Hey guys, how you doing? I am Jami Jo and I have a fragrance company called Jami Jo Sells Wax. I have been partnered with CIN Fragrance for over 14 years now. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s been that long. But over 14 years I have been working with Scentsy Fragrance as a consultant. I started as a customer and fell in love with the products for three main reasons, because they absolutely worked. They even made my classroom smell good after recess on a hot Oklahoma Day. Kids are stanky friends. Uh, I love the fact that they are safe. They were safe enough to have in my classroom. They were safe enough to have in my home with my own family and my own pets. And I really loved that Best Scentsy Scents products are affordable. So for those three reasons, I was like, what the heck? Let’s jump on board with a partnership.

And I did just that. And I’ve been working with these products for, like I said, over 14 years. And in that 14 years, I have seen the basic products stay like the warmer and wax that you see right here. That’s what we started with. And that is still the heart and soul of our business. But I’ve seen lots of other products come and go in the business. Other things that they’ve tried, some have worked, some are not available anymore and there’s probably a reason why. But I am here to tell you today about the most underrated since the product, in my opinion. Excuse me. There is one product that I think customers overlook on the regular and it is an amazing fragrance product. Are you guys wondering what it is? It is the Scentsy sit Pack. So the sit pack is first of all, very affordable, only $7 in the us And the cool thing is when you buy five, you get one free.

Just like with our wax bars, buy five get one free. But this fun little CIN sachet is so versatile. So it is just a fabric sache fabric on the front. It’s like a mesh fabric on the back. And I don’t know if you can see in the video, but there’s like beads inside of there and that’s what has the fragrance. This is make a slash, I bought it for my vacation coming up so I can create a scent memory. If you guys are intrigued by that, you need to go back and watch my video on Scent Memory because I am creating a scent memory using Make A Splash. Mm, smells so good. So let’s talk about that Scent pack, what it started as and all of the uses that you can use that Cinp pack for. Now guys, we came out with our Cinp packs when we came out with our Scentsy buddies.

This is Molly the Monkey. Now Molly is no longer available. This was actually the very first line of Scentsy buddies that came out. Gosh, I don’t even remember what year. Maybe it was 2012. Totally guessing there. Uh, this is my son’s Best Scentsy Scents buddy, but he’s in the Air Force right now and he didn’t think it was real cool to take his monkey over to Japan with him <laugh> in his Air Force gear. So he’s hanging out here with me in my office until my son gets back. But all of our Best Scentsy Scents buddies have a zipper pouch in the back. Now that’s where these scent packs came in. You tuck them right inside there, you zip it up and then you have a fragrance stuffed animal. That’s how we started with the Scent Pack. But guys, the uses for Scent Pack are so much more than that.

We’ve really found tons and tons of uses for okay, he didn’t wanna sit up there right now. We have found tons and tons of uses for the Scentsy sent Pack. So let me share some of those with you. But I would love to know how you use the Best Scentsy Scents Pack or ideas you have for the Best Scentsy Scents Pack. Put those in the comments below because I would love to know how you are using the product. Now, my favorite place for the Scentsy Scent Pack is in my vehicle. We have tons of different items specifically designed for the vehicle mainly.

See if I can do this backwards. That right there, that is a car bar or we have the, oh look, it’s right in front of me. <laugh> the mini fan guys, I’m just not with it today. Buddies falling down. Me knocking the camera. Bear with me. Bear with me. Okay, so this is also a great option for your car. Personally, I don’t like a lap thing. Do that thing. Ding, ding, ding, dinging. I don’t like that thing because I have a cute little, uh, air plant hanging in my car from the rear view mirror and I don’t want anything else hanging with it. So for me, that’s out. This, I do have a USB port in my car so I could use this, but let me just be honest with you guys. I, I’m maybe not the most tidy of people. There’s no, maybe I’m not the most tidy of people and that would get, it just wouldn’t work in my car.

Just not the type of person where that would work. In my car, I like these cuz I can tuck this sucker anywhere. I can toss it under a seat. I can um, hang it from a little hook or a vent or whatever the thing is. Those and the scent circles have to hang freely because the oils in them can harm surfaces and stuff. This, this bad boy can go anywhere, anywhere, anywhere. So I can hang them wherever in my car, even if it’s touching up against something. Usually if it’s fresh out of the package, I tuck it under the seat because it’s like way strong. But then when I need a little more fragrance, if I’ve like towed it around my Chinese food or something, I’ll toss it up on the dash because heat and fragrance heat makes fragrance come out. That’s why our warmers work because heat makes fragrance escape.

