Hello, friends. Happy Valentine’s Day. All right. I know it’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but that is what we are talking about today is setting up your decorations for Valentine’s Day with s Scentsy. I’ve got my fun little Valentine’s Day shirt on and I have some adorable Valentine’s Day items to bring to you guys today. Hi, my name is Jami Jo and you have found Jami Jo sells wax here on YouTube. This channel is completely devoted to my love for S Scentsy fragrance products. So if you love s Scentsy as well, or if you’re just intrigued to know a little bit more about S Scentsy, make sure that you hit that subscribe button so you will always know about the latest and greatest Scentsy items coming up. Now let me preface this with today. I am only going to show you or talk about items that are currently in stock and ready to order.

So if you see something you love today, jump right over to Jami Jo sells wax.com ’cause that is where you can get it. Now, like I said, today we are talking about Valentine’s Day. Now let me say the Valentine’s Day is coming up pretty quick, a little over two weeks away. So if you are ready to get your decorations up, make sure that you order quick so you get it in time for Valentine’s Day. Now, I know that most people don’t go all out with their Valentine’s Day decorations. Yes, we all have that friend that goes all out for every single holiday. Lacey, I’m talking to you, my friend Lacey does that. Uh, but most people don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day. That doesn’t mean that you can’t just add a couple little key pieces to your home decor to really celebrate the holiday.

Now guys, I know this is a holiday made up by card companies or flower companies or chocolate companies. I don’t know which it was. I know it’s a made up holiday, but why can’t we just celebrate love? Like really there’s so much negativity in this world. I’m here for a day all about kindness and love and sweet, yummy smelling things and sweet, yummy tasting things. Let’s jump right into some cutesy decorations for this holiday. First, we’re gonna start out with our warmer of the month. Now, you guys have seen this before. I’ve shown it to you before, but I mean, how can I talk about Valentine’s Day decor without talking about this warmer? This warmer is called sweetheart. It is an element warmer, which means there’s no light bulb inside. Now, some of our element warmers have LED lights in them that still illuminate, but this one does not.

This is just a solid, ceramic warmer. It has the indicator light on the back to let you know when it’s on, but solid ceramic there is your dish. So you just pop your wax cubes right in there. I love how simple this warmer is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but also this would be great in a cute super girly nursery. Or maybe you have a young daughter that is all about everything pink. Hello Barbie movie. Thank you very much for blasting out the trend of pink. This is the warmer for any of those people, so it doesn’t have to just be Valentine’s Day, it has other uses as well. This warmer is only $36. This month it is 10% off because it is our warmer of the month in January. Normally a $40 warmer, great price point, fabulous price point, super cute, and this is like just the perfect basic warmer for Valentine’s Day, right?

So we are going to stay with that heart trend. I mean, we’re talking Valentine’s Day, so most of what I talk about today is going to be heart related, but this warmer is super, super special. I’m gonna go ahead and turn it on ’cause it really just showcases better when it’s turned on. This is our charity warmer right now. If you did not know, Scentsy chooses a product, every single catalog to be a charity warmer. While I’m talking about this, I’m gonna go ahead and change the light bulb just to show you how you can easily change the look of this warmer. A couple really cool things about this warmer, this catalog selected charity is supporting several different organizations that all help foster families and adoptive families. So promoting foster care and adoption. If you haven’t heard me say before, that’s super close to my heart.

I have been a foster mom. I am an adoptive mom. So super special for me. This warmer is $55, but okay, first of all, let’s just appreciate how gorgeous it is when you change the bulb. This is the red bulb in there. It looks a little orange on camera, but trust me, it is definitely pink and red in person. So $55 for the warmer, Scentsy automatically donates $10 of that. Also, you are getting three extra bulbs. So all of our warmers, if they require a bulb, come with the bulb that they need. So that’s just in included, of course, with any warmer. But this one, you’re gonna get the clear bulb inside, but they’re also going to gift you a red bulb, a blue one, and a purple one. Now, those are normally $2 a piece, so the fact that they’re giving ’em to you, that’s like another $6 value.

