<silence> Hey guys, thanks so much for popping back by Jami Jo Sells Wax. My name is Jami Jo and I’m so glad that you are here with me today. If you love Scentsy Fragrance and you love all things s Scentsy, you have come to the right place because that’s what this channel is all about. I come to you and share with you all the awesome new things that s Scentsy is releasing, my scent recommendations, my reviews of different products. And I am just here to share my love of s Scentsy and answer any questions that you might have about the s Scentsy products. So if that’s something that interests you, make sure that you subscribe to this channel so you will be alerted when new videos go live. So you can always know what’s going on in the s Scentsy world. World. Guys, today I come to you a hot mess.

I live in Oklahoma and we are in the middle of terrible allergy season. So I feel like I sound like a man. That’s how I hear. That’s how I hear it in my ears. So maybe I have a super low voice, maybe I don’t, I don’t know. But I have my pile of tissues over here. I might be grabbing them. I will be grabbing them from time to time in the video also, um, I just realized I haven’t eaten lunch yet and it’s time for lunch and my tummy just growled super loud. So you might hear that my air conditioner is acting a fool. So it’s squealing, it’s squalling. So if you hear weird sounds in the background, nobody’s being harmed. It’s just my air conditioner today. I have a brand new product to share with you guys. I’m so excited about this because it’s something we’ve been begging since Scentsy four for a while.

We have been begging Scentsy to give us super affordable warmers. Scentsy is great about making absolutely gorgeous warmers. Look at this one right here. It’s beautiful. That brand new pumpkin, gorgeous, gorgeous videos or videos. Gorgeous, gorgeous warmers. But sometimes they are. They are at a higher price point. The prettier, the warmer, the higher the price point. And we know that not all of our customers have a lot of excess money to splurge on scy. So we’ve been begging Scentsy to come out with super affordable warmers, but also basic warmers that are easily giftable, um, when you don’t really, really know someone. Um, and small warmers that are great for little bitty spaces. And Scentsy heard us, they brought us this new collection of mod warmers. That’s what they’re calling them. Mod warmers, M O D. So I have all three of the brand new mod warmers and we are going to unbox them, look at them here together, talk about um, what I love about them, what I don’t love about them.

Now I am doing an unboxing, but I have already seen these so I already know what I love about it. I uh, already know what maybe isn’t my favorite thing about it. But we’re gonna talk about it here today. So this one I’m opening now is the mod s Scentsy warmer in tope. So it’s basically the same warmer in three different colors. Here is the s Scentsy mod warmer in tope. I’m gonna go ahead and unbox all three of them so we can look at them and talk about the good bad and maybe the ugly. I don’t really think there’s anything ugly about them, but the good and the bad of these warmers, this is the modest Scentsy warmer in black. I mean that’s pretty self-explanatory. Take the instructions.

Oh goodness gracious, these allergies. Okie dokie. Here’s what we’ve got for the black. I think I like it better than the tote for sure. Little more sleek. Put my boxes wherever. And the last one is the S Scentsy mod warmer in sage. So let’s look at that one. Sage green. So in my history with Scentsy, what they do when they release these new product lines, they will do a limited release just to see here’s the sage, just to see how it goes over with their customers. And then if they sell well, if customer feedback is good, then they will expand the line to offer other ones. So tote black, sage, green. Okay, let’s talk about what’s awesome about these and let’s talk about what I’m like meh about these. Let’s look at the black one. Of course, they’re all the same, just different colors. Here’s what I love about these and it’s exactly the things I mentioned at the first of this video.

This is a very small warmer. I mean you can see compared to my palm, I have teeny tiny hands guys, you could see compared to my palm this size of this warmer. So it’s small, it’s great for small areas. This price point, I’m wanting to say $25. I’m gonna check and make sure. Yes, $25. We have been begging for a warmer and a great price point. They hurt us. These also when we begged for warmers that were basic that we could gift to anyone not knowing their style or anything like that. They answered all of those factors. And that is why these are perfect for what we asked for. Now let’s look at the things that maybe I don’t love so much about these warmers. They are fully plastic. This is our first plastic warmer, okay? So that can be a a pro and a con.

Pro it’s plastic. This is gonna be super hard to break if you have little ones or pets running around. Even if you drop this, if it falls, if it gets knocked down, chances are it’s not going to break. Those are the pros, the cons, I think it looks a little cheap. I think it feels a little cheap, but it is. So you’re gonna get what you pay for just like so many things in life. Same thing with a S Scentsy warmer. You pay $25 for the mod warmer, it’s super affordable, but it’s made a little bit cheaper. You pay higher dollar for these gorgeous warmers. They’re gonna be higher end their either glass, ceramic, porcelain, different. So let’s talk about something else that I often hear from customers when the dish is attached to the warmer. So many of our

Warmers, let me just show you this. Well, like this one, this dish comes off

And a lot of people choose to pick up their dish and go take it

To the trash can to change out their wax. But some

Of our warmers and this one included, the dish is fully attached to the warmer. Like you’re not gonna pull out this dish. It’s actually part of the warmer. And so sometimes I hear a complaint from customers that these are a bit of a pain in the DU to change the wax. So because it’s fully plugged in and everything like you’d have to grab under a table, unplug it, carry this to the trash can, guys, you’re doing it the wrong way. You’re doing it totally wrong. Let me tell you that to me that is not a complaint about this warmer. Uh, that’s a non-issue for me at all because we have these things right here. These are called cotton cleanups. And if you have a Scentsy warmer, I don’t care if it’s even a knockoff Scentsy warmer from the Walmarts or wherever you got it, if you have wax warmers, you need cotton cleanups.

So what is a cotton cleanup? It’s a giant cotton round. It’s just a big old hunk of cotton. But what makes cotton cleanups better than just a cotton ball is it has a handle. So you don’t get wax under your fingernails. So let’s say this had wax fully melted in it, it’s melted all the way down. All you’re going to do is take your cotton cleanup and ever so gently drop it down in there. Now you don’t wanna push it down real fast ’cause the wax will splash out. So you’re just gonna push it down ever so gently in there. You’re gonna let that cotton soak up that melted wax. You might need to give it a little swish or you know, work with it just a little bit and then you’re gonna be able to pull it out and all that melted wax that was in your warmer is going to be on your cotton cleanup.

Then you just toss this away. Um, I have been known to be able to use this a couple times. If I don’t have a ton of wax in a warmer, I can use my cotton cleanup multiple times for multiple warmers. So you toss this away, then it’s time to put your fresh wax in. As I’ve been um, holding this warmer and looking at them, I do realize that it has an indicator light on the back. Uh, many of our element warmers, that one right there also has an indicator light on the back of it. So you are going to know whether you’re warmer is on or off. These as all of our Scentsy warmers are lifetime warrantied. So if at any point the manufacturer has a defect in it and it stops working, you can just contact the consultant that you bought it from and Scentsy will take care of a replacement item for you.

So overall, I love these mod warmers because they are exactly what we ask for. They are tiny, they are basic and they are affordable. I think they’re a great option right now at Christmas time, this is so giftable at only $25. You can still afford to grab a couple bars of wax to throw in there too and have a great gift for someone at an amazing price point. So you can get these mod warmers right now at Jami Jo sells wax.com. Or if you have any questions about these warmers or any other Scentsy product, you can always text me. You can reach me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0 and I’m happy to answer any questions about s Scentsy that you have. You can also put ’em in the comments right here on the video and I can answer that as well. ’cause chances are, if you have a question, somebody else does too. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to help make your house smell super yummy and help you get some gifts at a great affordable price. And I think this mod warmer will help you do just that. So have a sensational day.