Um, so this, I actually usually have two of these in my car cause I drive an suv. I have one in the front, I have one in the back. So I love sent packs for my vehicle. They’re great for gym bags. I mean, where else are you gonna find the s stinkiest stank shoes then in a gym bag or a sports bag, if you guys are sports parents, you need to invest in these and Scentsy fresh CSI Fresh is our fabric refresher spray. If you’re a sports mama, you need this and you need fresh, um, in a diaper pill. Guys, it’s been a long time since I have little ones running around, but I remember the Diaper genie that was like all the rage when my daughter was born. So we had this diaper genie. If you don’t know what it is, you pop the diaper in the top and then you give it a twist and when it gets full, you pull out like a sausage roll of stanky diapers.

You can imagine what that thing smelled like. I wished way back then we had sit packs because I definitely would’ve tucked a sit pack inside that diaper genie because ooh, the stank was bad in that thing. So in a diaper pill, same type of idea in your trash receptacle. Now obviously you don’t wanna throw it in the trash. So if you just have a trash bin, you could put it in the bottom of the bin and then put the bag on top of it. In our kitchen we have a drawer that our trash can goes in. So I have a little hook on the inside of that cabinet that this hangs on. I actually use one of these in with my trash. I love to put a scent pack in my linen closet so my sheets always smell yummy and fresh. Now I’m using Best Scentsy Scents laundry, but why not just pop it up another notch and throw a scent pack in that linen closet too?

In my dresser drawer? Especially in my drawer of my unmentionables. Um, I really love to have a scent pack in there so my socks and my little andies can smell super yummy too. So in my dresser, here’s what I love to do when these have lost most of their scent, but they’re still a little bit left, I tuck it in a suitcase. I do the same with my dryer discs once they’ve really faded and sent, but there’s still a little bitty bit left. I tuck it in a suitcase. So we keep all of our suitcases under our bed. I just put it in there, zip it up. That way when I open a suitcase and I’m ready to pack it up, the suitcase smells so yummy cuz even if there’s just a little bit of fragrance left, if it’s trapped inside a small space, I think it just multiplies.

Maybe it’s just in my brain, but maybe it does. So suitcases stuff that’s packed away. So maybe you have Afghans or quilts, different things like that that are tucked away in those space saver bags. Why not put a sink pack inside there before you seal it up? Things that are gonna go up in the attic, maybe baby clothes or different things like that. You don’t want it to smell musty when you open it back up. So you can always tuck it in there. Guys, here’s a fun, fun little trick for you. Now, I mentioned earlier that if you have sports kids, you need scent packs and Scentsy fresh. If you have teenagers, period, you need scent packs and Scentsy fresh guys, teenagers, stank, they have like a whole different smell about them than nobody tells you about when they’re these cute little babies in your arms and you’re just rocking them. No one says like in 15 years that sweet little precious baby that smells like smells like Johnson’s and Johnson’s is going to stank like Gretchen. But they do.

So fun trick. Go in to give your kid a hug. They’re already gonna be awkward and and not loving it anyway. So why not just tuck a little sit back while you’re giving ’em a hug. Just slide it right in their pocket. They’ll never know the difference. Yeah, they will. Uh, but really scent packs tuck it in your kid’s pocket because sometimes they stank. I’ve been known to spray down my son with Scentsy Fresh before he walked out the door. He didn’t do his laundry. He stank. I sprayed him down with Ciy Fresh. I did it. Not ashamed of it. You do what you gotta do guys. I have a frog in my throat. I need to get off of here. Make a cup of hot tea or something like that. But guys, you really need CSI sit pack. I promise you, you will absolutely love these only $7. When you buy five, you get one free. You can get those on Jami Jo sells wax.com or you can text me and I’d be happy to help you with your order. You can do that at 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. If you’re not sure what scent you want and you want to sniff some different samples, text the word samples sample. No, no s sample to that same number. 9 1 8 8 8 8 9 6 9 0. Guys, my name is Jami Jo. I’m here to make your nose happy and tell you about the most underrated CSI product out there. Get one. You’ll love it.