So let’s do a little bit of girl math. $55, $10 donation. That takes it down to 45. You take off those three free bulbs, that means that this warmer’s only $39. I love girl math <laugh>. I mean, I don’t know that it’s a real thing, but it works for me. This warmer could set out all the time, and that actually is what it’s intended for. To celebrate foster care and adoption, choose whatever bulb color you want to use in it, but I love the fact that we can change those bulb colors and it really changes the look of the warmer. Now, the next few warmers I’m gonna talk about, I don’t have on hand. I am gonna share a couple graphics with you. I don’t have ’em on hand because I already sold the ones I had in stock. I had these a couple days ago.

Now, this one right here is one of our warmers from our Valentine’s Day collection, and it is called Sweet Sentiments. Sweet Sentiments is an adorable little mini warmer, like I said, out of the Valentine’s collection, meaning it’s a limited time offer. If you love this warmer, go ahead and grab it again. Think about changing that bulb and it will completely change the look of the warmer. Now, check out this one. This is called I Pick You. I pick you. Um, I mean, I didn’t intentionally dress to match this warmer button. It’s happening friends, I had this warmer in my kitchen, but one of my customers fell in love with it and needed it on hand for a party that she had that like that weekend. So pulled it outta my kitchen, went ahead and let her purchase it from me. I pick you, is super, super cute again out of our Valentine’s Day collection, and that means it’s a limited time offer.

So if you love this warmer, go ahead and grab it. Now, could not talk about Valentine’s Day without this warmer. I mean, it basically says Valentine’s Day on it. I mean, I know it doesn’t, but it has the heart on there. It says the word love. Super, super cute. Here’s what I love about this warmer love about the love warmer <laugh>. Anyway, it has a Edison bulb in it. If you’re not familiar with the Edison bulb, it’s like that old time. Look, excuse me while I take a sip, I’m still trying to get over some allergy go. Um, the Edison bulb is like the old timey bulb look where you can see the filament in it. So this is a full metal warmer. That heart is cut out of the metal and it has that Edison bulb tucked in behind perfect for Valentine’s Day. Now, I have a couple others that I don’t have to show you today because it would just take too long and I don’t want this video to go on forever and ever.

But if you have a Valentine that loves to travel, we have a warmer called love your journey. It is the perfect for anyone that loves to travel. Honestly, it’s perfect for anyone that has gone through a journey in their life. Maybe it doesn’t even require getting on an airplane, but you guys know what I’m talking about. We have journeys on our lives, right? So that is the perfect warmer to gift to that person. We have another warmer called love lives here. It’s beautiful, it’s blue. Um, it has those words on it. Love lives here. Gorgeous. Um, to me, no, I’m not even gonna say that. I’m a I’m gonna save my thoughts to myself. It’s a beautiful warmer. And then we have one that’s beautiful. It doesn’t say the word love, it doesn’t really indicate anything about Valentine’s Day, but it’s a beautiful pink and it’s called Summer Rain.

It looks like rain is coming down on the warmer, gorgeous, gorgeous, warmer. And then I want to mention we have a little mini warmer, one of those $25 mini warmers and it is called T Rose. Now it is a beautiful rose shape. It is out of our, um, matte porcelain. I just wanna tell you, this is a warmer, that is exquisite when you change that bulb color. So put a red bulb in there, jump on the website. We might still have some pink bulbs available. Put that in there. This warmer is going to be just perfect for Valentine’s Day, but a warmer that you absolutely could leave out all of the time. Guys, like I said earlier, all of these warmers are available at Jami Jo sells wax.com. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to pick up your Valentine’s Day three pack of wax limited time offer.

Um, not gonna be around much longer, but grab these to go. With any of these warmers, you get three different fragrances, all Valentine theme. It’s definitely perfect, especially if you are gifting one of these warmers to your Valentine. As always, if you have any questions about this or anything else since you related, feel free to reach out to me, find me on social media. I’m on Facebook or on Instagram under Jami Jo sells wax or shoot me a personal text. I’m totally cool with that. You can do that at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Grab all your Valentine’s goodies at Jami Jo Sells wax. That’s it for today, guys. My name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day.