve added it to my Scentsy Club, which is our preferred customer system. So if you’d like more information about that, I have several videos about Scentsy Club or just comment below or reach out to me. You can reach me anytime by text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 90. Or you can always just jump online to Jami Jo sells wax.com and place your order. But like I said, great ways to get laundry product. You can pay regular price. You can get the bundle deal of $50, you can get that half price or whatever you wanna do. I’m here to help you with whatever works best for you. Just a reminder, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and to help you get some good smelling laundry. Let’s get this laundry started.