<silence> Hey there friends. Thanks so much for swinging by Jamie. Joe sells wax here on YouTube. I am your friendly Scentsy consultant, and I have had a partnership with S Scentsy for 15 years now, sharing s Scentsy love of products, product recommendations, reviews, unboxings, but also sharing the love of the S Scentsy opportunity. So before we jump into an unboxing of this month’s with Box, I just wanna let you know if you ever have questions, uh, anything Scentsy related, if it’s product, if it’s getting free and discounted product or starting your own Scentsy Adventure, please reach out to me. You can comment below or you can shoot me a text 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. But make sure that you subscribe to my channel so you will always be in the know of the latest and greatest of all Scentsy goodies. All that being said, it’s my favorite video every single month because I absolutely love our s Scentsy Wif boxes.

This is the Wif Box for October of 2023. Now, if you don’t know what a Wif box is, let’s talk about that first of all, and then we’re gonna dig into the surprises. Inside Wif Box is a monthly sub surprise box that Scentsy releases it changes every single month. You never know what you’re gonna get in it. Now let me tell you, I’ve seen some spoilers and this month’s is so, so, so good, but it is a surprise every single month. It changes every single month, and there are a couple different ways that you can purchase it, a couple different price points that you can purchase it at. Now, retail on this box is $35. You are promised that the goodies inside will be a higher value than that $35, and usually they are significantly higher than $35. But you can also get it for different price points.

35 is the retail. You can very easily get it for 31 50 and discounted shipping, or you can even get this for 1750. Now of, of course, everyone wants to get things for lower prices, right? So to get those two lower prices, that is with s Scentsy Club, you’ve never heard of s Scentsy Club. It is the coolest thing ever. It doesn’t cost any money to join it to get started. Whatever you wanna say about it, it is our loyalty program and you get to decide what you put in it. You get to decide how often it comes to you. You have all the choices and the options, and you can change it at any time. So here’s how you get the different price po price points of the Wif box. It’s $35. So if you add it to Scentsy Club, one of the perks of Scentsy Club is time.

Your club is $30 or more, you get 10% off. So if you add your with box to be shipped to you either every month, every other month, or quarterly, you automatically get it at 10% off making it 31 50. Now, I know you’re interested in that 1750 price point. The way that you do that is with s Scentsy Club, if your club hits $60 or more, you get a half price item and it can be AS Scentsy with box. That is the only way that you can get a Wif box discounted. It does not work with hostess goodies. I don’t get a discount on it except I have it in my Scentsy club. That’s how I am getting mine. So let’s jump in friends and see what is in this month’s W Fox. Like I said, I saw a sneak peek. I know how good it’s going to be.

Here’s what I see When I first opened it up, guys, I didn’t cheat this month. I really opening it up with you. You always get a little, you know, little paper in there. I, I don’t even know why they do that, but you do. You are going to get the holiday collection brochure so you can see all of the Christmas goodies that are coming out. Then you saw this bag. I’m gonna set this to the side right now. This I know is wax bars because it’s in our insulated bag with an ice pack. I’m gonna set it to the side. There are three other items in here. Now, I told you guys that it was $35, but you’re gonna get a higher value than that. We are gonna look at the value of this Wif box as we go along and add it all up.

So I’m gonna get my, my price list here. We’re starting out with a container of washer widths in the brand new fragrance Arctic kiss. We’ve never had washer whiffs in this fragrance. This tub right here, I believe is 12. Yes, $12. So I’m gonna write that down. $12. Now, if you have never used washer whiffs, these are our gateway drug to the laundry line. Let me tell you, you’re gonna get addicted to these and you’re gonna want all the laundry products. Okay, fresh and clean. I, there’s a little bit of fruit in that now I gotta see what’s in it. I know it’s in the holiday collection catalog, so it’ll gimme a, a scent description. It’s arctic mint fresh air and vanilla clouds. No fruit in it at all. Arctic mint. Oh, that’s what was throwing me off mint. Okay. Yeah, I, I find it. Oh, I guess those are vanilla flowers. I was like, I find it interesting that they have flowers all over

A holiday scent. But I guess those

Are vanilla flowers and there’s vanilla cloud in it. So washer with you sprinkle these in your washer. They do not clean your clothes. They just add yummy, yummy, yummy fragrance.


