Hi guys. I am Jami Jo from Jami Jo’s Sells Wax and I have built a business selling Best Scentsy Scents products and growing a team of amazing consultants that are doing the exact same thing. If you don’t know what Scentsy is, we are a fragrance company. We started with home fragrance, basically wax and warmers, but we have expanded out to fragrance for all different areas of your life. I started using Best Scentsy Scents products all the way back in 2008. I was a kindergarten teacher at the time and I fell in love with Scentsy because it was safe to have in my classroom. And man did it help. After recess in those 100 degree Oklahoma summers, those kids stink after recess. So I was thankful to have a product that made my classroom smell just a little bit better. So I want to talk to you today about a problem that I have heard over and over and over from my different Scentsy customers.

These are mainly customers with little kids or very active pets, but they talk to me about the spillage of the wax and warmers. Guys, it can happen. Most of our wax warmers have an open dish on the top that we put wax in. It melts down so it becomes a liquid. When that gets bumped or hit or tapped, it absolutely can make a mess. Now, while the messes are pretty easy to clean up, they’re still a mess. And I heard customers over and over and over talking to me about how they didn’t like that possibility of a mess with wax and warmers. Well, guys, US consultants, we kept talking to Best Scentsy Scents and they listened. They came out with an entire new line of products where wax spillage or waxs as we like to call them, waxs, are not a possibility with this product line. There is no wax in an open dish to cause that spill.

What am I talking about? I am talking about Scentsy pod. These things have changed the world of Scentsy accidents, <laugh>. So what is a Scentsy pod? Let me show you. It’s a little pla plastic. I’ve tried to say white and plastic at the same time. It is a little white plastic cage and inside our teeny tiny little scent beads, you can kind of see them there. And then of course we have the fragrance marked on the side. So we know what fragrance pod we have. They come in a twin pack, so you get two pods in there. But I know your, your next question is the Jamie, what do I even do with those? So let’s talk about Best Scentsy Scents pods and the different products that use these. We have three different products that use Best Scentsy Scents Pods. I’m gonna start with the Simon, smallest, tiniest and most affordable up to the multi-use product that uses Scentsy Pods.

So let’s start out with this little guy right here. This is a mini fan. Now, how does a mini mini fan work? We have a little plugin right here. It comes with this short little USB cord. So you would put that right in there. And then this side is, like I said, a U USB cord. So where can you use this product? Quite a few different options. During the time of C O V D when I was having to work remotely, this was a great way to plug into my computer so I could have fragrance no matter where I was working. I was, um, working at different places during this time and this is how I could take scent with me. Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere. Because all I had to do was plug this little U S P N to my laptop. And then when you plug it in this fan, it’s a fan in the bottom of it, this fan would start to blow and it would blow through the pod.

Remind you again, blow through the pod. So you see that it’s an open cage. The fan would blow through there, blow past those beads inside, which would disperse the fragrance out. So these many fans are great for people who work remotely. So many cars now have a USV port in the car. So a lot of people are using these mini fans and the pods in their car. Now the thing is in a car this might be tipping over. Some people have even had to hang it like this. And how do you keep that pod on there? Well, let me show you a fun little trick. I showed you how it had that little, uh, ring around the side that told you the fragrance it was. That is actually a sticker. You can loosen up the edge, pull that sticker off, you can put it right here on your mini fan and then use that sticker to attach it down.

So as you’re driving, you don’t have to worry about that falling off of there. Or even if yours is hanging like this, that little sticker is going to keep the pod pod attached to your mini fan. So great four vehicles that have the US D port as well. Okay, now let’s take it up a notch. What if you’re wanting to use this in a space in your home? I highly recommend our wall fan diffusers for hallways. Yes, wall fan diffuser. I was trying to make sure I said that right. Wall fan diffuser. I highly recommend these for hallways or little kids’ rooms, classrooms, anywhere where a warmer, this is a similar size to a mini warmer, but anywhere that the mini warmer won’t work because it could get knocked over whatever. So it works the exact same way, but it has a plug right here, the fan inside, just like with that mini fan, you pop those pods in there, you can just use one.

I like really strong fragrance, so I put two and then you put the top on there, click it down, you have an on off button. Now we have lots of different options for what your wall fan looks like. We have just the basic light. We have a gray, we are coming out with a brand new black one. So excited March 1st the black one comes out and then you have an option of no light. This just goes into the wall or you have the option of a downlight, which again great for a nightlight in a hallway. I have one of these in my house right by my cat’s litter box and I’m so thankful for that <laugh>. Um, if you have cats, you know, litter box, not a happy little place for your nose, but thanks to my wall in right next to it, it’s much, much, much better.

So that’s the next step up. Now guys, this bad boy right here. This is a Scentsy go. The cool thing about Best Scentsy Scents go, well first of all, that fan inside, again, they all work the exact same way. The cool thing about a Scentsy go, this is rechargeable just like your phone is again, it’s going to come with one of these little SV cords. You plug that right in the side here and charge it up just like you would a cell phone. Now this one has two buttons because this is a deluxe Scentsy go. That means that it also has a color option. I would love to turn it on for you guys, but for some reason cameras like weird out at l e d lights and it, it gets weird and flashy and like strobe effect. So just trust me <laugh>, when I say that there are color options on this, you can rotate through 16 different l e d colors.

Um, then there’s the fan button, obviously high, low and intermittent. So you’d have different options there. So this is the deluxe cii go with the light option. We do also have just a basic white one. It does not have the l e D in it, but the fan and the um, the fan that Bo blows past the pods works the exact same way as the other two products that I have showed you. So as you can see, these products are the perfect answer for no more accidents. They are the perfect answer for fragrance on the go. They’re the perfect answer for travel. Guys, I love to take my Scentsy, go with me on airplanes and in hotels. This is my go-to item when I am traveling. So Scentsy pods, scent pods, they are your answer. If you’re really worried about spillage. Now guys, I would highly, highly highly encourage you to jump on my website right now, right when I post this video because these products are 10% off this month and some of those Scentsy pods, if they’re fragrances that are going to be discontinued after the fall and winter, they’re even 20% off.

So it’s a great time to jump on my website and snag these products. Now, if, if you miss out and it’s not February anymore, you can jump online anytime at Jami Jo sells wax and get these products or shoot me a text, you can reach me by text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. So that’s a great way to to reach me and I can hook you up with some combine and save deals, save you some money that way. Now, if you are just getting into our different pods and fan products, I just want you to know that these pods are buy five, get one free. So that’s gonna save you a lot of money if you’re looking to, um, get in the market of these fan products, which I think if you buy one, you’re absolutely gonna fall in love and you’re gonna want to buy all of those. So as I said, 10% off right now and some of them even 20% off. Give me a text, 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 or jump on over to Jamie, Joe sells Wax. Thanks so much for spending time with me. Um, just to remind you, I am Jami Jo from Jamie, Joe sells wax, and I’m here to make your nose happy.