Hi there. My name is Jami Jo and I’m with Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have owned my fragrance company for over 14 years now. I started all the way back in 2008. I was a public school teacher at the time. When I found Best Scentsy Scents products, I fell in love with the products first of all, because they really worked. They made my classroom and my home smell absolutely amazing. They were completely safe. They were safe to have around the kids in my classroom, also, my own kids at home and my pets and my clumsy husband. But then they were affordable. So for those three reasons, I fell in love with the product and I decided to jump on the opportunity and start my own Best Scentsy Scents business. And I have been so happy that I did that. Like I said, all the way back in 2008, it’s been quite some time today I wanna talk to you about flowers that don’t die.

So I’m gonna take two different routes for this conversation, and I am mainly doing this right now because Mother’s Day is right around the corner in the US middle of May. I believe it’s May 16th, but don’t quote me on that. But it is around the middle of May. And many people purchase flowers for their moms for Mother’s Day. But I want to give you two different giftable options for yourself or perhaps for your mom of flowers that do not die. So first of all, I’m gonna start talking about my six pack pick of floral fragrances. Now, if you don’t know what Best Scentsy Scents is, we are, like I said, a fragrance company and our main product line is wax, warmers and wax. So this is just one example. This is one of our mini warmers plugs right in. It has a light bulb. This one has a light bulb.

Some of them do not, but this one has a light bulb. That warmth from that light bulb is used to melt wax that you put in this top dish. So it melts down and it smells absolutely amazing. No fire, no flame, no soot, no danger of candles, but the smell good of candles. Actually, I think it smells better than candles. When I smell a candle, all I smell is that fire and that flame. So I love Best Scentsy Scents way better. That is just one example of a warmer we have so, so many different ones to choose from. You can jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com and see all the different warmers there. But today we were talking about flowers that don’t die. So we’re gonna talk about my six pack pick of floral fragrances. Now, why do I choose six? We have over 80 different fragrances at any given time.

I choose six because this is the best way to make a purchase of Best Scentsy Scents wax because every time you buy five, you’re gonna get one free. So you should always purchase those in six packs. So I selected my six favorite fragrances as far as floral goes. So let’s jump right in. We’re gonna start with lilacs and Violet. Let’s go over the Scentsy description of this bar. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. A perfect combination of lilacs and violet, the smell of spring. So true. When I smell this, it does just make me wanna go to Hobby Lobby. And by all the spring things, all the, the silk florals and all the, the fun stuff for my porch, it just smells like a walking through a floral garden. It is so floral and noticeably floral. I have a lot of people that love this fragrance and really stock up on it.

Now let’s talk about Luna. Luna is one of our best selling fragrances of all time. So many people love Luna. I will tell you, I used to love Luna <laugh>. I used Luna a lot and I probably used it a little too much and I just kind of got tired of it, just kind of got burned out on it, for lack of a better term. Um, Scentsy tells us it’s white florals, jasmine sweet pea and frisia juicy berries and sandalwood shimmer in the moonlight, I think this is just a great standard fragrance. If you are purchasing a gift for someone that you don’t know and you just wanna go with safe fragrances, I think this is it. I have so many customers that stock up on Luna in all the different products that it’s available in, cuz it is available in quite a few different products.

Luna, like I said, one of our best selling fragrances of all time. Highly, highly recommend it. Let’s talk about a brand new fragrance this season. Peace Lilly be with you Scentsy tells us it is White Peace Lilly and green apple and that harmonizes with watery greens and a touch of vanilla. I have not warmed this fragrance and honestly, I don’t. I mean, I know I’ve smelled all the new ones, but now that I smell it now, I might need to give this one a try. This one’s really good. I’m not normally big on floral fragrances and I don’t think this one is. It’s very different from lilacs and violet. Lilacs and violet. When you smell that, it’s like boom, floral, like a bouquet of flowers. This one is more fresh and light and clean. I guess it’s that apple and the greens mixed in with the Lilly.

