<silence> Hey guys, Jami Jo from Jami Jo Sells Wax. This is a YouTube channel all about S Scentsy fragrance, my partnership with S Scentsy and featuring S Scentsy products. Today we are gonna be talking about a combination of S Scentsy products and the S Scentsy opportunity because I wanna make sure, guys, I’ve talked to you about this a couple times, but I wanna make sure that you know, today is the last day of the coolest s Scentsy starter kit ever. Today’s the last day, so I wanted to make sure you guys knew about it, you knew about it, you knew about it, and that you don’t miss out. If you decide to jump on board with a partnership with Scentsy today on October 31st, it’s the last day that you can get your hands on this really cool starter kit that has our warmer of the month for next month, our pack of holiday bars, and all of those goodies up on that shelf.

Let’s dive right in. Let’s talk about everything you’re going to get in this kit and why you might want to jump on board with a partnership with Scentsy. Let’s start with the items that are right in front of me. Now, yesterday I did an unboxing for you of this absolutely gorgeous, warmer, it’s called Merry Little Christmas. It is reminiscent of your granny’s little ceramic Christmas tree that she probably had in her living room back in the seventies. These are coming back in style. They’re all the rage. They’re in every antique and vintage store that you can find. But this one has that warmer plate on the back. It is an element warmer. So we’re using the warmer plate to wet melt your wax. It is a warmer that recommends using a four cubes of wax, so it’s gonna have great scent throw. There’s nothing, um, like a lid hindering the scent.

Throw four cubes of wax recommendation. That means that you’re gonna get some great scent throw with that warmer. So right there, that is a $72 value on that warmer. You are also going to get the bag valued at $25 of all the five holidays cents. So you’re gonna get a bar of cranberry candy cane, a bar of rum, plum. That’s always a tongue twister to say it fast. A bar of vanilla barnwood, a bar of sleigh ride, which is a great pine fragrance and a bar of cherries. Jubilee, it smells like cherry cordials. It’s so yummy. So $72 value on the warmer, $25 value right here. So that’s value of $97, right? If I’m math incorrect, guys, this kit back here, $99 and you get these free. Okay, so really you’re paying $2 $2 to give Scentsy a try. Now I’m gonna show you everything that comes in that $99 kit, but let’s just talk about like what’s required of you, what’s required of you.

If you decide to do this, give it a try kit for $2. What’s required of you is nothing. Nothing’s required of you. Now, if you want to maintain your status as a Scentsy consultant, you have to do $200 in orders in a single month, once a year. So even if you are a Scentsy addict and you’re thinking about just getting a rebate on your products, this kit is definitely worth the deal. So you are automatically going to be making 20% of purchases once you sell a thousand dollars worth of S Scentsy, whether you’re buying it for yourself, selling it to your friends, selling it online, it doesn’t matter. Once you sell a thousand dollars worth of products, you’re gonna bump up to a 5% commission bonus making 25% commission. Now, there’s tons of other perks. We have early access to a lot of things. You have the opportunity to get a warmer of the month and sent of the month kit where you get it 15 days early, but also at a discount.

We have tons of other perks with bonuses and really cool stuff like that. I love the perk of the opportunity to earn incentive trips and other really cool incentives that they do throughout the year. Currently, I am working to earn a trip for two to Hawaii. So it’s a point based incentive based on sales, based on recruiting, based on team growth, but it does not matter what level you are in the company. I have seen brand new consultants earn incentive trips. I have seen consultants that have been in for years and years, like myself, 15 years with this partnership, and I have earned several of the incentive trips. Okay, enough about that. Let’s jump into this kit and see everything you’re gonna get. The really cool deal is you’re gonna get an insulated tote bag. Now, it might be a different color. We have several different colors, but have you guys ever seen a tote bag that was insulated?

Why would Scentsy do that? Guys, we are wax products. That is our main product is wax, and if you live in a place that can get a little warm like me down in Oklahoma, stuff tends to melt. So throw an ice pack in there, throw your wax in there. You can take that around to all your customers or just use it yourself as a tote bag. Let’s jump into some other things. You are going to get the Art of Fragrance. This is a training self-guided training on fragrance and how we choose our fragrances. All of our fragrances have a top note and mid note and a base note. That’s how our fragrances last so long with a couple other reasons why too, but that’s one of the reasons why our fragrances last so long. You are going to get sample packs of laundry stuff, of body stuff way more than this.

