Okie dokie. Mamas daddies, grandmas Gigi’s, Mimi’s lollies, whatever grandma name you’re choosing right now, aunties, anyone who has some littles that they are buying Valentine’s gifts for. And guys we’re so over candy. I mean, you know, they’re gonna get candy at school. They’re gonna get candy from their friends. They’re gonna get candy from their little boyfriend or girlfriend. They’re gonna get plenty of candy. So you don’t need to give those little bitties any more sugar. I’ve got you covered because I have some super adorable gifts for Valentine’s Day that are not even candy. Hey there guys, <laugh>. I am Jami Jo, and you have found Jami Jo sells wax On this channel, I only talk Scentsy. We’re here to talk Scentsy’s Valentine’s collection. Let me tell you, I have been selling Scentsy for over 15 years, and this is the best Valentine’s Day collection that they’ve ever had.

I’ve seen a lot of Valentine’s Day collections, but trust me, this one is the best. Now I have some awesome little cute goodies for your little bitties. I mean, really infants, even all the way up to teenagers. So we’re gonna start with what’s perfect for the little bitties, and then we’re gonna move up in age as we go along. Capish cool with you. Let’s jump right in. So the first thing that we have, and this is safe enough for newborns, I gave my granddaughter one of these. Now, not this perfect, this perfect for Valentine’s one, but I gave my newborn granddaughter a Scentsy buddy. This is the super cute Scentsy buddy for Valentine’s Day this year. Now, here’s the deal with Scentsy buddies. Most of them are all limited edition, so if you ever see a Scentsy buddy that you love, make sure that you grab it right Then.

We only have one Scentsy buddy per catalog. That is like for the whole catalog season. All the others are limited time offers. This is a do asosa. Now. Now, couple things about Adora Sour. Number one. Uh, this might be one of the largest Scentsy buddies I’ve ever seen. Uh, bay Max was pretty big, but this one is, is giant too. So Adora sous is adorable, of course. I mean, that’s in her name. Uh, but this is what a Scentsy buddy is. It’s a squishy, lovey, yummy, cuddly, stuffed animal. There’s a couple things that make Scentsy Buddies special over any other stuffed animal, and I was looking for this ’cause I’m gonna show you how we make this cutesy, cutesy, stuffed animal fragrance. Hello, we’re Scentsy. Everything’s gonna smell good, right? So all s Scentsy buddies have a hidden zipper on them. In a Dora Sous, it is in her neck.

Inside there you are going to tuck a scent pack. This is a fabric scent sachet that smells super dur yammer. You get to pick the fragrance that you want and you zip that up and she now smells amazing. Here’s a couple things that I love about Ado Asosa. Number one, most sensy buddies, the zipper pouch is somewhere on their tummy or on their backside. And so to get a really good fragrance, you gotta sniff the butt. Nobody wants to sniff the butt. So I love the fact that they put the zipper on ado Asosa right here on her neck so you can cuddle and love her and smell the amazingness of s Scentsy fragrance. Another thing that I love about Ado OSAs is this space. I mean, come on. Does she not look like Grandpa Charlie when he took his dentures out?

Who, who wore it better? What do you think? Okay, that, I totally didn’t plan to talk about this, but that made me think of my daughter when she was a teenager, her and her friends used to play this <laugh> stupid game where they had to say the name of dinosaurs without showing their teeth. It’s hilarious. If you ever wanna see just Stupidness, tell someone to say pterodactyl without showing their teeth or brontosaurus or tyrannosaurus Rex, it’s, it’s pretty dang fun. You’re tried it right now, aren’t you? <laugh>? I wish I had a video of you right now because you’re freaking hilarious. So this is a do sours. So cute. Let me see how much a do Sous is only $35, and that includes the cent pack that you get to choose to put inside. So a Do OSAs is a fabulous choice for a Valentine goodie for your actually any age, any age at all.

I have grandmas that buy those for themselves. We’re gonna move on. This is a buddy clip. I love the packaging on Buddy Clips. I am a retired teacher and I love me a good container. This is a good container, and that paper just slides right off. It really does. So this is Tilly, the Toad stool. Tilly. The Toad Stool is a Scentsy buddy clip. So works the same way as a Scentsy buddy, but the fragrance is preselected and it’s sewn inside Tilly. The toad stool is in simply the zest, which is sandalwood, lush greens and bright tropical fruits. Cute little sensy star on the back. It has a clip. This makes it super easy to add to a backpack, add to a diaper bag. You can hang it from your rear view mirror in your car, clip it on your purse, whatever you wanna do with it.