I really like this one. I might have to give that one a try. I also have a lot of customers that really like the white wax because spills do happen. Wax accidents do happen and that white wax, you don’t have to worry about it staining anything. It’s just super easy to clean up. Um, guys, this one is technically not in our floral category, but it’s one of my favorite fragrances and it has a name of a flower in it, so I chose it anyway. Uh, whipped vanilla lavender. This actually was released last year at Mother’s Day time. I was so afraid that they weren’t gonna bring it back out, that I added it to my Scentsy club so I could always get it. If you don’t know what club is, it’s our preferred customer program and you can add any fragrance in there and Best Scentsy Scents will continue to make it for you even if it’s been discontinued.

So this one got added to my club, but they brought it back in the catalog this season. I’m so excited. Sweet coconut milk and whipped vanilla soothed by English lavender. I am a huge lavender fan. I don’t really love French lavender, but I love English lavender. And this is it. When I was a little girl, my grandma who we affectionately called Bebe, she used to have this bar soap and I think the package just said English lavender on it. But that bar makes me think of her. It it smells like that soap that she used to use. Okay, this one, another one that is not technically in our floral category, but it has the name of a flower in it. So I chose it. Uh, Magnolia linen. This is not Scentsy’s six-pack pick for florals. It’s mine. So I can pick whatever I want. <laugh> magnolia linen sun watched linen dances in the breeze amid a garden of Magnolia and honeysuckle.

This makes me think of the movie Pretty whim or not pretty women. Uh, still magnolias. Still magnolias. I get, I mean I guess it’s just from the name, but like some of the, the scenes in there, I picture that it would smell like this. Magnolia linen is so good, fresh, clean. If you love laundry scents, that’s gonna be a fragrance for you. And then pink lemon water. Okay, you guys are gonna think I’m crazy for choosing pink lemon water as a choice for floral. But guys, if you like rose scent, you’re gonna want pink lemon water. Um, I’m gonna have to turn the page cuz it’s definitely not in the floral category, but I think it is. I think it’s very florally. Why am I not seeing it now? Alphabetical order is not my friend right now.

I know there’s rosewater in it. Where is it? Darn it. Water. This is great entertainment, isn’t it? Let’s watch Jamie flip through the catalog. Oh, I found it. Rose water infused with refreshing lemon and a spoonful of sugar. Just a spoon full of sugar. Mm, I love rose, I love lemon. And the two of those mixed together are quite delightful. Um, super yummy. So if you are looking for some floral fragrances, that is just six of them. We have several, but that is just six of them. But one other thing I wanted to show you when it comes to flowers that don’t die is our fragrance flower. If you guys have never seen these, they’re so, so cool. So this one I colored and I’ll tell you how in just a second. It actually comes just very basic like this. We have the butter cut belt or the Darling Dahlia.

Two different designs. They come just plain. Now this one did turn a little brown with the oil. Normally they’re more of this, uh, lighter wood color, but they are solo wood. Um, all of them, all of the flowers are hand tied in India. And you get the flower of your choice, flower design of your choice and a jar of oil. And then there’s a wick on it that goes down in the oil. Now if you want to have a fun one like this one here, all you have to do is take a sharpie marker and tip the edges of the flower before you put it down in the oil. Then when you do place it in the oil, it’s going to go up that wick and then bleed down into the pedals of the flower. So whether you like it plain or whether you like it a bit sassy, they smell amazing.

They don’t need electricity, obviously. They’re just a great fragrance item to have anywhere where you don’t have an electric outlet. Um, and just wanna set that down and let it smell amazing. So whether you choose the floral wax bars or whether you choose the fragrance flower, these are some great options of flowers that will never die. If you’re ready to order, you can jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com, or if you have questions or want me to handle your order for you, I’m happy to do that. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Just to remind you Mother’s day’s coming up, make sure you have your gifts already. And just to remind you who I am, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and hook you up with some flowers that will never die.