Hello there I am Jami Jo from Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have a fragrance company and I have been partnered with Best Scentsy Scents Fragrance since all the way back in 2008. So over 14 years now, I have been partnered with Scentsy Fragrance and loving their products. Now I fell in love with Scentsy’s wax and warmers and I am still very much in love with those products, but I’m in the middle of quite, um, a situation. And that situation is a storm rolled through our community five days ago now, and we are still without power. So you see open windows over there. Um, I’m not filming this in my typical room because that is downstairs in my office. There’s not a lot of light down there. I normally have this huge, gorgeous video set up with, with lights and all kinds of stuff. None of that is working right now, but I still wanted to come to you guys and share some awesome Best Scentsy Scents goodies with you.

So I just ventured into my living room where there’s beautiful natural light and what we’re going to talk about today is very timely for my situation. We are going to talk about my favorite Best Scentsy Scents products that do not require electricity. I’ve had zero electricity for five days. So let’s talk about, I chose my top four favorite products that do not require electricity. There are more products in our product line that don’t need to be plugged in, but these are my top four items. So I am going to start by telling you guys about this scent pack. Now this one is in Make a Splash. I pulled this off of my travel bag because I had just used this recently to create a scent memory while I was on vacation. If you’ve never heard of scent memory, your sense of smell is one of your, um, strongest senses that triggers memory.

Words were not coming to me. It’s one of your strongest senses that trigger memory. So anytime you’re in a situation where you really want to create a memory and be able to smell that smell again and just be taken back to that place, make sure that you watch my video just maybe a week or two ago about scent memory. So the scent pack though, let’s talk about what this is. Obviously, it does not require electricity. It’s basically just a scent sachet. So on the front it’s just a normal fabric. You’re gonna see our logo. You’re gonna be able to see the name of the fragrance you chose, and on the back of it, it is a netted material and down inside the netting, I don’t know if you can see there, but there are scent beads inside of there. So this is just like an old school cent sachet.

What I love about the scent pack is number one, it has a great scent throw, meaning there’s great fragrance put off by just this little pouch. But also I love the fact that you can toss this anywhere. I keep scent packs in my suitcases so they don’t get stuffy. I have used these in my car, I use them all over the place. I put them in dresser drawers and in closets. Anywhere that I want just a little bit of fragrance, I can tuck a Scentsy scent pack. Now this is available in tons of different fragrances, so you can find the full complete list of all those fragrances at Jami Jo sells wax.com. This scent pack is absolutely great also for teenagers, for school lockers, for gym bags. Anywhere where there’s a stinky teen or a stinky kid, you can have a scent pack because these are completely safe to just toss anywhere.

So I highly, highly recommend the Scent Pack as an item that does not need electricity. Now the next item I wanna show you guys is our Scentsy room spray. Now you can see the size of this room spray. It’s a pretty small can, but don’t let that fool you because there is tons of fragrance in this little bitty can and these can last a super long time. Now our room sprays can be used anywhere of course, but I do want to let you know that they are very high in fragrance oil content content. So what that means for you is I want you to be careful where you are spraying this. If you were to just spray it freely in your car, it can harm the dash, the leather, the plastic, things like that in your car. If you just spray this into the air, it is going to cause the the floor to become it very, very slippery.

The plus side of that is because it has so much fragrance oil, that’s why those things are happening. So that means that this little bitty can really packs a punch of fragrance. The downside of it is you just need to be aware of those things. Now I do have a couple tips of some great ways that you can use the Scentsy room spray. Now, most room sprays find themselves in the bathroom. That is where most people are using Scentsy room spray, and that is a great place to use it because it is so strong. Now, two different ways that you can use the Scentsy room spray in your bathroom knowing that it can make the floor slick. So one really good tip for using Scentsy room spray is it actually spray it in the toilet before you use the toilet. So all that fragrance oil is going to cause a barrier on the top of the water.

So anything that enters the water that might be a bit stinky is going to get trapped underneath that oil. So it’s going to work like a very similar bathroom spray product that is on the market. You spray this in the water, it’s going to trap the fragrance down underneath the water, and of course with that, you don’t have to worry about the floor getting slippery. So there’s option number one. Option number two if you want to fragrance the room, fragrance the room after you have used the restroom. And you don’t wanna spray it in the air because you don’t want your floor slick. There’s two different things you can do. You can just give it a little squirt on the inside of the toilet paper tube. Or what I personally like to do is just tear off one square of toilet paper, give it a couple squirts, and I just set it on the top of my trash can in the bathroom.

So that is going to be plenty of fragrance for your bathroom. Absolutely love the Scentsy room spray available in 80 plus different fragrances. Same thing. You can find the list of all the fragrances at Jami Jo sells wax.com. We’re gonna move on to Scentsy Fresh. Now this is a Scentsy spray that you can spray on any fabric surface. It’s great for blinds or not blinds, uh, curtains, bedspreads, I love to use this on my bed. My couch cushions all different kinds of items. I use it on even my cat’s bed. Now I have friends that say as soon as they spray Scentsy fresh on their pet bed, their pets don’t wanna lay in the bed anymore. But that hasn’t been a problem at our house. My cat does not care whatsoever. So the Scentsy fresh, you can spray on any fabric surface clothing, uh, like I said earlier, stinky teenagers.

Yeah, when my son was still living at home, um, I had been known a couple times to spray him down with Best Scentsy Scents fresh before he left the house. So you can use this on any fabric surface and it smells absolutely amazing. Now I’m going to wrap up my top four non-electric Best Scentsy Scents items with the fragrance flour. Now, I think I’ve saved the best for last in this situation where I don’t have electricity and I want some great fragrance in my home. I say it’s the best option because it puts off the largest amount of scent of the items that I’ve chosen, chosen to share with you guys today. Now our fragrance flower is actually made of so wood. Now, this one I have colored. They come to you in a plain light tan because they are wood flower. There’s a couple different floral designs to choose from and a couple different fragrances.

Your fragrance is going to come in a jar just like this. You take the lid off, put the flour down inside, and it’s going to smell amazing. Now this one, the oil is all gone. It’s all dried up. It’s all evaporated out through the flower, but this flower still smells amazing. Now, if you want to color your flour just like I did, all you have to do before you put the flour down in the oil is tip the edges of the petals with a sharpie marker, and then when you put it down in the oil, it’s going to bleed up into the flower pets and cause the coloring of the pets like I have done here. So I absolutely love a fragrance flower these last two to three months. I’ve seen some of them even last longer than that. So what a great, amazing product for the price point at only $16 us.

That is a amazing deal to get two to three months worth of Best Scentsy Scents fragrance. Of course, the more you buy, the cheaper they get, as with many Scentsy products. So guys, these are the Scentsy products that I am relying on right now since I can’t plug in a warmer and put some wax in it since they don’t have electricity. These are the products that are keeping my home smell amazing. You can get any of these products online at Jami Jo sells wax.com, or you can shoot me a text anytime at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them or any questions about placing an order, you can always reach me there. Guys. My name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and help you know how to fragrance your home even without electricity. Just like I have to do.