Hi there. My name is Jami Jo and I’m with Jami Jo Sells Wax, which is a fragrance company and I have partnered with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. I started as a customer, fell in love with the products and decided to jump on board with the opportunity that they offered and I have never looked back. I’ve been so excited about that decision. Today I’m super excited to talk to you guys about the best cot, fragrances that we offer with Scentsy. So we are, you know, in that transition spring to summer, summer is going to be here very, very soon. And the minute I think of summertime, I think of fragrances like coconut, like pineapple, all these fruity and fresh fragrances. I think it’s because I feel like I need a little fruity cocktail in my hand. I don’t know. But those fragrances just say summer to me.

They remind me of summer, they make me feel like summer. So today that is exactly what we’re going to be talking about. The best coconut Best Scentsy Scents sense. That is quite a mouthful to say. Um, I am going to jump right in. I have chosen six different fragrances and I have them here in the bar for us to try out the fragrances, but I’ll also tell you the other products that they are available in. Now, I always choose a six pack when I’m doing one of these in the video series of best fragrances of a certain type. The reason for that is a six pack of Scentsy bars is the best way to purchase these because anytime you buy five bars, you get one free. Now I say that that’s the best way to purchase Scentsy bars. You can also add them to Best Scentsy Scents Club at any time, our customer loyalty program, and you always get 10% off if you do that.

So keep that in mind too. Always go for a six pack or jump right over and start your Best Scentsy Scents club. Let’s jump right in. I feel like I’ve said that word a lot, but that’s all right. We are going to jump right in cuz we’re talking about summertime. Maybe, maybe I need to jump in a pool. I don’t know. Um, if we’re talking about coconut smells, I mean this one is a a no brainer. Coconuts for coconuts, yeah, definitely it’s going to be on the list. Now this one is an ocean water breeze weaves along a coastline lush with wild coconut and tr flour, maybe TIA flour. I’m not familiar with that, but as I smell this, this is a super light fragrance if you like. Um, very unassuming fragrances. Very mild fragrances. This is the one for you. It’s fresh and it’s clean, but it’s still got that sweetness on top of it.

I really enjoy this fragrance, but I will tell you my personal pre my personal preference is for super strong fragrances. So what I might do with this coconut for coconuts is keep it on hand. Um, I used to do this with vanilla, but we really don’t have a great vanilla scent right now, but I think it would work for this. I would keep one of these on hand for if I ever had a bar that was maybe a little too strong, maybe a little too much, and I would pop off a cube of this and toss it in that super strong fragrance. You can always mix and match any of Scentsy’s wax fragrances. So that might be a great option for you. If you like a mild scent, grab this if maybe you like stronger scents. But anyway, it’s just a good mixer. That’s all I’m saying.

Okay guys, you’re gonna laugh at this because I had to put a sticky note on it to help me with the pronunciation. Oh, pause. Reverse coconut for coconuts is available of course in the bar. You can also get it in a scent circle. I should have grabbed these down before. Um, sit circle is this, it’s just a little cardboard disc you can hang from your rear view mirror. Um, great for fragrance. You can also get a room spray. I know there’s some here somewhere right behind me. Room spray. A room sprays are awesome, potent strong. This little bottle will last you forever in a day, I promise you. And the fragrance flower. I love our fragrance flowers. Guys, if you don’t know about our fragrance flowers, I have a full video on it. I would love for you to watch it because these things pack a punch.

They have fragrance for two to three months. They’re super, super amazing. So coconut for coconuts. There we go, we’re gonna move on. I had to put my sticky note on there to know how to pronounce this. It’s kukui and coconut. Kukui and coconut. Um, here’s your lesson for today. Kukui is a tree found in Hawaii. There you go. Tropical coconut and cuckoo nut lounge in a bed of soft jasmine. This is more my jam. Little more fragrance, still very mild and I I I know a lot of these are gonna be very mild. What is my hair doing? What happened there? I don’t know. Um, cuz coconut is just a mild fragrance. This one has a touch more to it though it’s not as sweet. The coconut for coconuts was a bit sweeter. This does have that floral undertone. Still really good, mild fresh light.

I really enjoy this one. Little more fragrance than that. Coconut for coconuts. Um, available in the bar, available in a circle, a room spray and pods. We haven’t talked about pods yet. Pods are super cool. Um, they work in our mini fans, our wall fan diffusers, our Best Scentsy Scents go and our air purifiers. Just a little plastic cage with scented beads inside. If you have little ones, you need a wall fan. That’s that thing right there. Again, I’ve done a full video on those. If you want more information, I would highly recommend you jump over and check that out. Okay, the next one, this is a limited time edition pink coconut. Now if you see that silver little sticker on there, it’s because it was a scent of the month. I think this was maybe two months ago. So it is still available, but it won’t be available for forever. So one great thing is if this is something that you think you’re really gonna love, you need a Scentsy club because if you add a fragrance to Scentsy Club while it’s still available, even after it’s discontinued, Scentsy will continue to make it for you. That’s one of the perks of Scentsy Club. It’s called Always Get My Bar guys. This one, we’re just getting better and better each time. Ground yourself with a soft scent of sweet raspberry, earthy pink clay, creamy coconut and subtle Tahitian vanilla.