Washer width, that’s $12 value. You are getting one of our holiday hand soaps in eucalyptus wreath. Guys, this is one of my favorite fragrances ever. And our hand soaps are

Valued, I believe at nine. So right there

We’re at $21. Okay guys, I’m so excited about this. We can’t even buy this outside of the Wif box. You can only get this in a Wif box. How cute is that packaging? The scent is perfect. Peppermint. Woo. That is some peppermint. I wanna hit the pot I miss for Christmas. I loved that song when I was a little girl. Who am I kidding? I still love it. Now how cute is she? Now we have a big version of this Scentsy buddy and her name is Holly, but this is the adorable buddy clip. So let’s talk about a buddy clip. This main body part of Holly here. Yep. Her name is Holly too. Of Holly here, is filled with this same beads that are in AS Scentsy scent pack or in a scent pod. So if you’re familiar with either of those products, it’s the same fragrance beads are sewn inside of this.

She comes with this super cute little clip. So that gives you so many different options. I think when Scentsy released this, the, the buddy clips, they really envisioned them being clipped onto backpacks or diaper bags. I think they really intended them to be a kids item. But let me tell you, I sell so many buddy clips for people to hang from their rear view mirror because they smell amazing. But also they are super, super cute. Now Holly here is absolutely adorable. Look at her little teeth. Oh my goodness, that one’s going a little crazy, but I’m sure it’ll learn to stick down. Or maybe it won’t. That’s all right. She can just be a special little hippo. She’s so cute. And that peppermint scent that is so, so good. Holly, the hippo. Uh, guys, this is worth it right here. Like this is worth the Wif box. I mean, maybe not

Monetarily. Most of our buddy clips are $18, but of course I’m telling you, you can’t even get that one

Unless you get a Scentsy Wif

Box. So

If you love

Hippos, if you love

Christmas hippos, you need to get the WIC box. Alright guys, we’re gonna dig into our insulated bag. I live in northeast Oklahoma. It’s probably getting to be a time where they can stop doing this, but you just never know. So if you live in an area that it gets hot, you’re gonna get your wax and meltable in an insulated bag. It has an ice pack in there. Of course it’s fully melted, but that means it served its purpose. Oh my gosh, there are three bars in here. We’re already to a $39 value, but there are three more bars. So that is $18 worth of stuff.

$57 value this month. That’s huge. Let’s look at the different fragrances. I got Rum Plum. This is one of the cent in our Christmas five wax collection. Let’s see what the mix of this is. I like this rum, p rum plum. It is plum jam, vanilla sugar, and a flaky buttery crust. It is a bakery ish scent. I’m not normally a foodie as far as my fragrances go, but this one isn’t like one of those that’s like gonna make you hungry or like it’s gonna make you feel like it’s like so sickening. Sweet. I think this one is just a good rounded out fragrance. You’ve got the darkness of that plum. You’ve got the sweetness of the vanilla, and then that little bakery hint with the crust on there. Rum p plum. Now this cherries jubilee. I had a viewer that helped me with a description there.

I was saying it smelled like cough syrup, but in a good way. ’cause like if you say things smell like cough syrup, that kind of has a negative connotation. It’s not bad. And she said it’s Grenadine. That’s what you’re smelling is Grenadine and yes, that’s perfect it. It’s Grenadine. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the red stuff they put in mixed drinks. I used to love to get a Shirley Temple when I was younger. It was just Sprite and Grenadine. It was really good. So this is black cherry raspberry and zesty lemon. It is like the fruitiness in the best way. So good. Now this one I have not smelled yet because it is the scent of the month for next month. That’s one really cool thing with W box. You are always gonna get a bar of wax in the scent of the month for next month.

So this will release out in November. Meant to be Mary, I’m gonna assume it’s peppermint. I don’t have the scent description for it right in front of me because I hadn’t even released yet. Oh my goodness. I expected like <laugh>, some of our mints make my eyes water and that’s kind of what I expected. This to me is like one of those butter mint candies that you get at weddings. It’s so good. Like this is making my mouth water. It is so good. It’s like that, that creamy vanilla milky mint. Oh my gosh, that is so good. <laugh>. So good mint to be merry. Okay, that’s everything in the box, but my goodness, $35 retail. You’re getting $57 worth of stuff and an exclusive that you can’t even get anywhere else. So if you are ready to jump on board and get your s Scentsy Wif box, if you wanna just pay the high price highest price of 35 and get it, Jami Jo sells wax.com search for Wif Box.

If you are looking to get it at a discount, Jami Jo sells wax.com. But at the top you are gonna see a tab that says SY Club. That’s what you’re gonna wanna click and that’ll get you started there. Or you can always text me at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. I can get you all set up with an order with Scentsy Club, answer any questions that you might have. I’m always here to help and excited to do that. So just reach out, let me know however I can help you. My name is Jami Jo and I hope that you have a Sational Day.