This is just what I have tucked up there, tons and tons of fun little sample stuff. You’re gonna get stuff to make felt samples. So this are, these are pieces of felt. We will teach you how to melt down your wax, pop those little felt pieces in there, and then pop ’em in baggies, which you also get in the kit and you can make samples for your customers. You are going to get a counter clean in vanilla mint, which is so super yummy if you’ve never used our counter clean. I call it magic in a bottle. I think they misnamed it. I think it should be called Magic in a Bottle because it could be used to clean so many different things. You’re gonna get a car bar in Amazon Rain, so that way your car’s gonna smell so good. You’re gonna get one of our travel twists, I believe it comes in vanilla bean buttercream.

That’s not what this is, but this is our Travel twist little plastic thing. Twist it open to get some fragrance. You can use these anywhere, anywhere, anywhere. I’ve seen a lot of people that are putting command strips on the back of these and using it in places like wherever you store your trash can or maybe in a diaper pail. All great ideas, places that you need fragrance. You are going to get two bars of wax, one bar of Luna, one bar of Black Raspberry Vanilla. Black Raspberry Vanilla is our best seller of all time for Always In Forever, and Luna is one of our best sellers right now. So you get a bar of wax of each of those. You are going to get a warmer, I think it’s plugged in, so I don’t wanna pull it down. Uh, this is, what’s it called, classic Gray or something like that.

There is a possibility that you might get the satin black warmer as well, because Scentsy says we reserve the right to switch out anything we wanna switch out, I promise you, you’re gonna get the same value on your kit no matter what. But we have been having people join like crazy and um, sometimes that warmer gets switched out for other ones. You’re gonna get fun, scratch and sniff stickers. You guys remember back in elementary school when you did really good on a paper and your teacher gave you a scratch and sniff sticker, we’re bringing ’em back. We are bringing back the scratch and sniff sticker. Um, that’s more the Art of Fragrance kit.

You are going to get one of our mini fan diffusers. This right here, you can use this Bad boy anywhere where you have AUSB, or you could get one of those adapters and use it with a regular plug. I have one of these in my car and I absolutely love it. If we’re giving you a mini fan diffuser, you need the pods to go with it. So you’re gonna get a package of pods. And what would a Scentsy kit be without testers of all of the fragrances. So you are going to get a tester of all of the catalog fragrances for this catalog season in this really cool bag. I call this my employee because if people get their nose on these testers, they fall in love with Scentsy and they want all the good stuff. So you’re gonna get all of this stuff that I just showed you.

It’s over $300 value. You are also gonna get the Christmas tree warmer. You’re also going to get the five pack of the holiday bars all for just $99. Today is the last day. But wait, there’s more <laugh>. Um, what’s not pictured here is, well, I forgot to go through this stack. It’s just a bunch of, um, sales tools. You’re gonna get catalogs, you’re gonna get order forms, you’re gonna get postcards, you’re gonna get all those goodies, but also you are going to get your website free for the first three months. Now, cin, he does not require you to have a website, but trust me when I say it is super duper beneficial. Like right now, every Friday Scentsy has been having these Freaky Friday sales, it’s only available through the website. So if I didn’t have a website, I couldn’t be collecting orders that way. So I highly recommend the website. Even if you just do it for the first three months, it’s free anyway, and then you can cancel it after that. Normally, it’s $15 a month, so right there, that’s another $45 value.


What questions do you have? Today’s the last day of this deal, but I promise you there’ll be a cool deal next month too. This is the best I’ve seen in a while though. This is like a really, really cool starter kit. Ask any questions in the comments of this video, shoot me a text at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. If you’re like, Jamie, I’m jumping on board, I’m doing it today, go to Jami Jo sells wax.com. Go up to the top right corner and you’re gonna see a button that says getting started. Click there and get started. Today’s the last day of this really cool kit. I wanna make sure you guys hear me when I say that the last day to get the Christmas tree warmer in your starter kit. I am here to help you every single step of the way here to mentor you on your goals. I will never push you to do something you don’t wanna do, but if you want to accomplish big, huge, great things, I’m here to help you do that. Guys, my name is Jami Jo, and I hope you have a sensational day and really consider this opportunity that Scentsy has for you.

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