Hi there. Thanks so much for swing. Goodbye, Jamie. Joe sells wax here on YouTube. I am so excited that you’re here with me today because I have an unboxing to do. I have not even opened it. It is still completely sealed up. So we’re gonna have a great time unboxing the Wif box of the month. But first, if you haven’t been on here, I wanna introduce myself. My name is Jami Jo and I have a partnership with Scentsy Fragrance. I have been working with the company, partnering with them for 15 years now. I started as a customer and quickly became an addict. I decided to share Scentsy with my friends and family and the business kind of took off. I was able to quit my full-time job and this business has afforded me many different freedoms in many different areas of my life. That’s not what this video’s about.

If you want more information on the business, there’s other videos about that today. Like I said, we are doing an unboxing, but before I start that, I do wanna let you know if you love Scentsy products and you always want to hear about the latest and greatest things, make sure you subscribe to this channel. So you’ll always get alerts to my videos. But now I was gonna say but first, but that wasn’t first. That was first. This is second <laugh>, but this is what we’re gonna do now. We’re gonna unbox this Wif box. Now, what is a Wif box? Um, obviously it’s a pretty big deal ’cause it has its very own box. With Box is something Scentsy decided to do a couple years ago. They create a surprise box of goodies every single month. It changes every single month and it has really evolved over time.

Now, one really fun thing that they just announced to us was that from now on there will always be a Wif Box exclusive product in the Wif box. They’ve tried this a couple different times, making something just for with box purchasers, but now they’ve decided that they’re just gonna do it every month. So I know there’s something in this box that you can only get if you purchase a Wif box. So while I am cutting the seal and unboxing it, let’s talk about price. Wif Box has three different price points and I’m gonna go over US pricing. Um, it is $35 if you just purchase it now, you can do that by just going to Jami Jo sells wax.com or reaching out to me and placing the order. Okay, I have to close that ’cause it’s so exciting. Uh, while I finished this discussion, if you wanna get a 10% discount on your Wif box, which would make it 31 50, normally 35, 31 50 with 10% off, just add it to Scentsy Club.

Scentsy Club is our customer loyalty program and it is freaking amazing. Scentsy will ship items to you however often you choose. You can do it monthly, you can do it every other month. You can do it quarterly, which is every third month. When your Scentsy Club is $30 or more, you get 10% off Wif boxes 35. If you add that, you automatically get that 10% off. Now here’s the really cool thing with s Scentsy Club. There’s a lot of perks with Scentsy Club. I have full videos on that. I’m just highlighting them now, another cool perk with Scentsy Club is when your order hits $60 or more, you can choose an item for half price and it can be the Wif box that would make it 1750 for the Wif box. Now, WIF boxes cannot be discounted any other way. I don’t get a discount on them any other way.

A hostess can’t get a discount on them any other way. Scentsy Club is the only way that you can snag that discount on the Wif box. Okay, I saw what was in this box and now I wanna show you. Uh, this is the cute little paper that comes in it. Every month we get a little teaser paper sitting right on top and it says, deck the halls with fragrance. And there’s this cute little littles penguin. Um, guys, there’s a warmer in this month’s width box and this warmer we have had him before, but he’s no longer offered just for purchase by himself. He is a Wif Box exclusive. So this is one of our mini warmers. If you have never seen our mini warmers, they are freaking adorable. So this is what he looks like. Got the little light holes on the back to be a little nightlight on the wall.

You’ve got your dish for your wax here. Now let me show you how these work. They come with this little base here and you pop the light bulb in that do my trusty scissors. This is a 15 watt light bulb that is going in the mini warmer. So you’d put it there and then you just pop him on here. You plug it in. This can rotate different directions, so if you have crazy plugs, you’re good to go. Plug him in, turn him on, pop some wax in that top dish and it’s gonna melt down and make your room smell amazing. Guys, these are normally $25. All our mini warmers are $25. So already we’re at a $25 price point on this. But this box has so much more stuff. It has meat at the missile toe.

Let me smell this. I like to smell it from the bottom. It just gives a better scent experience. Oh, yum. Now I don’t have the scent descriptions on these. This is I believe, next month’s scent of the month. That’s always included in the box. And there’s a couple more things in here and I recognize them. So I think this is the scent of the month for next month. It’s definitely pine, but there’s, there’s something else mixed in there. I’m interested to see the scent description on that. I haven’t seen it yet. Um, you also get a bar of sleigh ride this one. I was it in our sense of the season? No, I thought I’d seen this. See, this is what happens when I do a live unboxing or not live, but, uh, unboxing. I don’t, I don’t know anything about anything <laugh>. This one is definitely pine. So good. Maybe this was in our holiday. Five bar pack.

Maybe. Maybe. Lemme look. Yes. So I do know the description of sleigh ride. It is crisp air, fallen fur needle and tart cranberry. Guys, I can’t keep track everything. We have so many scents. Mm. I love woodsy smells. So that’s a good one to me. And then we have caramel or caramel prai cake. I know that this was in sense of the season because I just did a video on that not long ago. Mm. I’m not normally a foodie. I don’t normally like food waxes, but this one’s good. You can definitely smell all three of those notes. The caramel, the praline, and the cake. If you love bakery sense, even if you don’t, I think you’re gonna like that one. Okay, these are $6 each. So $18 plus $25. I’m i I don’t math. Well, it’s 45, 40 $3. Yes, $43. But, but wait, there’s more.

There’s two more things in here. You also get a hand cream in Tinsel Berry. I think our hand creams are nine, so we’re up to $52. And then look at this little cutie a cent circle. It’s shaped like a cute little house. Christmas cottage cider. Now this comes in the sense inspiration set that is releasing very soon as well. Actually by the time this video launches it, it might already be released. Um, but we normally make these in just a plain circle. How cute is that with the little house Christmas cottage cider? It’s a super yummy cinnamony and cider. It smells so good. So these are normally, actually, you can’t buy these by themselves. They just come in this, this sensation set. But our sense circles are normally three. So if I have mathed correctly and no guarantees on that, this box is valued at $55.

$55. I wish I had a calculator, but I don’t have one here handy. And at the most, the most you’re ever gonna pay is 35, but you can get it for as cheap as 1750. Holy cow, that is a fabulous, fabulous deal. Like I said, the best way to get your Wif box is through Scentsy Club. You can do that at Jami Jo sells wax.com. You can reach out to me anytime in the comments of this video. Let me know any questions that you might have or feel free to text me anytime at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, excuse me, I am thrilled with this month’s W Box. I think it’s fabulous and I think you’ll love it too. My name is Jami Jo, and I hope that you have a sensational day.