But she is just absolutely adorable. I love it. She’s almost got like a bobblehead action going on there to leave this tot soul again. Really, any of these are great for any age, but those are probably the two best items for the littles. Now, perhaps you have a tween age daughter anywhere from that 10 ish up age, and they’re getting a little too cool for those type of things. A little too grown up for toys. I don’t need toys anymore, mom. Well, we have another buddy clip, but this one is kind of like taking it up a notch. Let me tell you that Scentsy did this way better than I thought it was gonna be. When I saw the photo images of it, I was like, eh, okay, whatever. But when I saw it in person, guys, this is fabulous buddy. Clip kicked up a notch for a little older age group.

So you’ve got the gold clip here instead of the big bulky plastic one. This is a fuzzy heart. Fur and fuzz is all the rage, totally on trend right now. Of course, it’s going to be branded with Scentsy fragrance, but it’s a little unassuming here. Cute little Valentine heart. And let me tell you, if you don’t like that on there, it’s easily clipped off without bothering anything else about this clip. These little beads here are like a silicone rubber bead. Again, totally on trend. I’m seeing that in jewelry and all kinds of things right now, and this tassel, I really did not expect this quality on this tassel. It’s a shimmery and shiny thread. It’s absolutely beautiful. I thought when I saw the pictures of this that Scentsy was, was I thought I wasn’t gonna be happy <laugh>. But let me tell you, they knocked it out of the park on this.

Your tween girl is going to love this. Guys. I have one of these hanging on my purse right now for Valentine’s Day. So even up to adults, this also would be fabulous, hanging in your car. Oh, let’s talk fragrance, because it’s sy, it does smell good. It’s also in simply the zest, which is that sandalwood, lush greens and bright tropical notes. It smells so super duper yummy. I love mine on my purse, and I know you’re gonna love it too. Okay, now let’s talk drivers. Perhaps you have a driver that is your child that you wanna get something for Valentine’s Day for, but they’re not into toys anymore. You don’t wanna get ’em candy. Everyone has too much candy. You know that already. But you wanna get them something, so why not get them a really cool fragrance system for their car? This is a mini fan diffuser.

So this is our smallest in the fan diffuser family. This one is in rose gold. We have it in other colors, but there’s a really special deal with the rose gold one. So I’ll tell you that in just a second. It comes with the cord that is USB, so it can plug into the USB in a car. You can also plug this into a computer if you work remotely or these students that are taking their Chromebooks or their laptops everywhere, they can plug it in there. Anywhere that you have USB, you can use this. You can even get one of those adapters like you grab to charge your phone in a wall socket and use this in any electrical socket. So you’ve got the fan diffuser, and then you’re going to grab some pods. We have them in simply the zest. The fragrance we’ve been talking about, or you can get them in perfectly cute, perfectly cute, is golden pear with the help of whipped vanilla and a spritz of apricot blossom.

So the Scentsy pods are plastic cages of the fragrance beads. Those same fragrance beads that are in the scent pack that go in the scent, buddy Scentsy buddy, that’s what’s going in here. So you’re just going to put it right here on top of the fan diffuser. When it’s plugged in, that fan is going to go and blow past the pods, putting off the fragrance. Great for a vehicle. Let me give you a little tip. If you’re using this in a vehicle and you don’t wanna worry about the pod coming off of the fan diffuser, if you look at your pods, just find the edge of that sticker around the edge. The edge around the edge, yeah. Anyway, eh, work with me here. Come on friend. There we go. Okay. It just pulls right off of there. So then you would put it on here and then just take your sticker and wrap it around.

Uh, like that. There you go. Now, if this is hanging, you don’t have to worry about your pod falling off of your fan diffuser. Now, I told you there was a really special deal about the rose gold with the fan diffuser for Valentine’s Day. Those fan diffusers, like I said, those are an item we have all the time. Those are priced at $15. We always have pods. Now, these are our special Valentine fragrances, but we always have pods and those are priced at $10. So if you’re not quick on math, that’s normally $25. If you choose the rose gold and one of our valentine fragrances, we’re gonna bundle that and charge just $20. So you’re saving 20% when you choose the rose gold and a Valentine fragrance. That is an amazing Valentine gift for the kiddo in your life that is already driving. I highly, highly recommend that I tucked a mini fan diffuser in all my kids’ stockings because they all drive, got all big kids, and they were ecstatic.

They were so happy and excited about it. Guys, these are limited time offers for Valentine’s Day. Once they sell out, they sell out and they’re gone. So jump over to Jami Jo sells wax.com. Scroll down to where you see the Valentine’s collection. Click there and you can grab them there. If you have any questions about this or anything else Scentsy related, just shoot me a text. I’m happy to chat with you there. 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. You can find me on social media, on Facebook or Instagram under Jami Jo sells wax. We’re right here on YouTube. Of course, shoot me a comment down below. Happy to answer there. Guys, your kiddos are gonna love these. Snag some up for Valentine’s Day, and then you don’t have to worry about all the dental visits. Ha, how about that guys, my name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day.