This one smells like a drink. Yeah, I think it’s that raspberry in there. And the coconut and the vanilla. This smells like it needs an umbrella and a straw because it’s super, super yummy. You can get pink coconut in the bar, in the scent circle and in the room spray, like I said, limited edition, limited time offer. So if that sounds like something you’re gonna love, grab it quick. It is available on my website or add it to your Best Scentsy Scents club. Mahalo coconut is our next one. One of my friends just ordered this one. She really loves it. Paradise is only a whiff away with floral, Hawaiian lay and violet over fruity fresh pineapple and coconut.

Oh, this is a lot more earthy than the other coconuts. This smells like a garden to me. This isn’t a fruity drink. This is definitely more florally for sure. I honestly, I don’t even smell a coconut in this, but it’s called coconut. Mahalo coconut. I don’t know what that’s about. It’s available in the bar circle room. Spray a pack. Look, I really should have been more prepared for this video. A scent pack. I know I have one. Maybe it’s inside this guy, guy because sometimes, oh look, sit pack right inside there. Um, that’s one of our Scentsy buddies that I just pulled down and they all have a zipper pouch in the back for a sit pack. This is a sit pack, it’s just a scent sache. It’s got those same beads that are inside the pods, but it’s just in a fabric sachet. You can toss this bad boy anywhere, anywhere, anywhere. Um, love stent packs. So Maha coconut bar, circle room, spray pack and the pods. So you have quite a few options there for the Mahalo coconut, um, blue Coconut Beach. This is also a limited time offer. This is in our Mother’s Day collection. So it’s a, it’s one that’s brand new out cuz as I’m filming this Mother’s Day hadn’t even happened yet.

Oh, this is like straight in your face. Coconut lush palm leaves, shade creamy coconut and whipped vanilla beneath a bright blue sky. Yes, if you like coconut and you like vanilla, if you like those mild calming, you, you know the room smells good, but it’s not like an in your face fragrance. This is definitely for you. But same things apply, like I said, to the blue or to the pink. Coconut pink coconut blue coconut. You can have like a ginger reveal right here. Is it blue coconut or pink coconut? Um, anyway, I digress what I was saying. If this sounds like something you’re gonna love, which again, this would be a great mixer too. Add it to your Scentsy club so you always get it. Now I saved the best one on this list for last because this is one of my favorites. Coastal Sunset.

It says Creamy coconut and sandalwood. Set the scene for warm amethyst Amber guys, I am an earthy fragrance girl and this one is, hmm, I wanna put this in my warmer right now. Maybe as soon as I stop this video I’m gonna change my wax because I love coastal Sunset is one of my favorites. It smells so good if you like coconut, but you also like earthy fragrances. Um, it’s not, I don’t know how to describe earthy, like woodsy. This isn’t really a cologne, but it has, you know, sandalwood and amber are in a lot of colognes. Um, this, this is in my top picks. Absolutely. It’s available in the bar, in the circle, in the room spray in the car bar. Oh, we haven’t talked about the car bar. So this is a car bar. This is like, think of your little cardboard set circle or cardboard tree.

Bless your heart if you’re getting those from Walmart. And this is like a step up. This is a step up. It’s gonna last quite a bit longer. This is like a rubbery plastic. Um, but it just hangs from your rear view mirror the same way and just lasts a little bit longer is a little bit stronger. Um, also the scent pack and then counter clean. Oh look, I have it right here in this fragrance coastal sunset. I love counter clean. This of course was made for kitchen counters because of the name. But I call this magic in a bottle cuz this stuff, this will clean up anything. I use this to clean my shoes on the regular. I have used it to clean the upholstery in my car. I have cleaned spots on carpet with this stuff. I magic in a bottle. I tell you, I tell you.

Magic in a bottle. Um, so guys, that is the best coconut Scentsy sense. Um, hopefully you found one that intrigues you. When you’re ready to order, there’s a couple different ways you can do it. You can always just jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. Um, everything is right there for you. Even if you wanna start your Scentsy club, it’s there for you too. If you want to talk to me, you have questions, anything like that, feel free to reach out by text 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Also, if you have not smelled Scentsy fragrances in a while and you would like some sniff samples, I would be happy to pop some in the mail to you. Just text the word samples to that same phone number (918) 888-9690. Um, I will grab your address there and I’ll get some samples on the way to you. I would be happy to do that. Um, guys, I think that’s it for today. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help your home smell like summer and coconut. I mean, I guess you can use coconut all year long, but to me it’s a summer fragrance.